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Can you imagine what you & your life will be like in 2050?

Asked by longtresses (1334points) April 5th, 2011
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Can you imagine what your life will be like in the year 2050? Who do you see? It’ll be 40 years from now.

Too far to even think about? Too unthinkable? Exciting or scary? Hopeful or hopeless? Will the world be a better place?

Me: I can barely get through elevator buttons..

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I really do not think I have to worry about this. I will be 106 in 2050 and probably not of this earth.

Good question, though.

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Hopefully,I’ll be dead.:)

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Odds are I will have a good view of the underside of a headstone. If I break those odds I will be chasing skirts in a nursing home.

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@john65pennington World life expectancy today is 69 years! By then there might be Eternity Potion. =D

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My son would be the same age I am now. I’d be 95, that’s pretty damn old. My grandfather made it to 97, so it’s not out of the question, but I think if I am around I won’t be the most active person in the neighborhood.

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Cruiser, good answer and just what I expected you would say. john

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backpacking what’s left of the world ^.^
(there is supposed to be a giant meteor hitting us around 2023 or something like that)

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I’ll be 62. Wow… I just hope I’m healthy and happy, and that the world isn’t a complete mess by then.

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I shall wear the bottom of my trousers rolled. Heh.

Half my body parts will have been replaced, I reckon, but I think I’d still be able to stroll on the beaches of Devon under my own steam.

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I would be 97. Not likely to still be alive, but it’s possible.

I am hoping that all this electronic hoopla will get old, and people will reconnect with nature and with each other.

I am also hoping that the world will become less populated so that there is enough resources to go around. People have been having smaller and smaller families, so it’s possible. I am already seeing that portions of the world that are super over-populated are getting thinned out by rampant disease and lack of resources, which is a natural occurrence – a way for nature to achieve a balance.

I am hoping that the world’s population will find a way to govern without all the corruption.

In other words, I see a “Star Wars” kind of future.

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I’ll be 80 and either:
A) Dead
B) A huge pain-in-the-ass to my daughter and her family.

Here’s hoping for A.

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I’ll likely be dead.

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I’ll probably be just like my grandpa, grumbling and complaining about everything and everyone.

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I’ll be 63…Hopefully I’ll be surrounded by family and friends, but on a global scale I think the world will change for the better, because it is going to change and it has to change. I think we’ll all be recycling everything, no more plastic, basic clothes, good food, riding our bikes to work, no more starving children and no more wars. I’m an optimist, but I also think I’m right.

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Oh God forbid that I’m still alive!! I’d be in my mid eighties by then, and with the way the world is going now, and how I see our elderly citizens being treated, which is shocking, well I hope I’m dead and gone by then.

@lemming I love your view of the future, and I so hope that you’re right because unless we, as a species change, we are doomed. The world is already grossly overpopulated, people are living longer, and its a small world indeed with finite resources. Whatever happened to the flying cars and house-chore busting robots we were all supposed to have by now?

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@bunnygrl I read in Carl Sagans book ‘Billions and Billions’ that the population of the developed world isn’t increasing very much at all, it’s just in developing countries that don’t have contraception, so over population isn’t really a problem. That pope won’t live forever…or will he…:D

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LOL LOL :-) <hugs @lemming> we should state (so as not to offend any fellow jellies) that we are just having a laugh here guys, re the pope, although he is going to have to get with the programme eventually. A world though where children are not born just to die from lack of food, which happens every day in the third world, would be a wonderful thing and something that we can all hope for. In the news during the week they said that the population of india has just passed 1.2 billion, and so many children have to live in terrible conditions, in spite of so much financial aid being poured into the country. All babies deserve to come into this world and be loved, and cared for and have a future.
huggles xx

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Well at the age of 99, I will likely be the first human of that age to complete a marathon foot race.

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In 2050, if I’m still alive, I’ll be 71, so I should be having a great time with my grandchildren and great-grandbabies!

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If what science says is true. humans will be living way over the age of 100 by then. Well people can probably live that way now but world powers wont let this happen. The foods we eat, the pills we take, and the water we drink holds us back. And not to mention the biggest problem the monetary system. Without money there would be a lot less suffering. But if we all had optimal diets to our needs from the day we were born everyone would live much much longer.

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i will be 65 and hopefully living off the grid growing my own food.

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I will be 64, probably alive and most likely still visiting Fluther. Although Fluther will probably have been taken over by Google and be called Google Fluther®.

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@erichw1504 Or Flugoogle.

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I’ll be eighty three :-/
If I’m still alive…. I’ll think about it then & get back to you…. ;-)

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I’ll be 68, so if I’m not blind or dead by then, I’ll be where I am now; watching horror movies. Unless I get some kind of calling and make something of my life. I hope that doesn’t happen. XD
I should have a career by then though, or even be ending it.

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I’d be 84, if I live that long. I’ll be a grumpy old man in a nursing home.

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I’ll be 80. I hope I’m that 80yr old that has a lot of spunk.

All I know, is that I better have a hover car by that time. I’m tired of hearing about them and never having one! :-)

cak (15863points)“Great Answer” (1points)
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@cak of course we’ll have hover cars. 2050 is one year after Blade Runner :-D

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My 107th birthday will look about like this

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Hopefully, I’ll be alive (I’ll be 62 years old. I’ve got a good chance)

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I’d be 58, and I better be wielding a light saber as I go to work. Ok, it would be a little dangerous for me to be carrying one of those around, but I really want those to exist in the future!

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@downtide: OOOOHHH! What was I thinking? Thank you for reminding me!

cak (15863points)“Great Answer” (1points)
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Well by then I will be in my 90’s. So there is a possibility that I will be in a nursing home or recieving in home care. As far as the world being a better place I really don’t see that happening. Even now it seems like things get a little worse every year. I hate to even think what it will be like in another 40 years.

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As long as I get to 2100, I’m fine. When I get there I’ll have lived to see three different centuries.

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G-d-willing, I will be 75, healthy, and still have some of my old youthful spark. Hopefully, by then, I will have met and procreated with my beshert (destined one) and maybe even have grandkids on the way. I also hope that I will have had a long career as a college professor. As for the world—unfortunately, I imagine that there will always be major crises (political, environmental, etc.). As one of my professors once said to our class, “History: It’s just one damn thing after another.” I do have hope that some of the inequality in our society will have been mitigated through the efforts of various social movements, though.

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Ohh I can imagine it now…Me and my girlfriend married still in love with our children…I wish for it to happen. Having undying love for each other and for our children. I’ll still be drumming…Ohh Life I hope you give me her forever :)

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I’ll be 69. I pray I have really good health insurance.

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Hopefully… I will by then have been turned into a completely reconstructed Fem-Bot.

A pleasure model with a genius IQ preferably, but with mercinary tendencies as a hidden backround running program. Just in case.

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I will be 97 years old – either a dried-up, sick old lady or dead. I just hope I don’t lose my mind. Let me rephrase that; I hope I still know who I am and who my children and grandchildren are.

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Mayor Bloomberg will have banned everything.

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Let’s see, I’ll be 97. I hope I’ll be a little wiser and I’d like to think I would be someone interesting to be with around the fire. More interesting than whatever crap entertainment will be invading the household in 2050 anyway. Shouldn’t be a hard act to follow (“NOW on Supply Transport Drivers to Mars!” ? or ”Screw Due Process: Nancy Grace III’s EXECUTIONS—LIVE!!!” Tag line: Be There. Watch how beg… Watch how the DIE). Healthy would be nice. But I’ll probably be dead… snatched up in one of Nancy, Jr.‘s crime sweeps. Pun intended.

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It will be very very quiet because I’d be almost 100 and probably very dead.

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I’ll be 91. Possible, but probable..who knows?
IF I am still alive I will most likely be living the line from one of my little ditty poems…
For 99 years on the farm she’s been, and she still totters down to the old goose pen. haha

I want to be like “granny” on the Beverly Hillbillies..a feisty little old gal that has a stil on her property. On 2nd thought, forget booze, really not my thing…I’ll just be growing the herb to help with my rheumatiz…
Like granny said in response to Jed trying to convince her to move to Californi…

Jed: Granny you know how miserable you are going down to the stil in winter
Granny: I may be miserable a’goin’ down, but I feels jest fine comin’ back up again! lol

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At the ripe old age of 102, I hope still to be exploring new (at least to me) horizons in music. (Now, at 64, I am learning all about African and Afro-cuban drumming. New horizons!)

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It won’t exist, because the world ends in a few days… just kidding. But anyway, I hope that we as a species start to reverse the negative impact we’ve been making on the planet. Hopefully we can halt global warming before everything goes haywire. Anyway, I’ll be older and wiser (I hope). Also, they will have better cures for diseases and cool technology.

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More than likely dead, but perhaps not just pooping in my nappy!

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Hmm I’d be just hitting 102 Yrs old and hopefully with my spanking new body parts in the future, I would still be able to do almost anything!
( but with the added knowledge,experience , memories,and awarness of the present ).
In the future it won’r be unheard of people living well past 120 or 200 years old.
Imagine all the experiences! WOw! Can’t wait!

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Scary because it’s the unknown and kind of depressing but I would be grateful to live that long and surpass that as long as my loved ones are still around and I’m not alone.

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Most likely be long dead by that date.

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Absolutely dead and gone.

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I am hoping that in 2050 95 will be the new 55. I am hoping they will have found a method of reversing the aging process so that I can still be active and full of vitality and that the birthrate will be somehow linked to the death of an existing individual (no new kid until an oldie kicks off). This will result in people willing to pay old people to go ahead and die so they can have a child and the money they pay will be used to help support the oldsters family when they are gone.

Since only people with money will be able to have children, this should help eliminate the poor and downtrodden and the world will become an Eden filled with only the healthy, wealthy and wise.

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I’ve known a couple of folks who lived to be the 102 I’d be then. Given medical advances, added to the way I feel right now, I could see me having an active, vital, healthy life.

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