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What's the word for this psychic ability?

Asked by generalspecific (1874points) March 20th, 2011
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I tried googling it but couldn’t really find any info so anything would be appreciated. For an art class I once took, we had to draw a different album cover for an album we liked. I chose Morning View by Incubus and it turned out really nice.. About two months after that I saw a “best of” Incubus album at target and my heart just stopped because it was so cunningly similar to the one I had drawn before, colours and placement and everything. I also had a similar thing happen when I was younger. I was wondering if there is a name for psychic art or drawing, and any information on further developing that skill.. any help would be great, thanks!

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It’s just an offshoot of clairvoyance.

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I would say a pairing of clairvoyance which means “clear seeing” and claircognizance which means “clear knowing”... maybe you combined seeing of the future cover with a knowing of what it would be. I have studied intuition in depth and that is a different and not clearly defined instance. Or maybe… it is… nothing is definate and hard cut in that field. Cool happening though and thanks for sharing.

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Ah, maybe cryptomnesia.

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I cincur with @MyNewtBoobs and @ladymia69 clairvoyance. Now can you use that to help with with the winning MegaMillions numbers?

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If you’re not absolutely certain you couldn’t have seen the original picture before painting it, I have to raise the possibility of cryptomnesia.

Long story short: people accidentally subconsciously reproducing things from memory and believing they came up with it themselves.

P.S. Oh shoot, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard beat me to it.

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I agree with coincidence. Also selective recall. It’s not a psychic ability in any way, so there is no way to develop it.

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Gee, “Cryptomnesia” as a word just sounds like the Zombies forgot they were dead. That’s what makes them zombies, huh.

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If I were you I would look deeply into this and try and find what is going on. There is something to this and you might just find it.

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Oooh, and @Fyrius has a very good point as well! Some of the best known cases of plagiarism are examples of this.

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You’re off-topic, but you made me laugh, so you get a GA. XD

Hey, come on, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard said it first. Credit where credit is due.

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@Fyrius : Couldn’t resist. Glad you liked it, that (and this) may be gone soon… :-(

@crisw: It may well be a psychic ability, just because something hasn’t been proven doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist.

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Again those that think they know what is up. Find for yourself and look deep inside what you have experienced and look past the judgement of others.

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“It may well be a psychic ability, just because something hasn’t been proven doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist.”
True, but when it comes to explanations that contradict established knowledge, it’s wise to be careful to first exclude all the possibilities that don’t.


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Again those that think they know but do not. Please seek on your own for your answers may not be the answers of others.

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@generalspecific My first guess is that @Furius’s explanation of cryptomnesia is the answer. But it is also quite possible that two artistically gifted people listening ti the same musical works would be struck by the same or very similar images, arrangement and colors to capture the spirit of the music. If that’s the case, you should take it as a great validation of your artistic ability and creativity that an image much like yours was chosen by the creative gurus of the record label to use as cover art for the album.

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“just because something hasn’t been proven doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t exist.”

True, but you have to go with the preponderance of the evidence. If you hear hoofbeats, think horses and not zebras.

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Not, saying that’s what it is, but that’s the word I’v heard in sci-fi movies for what you’re describing. Minority Report I think. I really hated that movie.

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In addition to coincidence I would add “confirmation bias.”

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That’s what I was getting at above w/“selective recall.”

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You saw it in yur dreams perhaps and the drawing came out in real life.

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