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How has Fluther helped you?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13640points) April 6th, 2011
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Since I’ve been here (a mere 1½ months) I have found that Fluther has helped me a lot! I’ve met a lot of great people on here, made some awesome Fluther buddies, and I’ve found so much stimulating conversation. How has Fluther personally helped you?


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Too many ways to list but mostly fluther helps when I have a problem and need a fresh look at how to resolve it. Sometimes being to close to a problem makes it difficult to see it another way.

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Well, I’m a no good drunk, but somehow, most people here have accepted me. Okay so I don’t know anybody here in real life, but to me that doesn’t delude this acceptance feeling I get any less. And people here are way too straight up to make me think that I’m disillusioning myself into thinking that.
The internet is so the same everywhere I go, ecxept there’s something wrong with this place. Although to me that’s a good thing, because I can just express myself or say shit however it comes out and I’ll still be a part of a community. It’s like nobody cares, they just accept you for what you are. I don’t get flamed or criticized, or at least, if I do, it’s pretty rare.
I always act all badass and like I hate everything, and I probably do, but I guess somewhere, if I really thought that this place was bullshit, I’d be gone a long time ago. All the devils peeking under my skirt sure know I abandoned like, so many online communities in the past.
Fluther helps helps me in taking a load off and having fun, learning shit and meeting people. I have some great friends here, and it’s pretty rare when something someone here posted doesn’t make me laugh or think. I’ve also learned quite a lot, about a bunch of different shit.
I may be drunk as shit at this point, but I know for a certainty that when I come back tomorrow, people are still going to wave and say hi to me, whether or not anyone is making sense of this answer lol.
It hasn’t been all good, but plenty of good there was, way more than bad, and probbaly more good is on the way. Did I answer anything here or…XD
But yeah. This place helps me in ways I can’t really bother to explain aside from concluding that it isn’t bullshit, and that’s pretty cool. Yall ever been in any Final Fantasy forums? Man…
Fluther is a cool place most of the time, and that’s good enough for me. Peace out, gangster.

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I have something exciting to do in my Ipad as I sit on the toilet…wait is this in the general section?! Oh sh-

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Helped me learn many things, become a better writer, become more tolerant and open, and allowed me to vent many things that I didn’t have a venue for before. Also made me laugh many, many times.

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Learn about different perspectives on resolving dilemmas.

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It’s given me a chuckle when I needed one most.

The collection is made up of fairly intelligent people. It’s always exciting to read what they have to say.

I like bouncing my ideas/thoughts here to know if I’m on the right track, or if I need to adjust my reasoning.

Recently, this question came at the perfect timing and made me realize right now is the time to delve into this topic with my son. After reading through it, I was shocked at how many jellies said they had to learn on their own.

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Thanks to Fluther, I sometimes think before I write. But not always.

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It gave me a lot of brain exercise I’d been missing out on. Gave me a wider view of the world. Introduced me to great friends. And gave me a job. :D

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It helped me gain knowledge about issues that I am generally afraid of asking about. It also helped me gain knowledge about issues in my life that I need answering.

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It’s helped me get nothing done at work.

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True dat.

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I third that.

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Fluther has allowed me to meet some awesome people, some not so awesome people and some downright frikkin fantastic people!! It has also provided me with many laughs, and support when I’ve asked for it. It’s better than sex icecream!

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It’s proof that there’s somewhere on the Internet where intelligent, thoughtful, funny people congregate. I’d really begun to believe it was all a variation on Yahoo Answers out here… shudder

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@augustlan Wait a minute, you get paid for this? That rules lol.

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It helped me get over 30,000 lurve points which I never would have had! (And meet some of my best friends.)

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