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What wild animal do you think is the coolest and why?

Asked by Pandora (31695points) April 9th, 2011
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I saw a movie today with hawk in it. It reminded me of the hawks I would see flying around in Japan. Sometimes they would circle around and they twist their head in a manner that looks like they are studying you.
Of all the wild animals I’ve seen, they look as if they can see something about you that no one else sees. Its kind of a creepy factor but at the same time you can’t help but stare back and wonder what are they thinking.
So which wild animal do you enjoy best?

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Polar Bears. They are adorable until you see one covered in blood after ripping a seal apart. I saw some at the Denver zoo. Their paw was bigger than my head.

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I saw an osprey today, it was pretty cool. But I think the most majestic animal locally is a Mountain Lion. Just sleek and powerful.

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Polar bears. Nothing can relate to being both ferocious and graceful. They’re such beautiful, fascinating animals.

I’m also very intrigued by elephants. They seem like such humble and wise creatures. Same with owls.

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Great white sharks are bad ass.

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@math_nerd Yeah, saw a hawk once eat some baby chicks of another bird. The mama or dad bird kept flying around shrieking at the hawk as you see feathers falling to the ground from the baby birds it was eating. I felt bad for the parent bird but thats nature for you. It can be cruel and fascinating all at the same time.
Love polar bears paws. They do look gentle and strong at the same time.

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I like the big cats, especially tigers, followed by the snow leopard and my favorite close to home cat, the mountain lion.

Nothing like the power and grace of a big cat.

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Penguins. They move thru the water so quickly, and always seem like they are enjoying themselves.

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I think Ravens are very clever animals. They’re incredibly smart and I would love to spend some time observing them and learning about them. Has anybody seen a good documentary about Ravens? I’ve read about them but I’ve never seen them in action. They’re such interesting creatures.

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My daughter loves crows and ravens.
There are lots of youtube videos on tame crows and ravens. Some really, really good ones!

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@kheredia I never learned the difference between a raven or a blackbird or even if they are the same species. However in Japan there were many. The one thing I will say about them is they have an uncanny sense of timing in cawing. I would be walking around and lost in my thoughts when suddenly one would appear out of no where and caw. They would make me jump out of my skin and when I would look up, I would find them staring at me. Use to make me want to throw a rock at them. I was beginning to feel they did that crap on purpose to make people jump.

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@Coloma I’ll have to go on youtube and see what I can find.

@Pandora Crows are cousins to ravens. The raven is slightly larger than the crow and has a bigger beak. Do you know ravens mate for life and adolescent ravens stick together in order to outnumber couples who are competing for the same food? They’ve also been observed having a type of ceremony for their fallen brothers. They fly down to the body one by one as if paying their respects to them. They are truly amazing animals. I’m surprised nobody has a done a documentary on them.

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@kheredia That is interesting. Now if they would only learn not to sneak up on people. They may have been raven then. They were pretty large. Not like the ones you see a lot of in the states. Which I think is mostly the blackbirds. They are much smaller. That would be interesting to watch in a documentary.

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Here is a cool video I just found on youtube.

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I love beaver…...otters have always been my fave, love the little buggers.

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I love watching monkeys. There is this great place (I think it’s still there) called Monkey Jungle near Miami. The monkeys have a whole jungle environment with trees and streams where they can roam freely. When you visit you walk on a path that is screened in and you can see them all eating and jumping and playing. Sometimes they look at you, but a lot of times they just don’t seem to care. They just go about their business. I loved it!

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Maybe it’s a sign you should relocate to Beaver Utah. lol
I’ve traveled the red road to Beaver.

Beavers are very cool creatures, I have seen a couple in the river near my house.
I also love Otters! :-)

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there’s a liquor store called “Beaver Liquors” in Beaver Creek, CO.

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Very good!

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Pet stores sometimes put a bunch of parakeets in an open cardboard box. I do not know what keeps them from flying, but I am always fascinated by the degree of socialization. They are all running around and are in one another’s faces. There does not seem to be any fighting. Parakeets are regarded as a type of parrot, and I would guess that parrots generally behave in a similar manner. Parrots, at least some of them, seem to be highly intelligent, based on the work done with the parrot Alex, who was taught to speak English, with a vocabulary comparable to the sign language taught to chimpanzees.

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@LostInParadise I know with Parrots certain feathers are clipped or trimmed back to keep them from flying. I would imagine the same can be done for any bird.

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LostinParadise They definitely clip their wings so they cannot fly. I had a lovebird and when I bought him they clipped his wings. Eventually they start growing back and need to be trimmed again. I always felt bad about doing that. But if you don’t do it you can’t let them out of the cage. They could fly into a wall or a window and break their necks.

My lovebird always wanted out! He was so funny. He would pull up the cage door and try to get his head under it so he could climb out. It would be that cage door slamming, ching, ching ,ching all day long! I had to put a twist tie on it to keep him from doing it and then he would still tug at it and not give up. Damn, that bird was a freedom fighter! I named him Papillon which means butterfly in french, after the jail escape movie of the same name. When I would let him out of the cage and he couldn’t fly he would crawl up the couch and up my shirt and go perch in my hair. Then he would settle in digging his nails in for effect. It was damn funny, but just a wee bit annoying. Eventually i gave him away to a friend and she got him a mate. HE WAS SO HAPPY!!!! Ain’t love grand?

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I had a parakeet when I was a kid. We trained it to be comfortable standing on our hands We put a mirror in the cage, which the parakeet would frequently attack. I guess the bird took its reflection for another parakeet, raising its stress level, so the mirror was probably not such a good idea. My father always said that it was probably lonely by itself. I never thought much of that until I saw how gregarious the parakeets in the pet store are.

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Lost in Paradise We had a parakeet too. His name was Perky. My sister’s cat scared him to death we think. One day we just found Perky keeled over (and not so perky anymore) and evil Charlie the cat just lurking in the corner looking frustrated, lol.

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Wild horses, because they’re just so free and beautiful.

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