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What color of shoes would look good with a white and tan striped shirt?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) March 22nd, 2011
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I have a white and tan striped shirt that I want to wear for a date. I would love to hear suggestions on what color of shoes would look good with it. (I am a woman by the way.)

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Brown or tan in winter; white or tan in summer.

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It depends on you style/age.
If you wanted, you could wear a colored shoe for a playful look, or tone it down.

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I’d say brown, to be safe.

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What color/style of slacks are you wearing? Jeans? A skirt?
I agree that you could go for brown, tan or white to play on the safe side. A colorful shoe could be fun, though, especially if you have a matching purse.

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Either tan or something that matches the pants.

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I like to match the shoes to the pants or skirt I’d be wearing with it.
If you are wearing jeans,I’d go for brown.

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If you’re going for a more casual look white shoes would fit the bill.
If you’re going for a casual sexy look red shoes (heels) would add a nice splash of color (with black pants or a skirt of some sort, jeans too if you’re going ultra casual)

Me personally, I would wear a white tan striped shirt with black straight pants and red or cheetah print shoes.

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a tan or neutral colour shoe. Don’t wear white shoes. Wear a nude colour hose, too. oops it’s a shirt not a skirt. I really like the cheetah/jungle print suggestion.

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I think pretty much any colors because white and tan can go with anything. If you want to be more conservative, match one of these colors. If you want to be a little sassy, wear a red or blue shoe! It will be a striking look! :)

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What is equally if not more important is what colors are you wearing below the waist?

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I am going to wear a pair of dark jeans with the shirt.

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In that case, brown or tan work best as others have stated.

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If you’re feeling brave you could wear some brighter acessories (belt, scarf, jewellry, purse) and match the shoes to those.

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Yellow! Or red!

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OK, how racy do you want to look? Red could look great if you were comfortable with it and the rest of the outfit was quite sober. What kind of impression do you want to give? If you have any doubts at all about the wisdom of red (live large! but I can see they might be a bit over the top) tan will still look good.

More than that, have a fun date whichever shoes you choose!

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depends on what this top looks like, is it dressy? plan? just striped? need more details in the top??

with your hair, what are you going to do with that??

if dressy top with your jeans i would say heels, if its just kinda plan i would say white flats something with no heel, but try to look to plain, everything needs to cordinate, you dont wanna look blah from the waist down and look good from that waist up, look good from top to bottom!! have fun on your date, hope i gave you some good advice

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So many more things matter which would add to your look :)
If you are tall n slim go for ballet flats in tan/rust or white. They look cute.
If you are in a colder region… go for boots in brown. If you plan to go out in the day time – sandals in white would be comfy and look good too. And if its at night – go for stilettos or pumps with open or pointed toes and high heels..Color you can coordinate with your hair or purse or jewelery or nail paint..etc. Brown/rust or white is safe and classic! But you can experiment nevertheless – Dark orange/yellow/ navy blue/ dark green could be fun too. Plus if you are going on a date and know what the other person would like you to wear.. u can dress to impress :) Hope it helps!

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Something fun, like red or a hot pink or lime green!

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Either chocolate brown, or red if you’re feeling bold.

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Put the outfit on, take a picture and let us see :D

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Let us know what you wore and what reaction you got :)

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