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Have you read about Jacob Barnett? Will you be quoting him soon? Is he the new Einstein?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24591points) March 28th, 2011
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My husband was delighted to read some positive news and had to share this with me. Now Flutherites, I share it with you.

Who is Jacob Barnett?

Here is Jacob’s Wiki Page

The video attached to the article is worth watching.

He has an IQ above Einstein’s. He has expanded the Theory of Relativity. He is planning to debunk the Big Bang Theory. He is 12.

Here is Jacob explaining his theory

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Every so often, I’m at a loss for words. This is one of those times…

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I don’t quote Einstein, and am generally not the type to use citation. So the likelihood I quote this guy isn’t all that good. I did laugh my way through a book or two about quantum physics. A good one was called “The Center of Things.” It was a fictional book, but still worth a read if you’re into Quantum Physics, and Star magazine. I do like The Big Bang Theory. Admit it, that Sheldon is as funny as they get!

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@12Oaks Sheldon is synonymous with Asperger’s…in my home, there are many comparisons between Sheldon’s mannerisms/patterns and my husband & son. Neither of my guys are too into astrophysics though. ;) though my son is literally a genius

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@SpatzieLover I have a nephew with Asperger’s. He’s no genius. He’s in town for a birthday party (he lives like 140 or so miles down the road from here) so will have to ask his mom my sister if she is familiar with the Sheldon Paradox (as he may put it).

And of course your son is a genius, just look at who his teacher is.

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@too sweet We all must watch Sheldon. My son has now figured out that Sheldon has AS. He recently analyzed that Mr. Bean must be the same as Sheldon. “but a little more “stupider” (which he whispered because he knows he’s not supposed to use that word)

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He is on the front page of Yahoo today

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@SpatzieLover My oh my that black and white photo of him makes him look like a 67 year old pre-teenager.

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Super-prodigies have appeared before. For example: William James Sidis. There is a danger for people of this level to burnout young or become so frustrated in dealing with the rest of us (comparative) dimwits that they withdraw from society and become obscure figures like Sidis. That Barnett has been diagnosed with Aspergers makes me think the latter might pose a particular challenge to him.

Einstein actually wasn’t much of a prodigy, all things considered. He famously drew the scorn of one of his undergraduate mathematics professors (Minkowski, who later elaborated on special relativity). His four ground breaking papers of 1905 (on Brownian motion, special relativity, the photoelectric effect and mass-energy equivalence) were published when he was 25 or 26 years old. What set him apart from his contemporaries was his clear thinking, physical intuition and boldness. The mathematical tools at his command were very basic in the beginning. It wasn’t the math his peers had trouble following at that time, it was his nerve to challenge long-held assumptions.

Now a real physics prodigy – and one who “held it together” and achieved a distinguished (if isolated) carrer – was Julian Schwinger. But he’s hardly a household name now, is he? ;)

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A good and recent go-to story for a “succesful” (Sidis, if he were alive, would probably have a good argument on how this is defined and percieved!) adult super-prodigy would be that of Terence Tao.

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