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Why does nothing about recent events come up when you search for "Japan" or "earthquake" on fluther?

Asked by ninjacolin (14243points) March 14th, 2011
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Somethings very wrong with the search guys.

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I saw a few recent ones with “Japan”, but got much better results with Japan + earthquake.

Edit: Still, that wasn’t great, either. I know there have been more questions about it than what is coming up. :/

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My question about the Japan earthquake doesn’t show up with the “Japan + earthquake” search terms because it’s worded, ”...quake off the northeast coast of Japan….”.

My question doesn’t even appear in the first results page if I use the search term “Japan”, even though it’s only about 3 days old. :-?

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Sounds like the search indexer may not be running, I’ll add that to the bug list and try to take a look at it soon.

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Thank you!

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Thanks, man! :)

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Looks like it’s working now—can you guys confirm this?

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hmm… I don’t think it’s working well.. when I search japan I see John65Pennington’s post Will Japan’s earthquake have an impact on new Toyota automobiles? fifth in the list under posts from last year.

I don’t see why it wold be so far down especially given the significance of the event.
When I click into that post and then click on the topic japan .. I get a much more relevant list of posts.

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