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How would you judge me if you saw me wearing pajama pants in the grocery store? (honesty please)?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) March 14th, 2011
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I recently moved to a rural community and I’ve noticed many people that just don’t give a damn. I find it very refreshing. I’m not going to wear my Sunday best for a bottle of ketchup at Dollar General. just sayin’

Would you judge me worse than a suit that is cursing like a sailor in the checkout lane, even if I am kind and give you a smile?

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I see it quite a lot from the girls in my rural town.
I does not bother me as I often go to the supermarket in summer with bare feet but I do think some of them are defeating the point and are merely attention seeking.
(namely the ones who have obviously put a lot of time into the hair and make-up, yet try to act unperturbed by wearing PJs)

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I would totally judge you – for the better.

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My immediate reaction would be admittedly hypocritical. See I’m of the opinion that, unless the alternative is obscene, dressing up for any kind of occasion is an irrational social construct. This includes wearing black to a funeral or not wearing jeans for a job interview. A “well dressed” person tells you nothing about them other than the fact that they are aware of these social norms.

My reaction would be hypocritical though because I automatically make the conservative assumption that people truly, genuinely care about what other people wear. Which means if I see you with pajama pants in public, my immediate reaction is that you’re one of “them” and that you’re too lazy to put on anything “respectable”.

See I have this theory that 90% of people in this world don’t truly, genuinely care about meaningless aspects of our society like dress code, elbows on the table, and other equally senseless constructs, but we conform out of fear of judgment or reprisal by people we think care, but really don’t.

Then I realize that you might be like me and you just don’t give a tinker’s damn about what you wear as long as it isn’t obscene.

Then there’s the possibility that you live right next to the grocery store and you just wanted some milk. I live right across the street from a grocery store, and whenever I need something I just go in what I’m wearing currently. But I will always put on shorts or pants but only because I don’t want to get my house pants dirty.

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It is so common where I live that I probably wouldn’t even notice.

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I’d judge you to be rather similar to me (who does the same thing)


Altho I will qualify it by saying that I make sure that the PJs I’m wearing have pockets.

So technically speaking that makes them “lounge pants” as they are frequently identified in sale flyers.

Pajama pants don’t normally have pockets (who needs pockets for something worn in bed anyway?)

So I’m not really wearing PJs even tho I am. Sneaky huh?

But seriously, I just can’t stand going out of the house in any kind of pants without pockets. Where would I put my phone and spare change? But many womens pants don’t have pockets either which annoys me no end.

But whether lounge pants or PJs, I wear both to bed and the store on a regular basis (particularly in winter) and if anyone has a problem with it, its their problem and I refuse to make it mine.

So that’s my roundabout way of saying “welcome to the club”


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Well it depends on the time. If your wearing PJ’s at 8 in the morning, I’d understand..but anything after 3 is a little bit weird…But then again I’d automatically guess your probably sick with a cold or something. I don’t think its bad…I mean if your not trying to impress anybody, I don’t see why your look should matter…People wont remember you anyway. Unless your wearing like feet PJ’s with unicorns and yellow duckies…maybe. Lol.

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I wouldn’t.

I doubt I would ever do it myself, but I have been known to wear pajamas to class on a few occasions…

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If you were kind and gave me a smile,you would get the same from me.:)

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It’s really common around here, so I probably wouldn’t think anything of it. That said, I can’t bring myself to do it. Which is weird, because it’s not like I’m dressed any better in my raggedy jeans and tennis shoes.

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Some people do wear pjs to go shopping here, but it isn’t a common practice. Personally, I couldn’t give a rats what people wear as long as they haven’t got their lady bits hanging out all over the joint. (Although I am sure many guys wouldn’t mind that a bit either :-) ).

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I’d surmise that you slept in a loft above the grocery store, which I have done many times. :-p

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I’d say you were a rotten spoilsport. Why couldn’t you have worn that sexy negligee instead ;¬}

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I would think you were busy and wanted to be comfortable while running an errand. You don’t owe anyone anythng that would make you have to dress up for him / her—and if you know people this judgmental, this would be a sign to dump them if you can and avoid them if you cannot.

As long as your privates aren’t showing in public, wear what you want and be happy, is my advice.

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Are they pink flannel with gnomes or sock monkeys on them? Then I might notice.

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To answer your last question first, I would not like to come across anyone ( wearing suit or pajamas) cursing like a sailor in the checkout lane. At least one of my kids are with me usually wherever I go and I would find it inappropriate. PJ’s in a grocery store… well, whatever. I personally do not do it, but I have seen worse i.e. thongs, see through shirts and booty shorts to name a few.

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I’d say there is some lucky dude at home if his gal was willing and able to run to the store in jammies just to get the shopping done. That takes attitude and the smile would be a nice touch!

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I’m with @ucme; I’d prefer to see you in the grocery store sans the pajama bottoms. I’d be cursing like a middle school girl in the checkout line, but I’m saving my suit for my cremation.

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Will see that all the time and not really think anything. OK, the first time I saw that it had to be explained that that is a current style, and left it at that.

Now, if, say, you’re in your 40s, and you’re with your teenage daughter, and you both are wearing PJ pants and a similar shirt, I may think “Give it up, lady, you’re not young anymore regardless of how you dress.” Wouldn’t think nothing beyond that. (Personally, I think it’s a silly look, but having dressed silly, looking back now, as a youth I could appreciate you wanting to wear the style.)

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I would think it was the beginning of the end of civilisation.

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Nope. Not even if you’re wearing slippers. I’m all for it.

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You give me a smile and I don’t care if you’re wearing any pants or not.

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As long as nobody has idiotic words or phrases on their ass, I’m good.

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I probably wouldn’t care. What really bothers me is when university girls show up to class in their pajamas looking like total slobs, but with perfectly coiffed hair and perfect makeup. Do they really expect us to believe that they just rolled out of bed?

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@Seelix Something about your answer has me strangely excited. Not sure why.

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I wouldn’t judge you at all. You see, my mother used to go grocery shopping in her nightgown. She just threw an overcoat over it. That was early in the morning, and she didn’t feel like changing when getting a few things. A couple of her friends did it too. We moved, and she doesn’t do that anymore, because she doesn’t feel comfortable enough in the area to do it. But I wouldn’t judge you.

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I say this: a bed is only good for two situations… and sleep.

Pj’s are only good for two situations…...sleep and wearing in the house.

I have never associated pajamas with fashion, outside the bedroom.

I consider a person, that wears pj’s out in the public, to have a screw loose.

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I’d smile at you and think you needed something in a big hurry, and then I wouldn’t give it another thought.

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I don’t judge people for what they wear. If anything, I prefer to judge (silently, to myself, unless they’re a total horror show) how well they carry it off. Which is just as shallow, I know.

And if you give me a smile, then I will have automatically judged you to have carried it off very well. “That concludes the talent portion of our competition; we have a winner!”

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You probably already know I’m a stickler for putting yourself together before you leave the house… In my experience, the girls (they are all mostly really young) who wear pj bottoms to stores are normally being obnoxious and rude. If you were just being a normal person shopping and had on pj bottoms, I wouldn’t care.

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I wouldn’t judge you! I go to a lot of places in my pajamas. You should at least be wearing something that is a solid color or a nice pattern. As long as you’re not wearing the latest Tinker Bell pajamas from Wal-Mart or your torn up pajama bottoms from your college years, you should be fine. You gotta look decent!

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I work back shift in retail and we see it all the time. Nobody even notices anymore honey.
<huggles> xx

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Personally, I think they (PJ’s) look tacky worn out in public. I think they’re as tacky as the sagging pants worn by boys and men. Alas!, thank goodness I am not the fashion police.:-)

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I think for some odd (and maybe sexist?) reason, it would not bother me if a female did it, but it would bother me (a little) if a man did. Personally, I wouldn’t do it, unless I maybe threw a skirt or something on over it. But that’s just me being quirky.

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I’ve gone many places in my pajamas, including the store, school and the doctor’s office. As long as you don’t look like you just rolled out of bed and left (and your pajamas at least somewhat go), I don’t see anything wrong with going places in your pajamas.

It’s super comfy!

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I would silently admire you for your confidence. I don’t think I could pull that off, although I have worn pajamas to morning classes on occasion.

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Depends on how bad/outlandish the pyjamas are.

dxs (15160points)“Great Answer” (1points)
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No, I wouldn’t.

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I would think, oh, isn’t cultural diversity just great. This rural American tradition doesn’t harm anyone.

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I wear pajama pants to university on a consistent basis. They are comfy, effective, and awesome. That is all!

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