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How can I have an image turned into a large painting-like artwork to hang on my wall?

Asked by girlofscience (7553points) April 10th, 2011
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I am interested in having this image converted into a large, framed art piece to hang on the wall.

A quick search has not revealed any websites that offer this service easily. Any suggestions?

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Your link doesn’t work.

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Is it your image? Do you have the rights to it? In order to enlarge it, you are going to need to have a high res file, or it’s going to pixelate as it’s enlarged. Web images are usually 72 dpi. You’re going to need something scalable at 300 dpi at the finished size. Sites like offer digital prints on canvas.

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See @BarnacleBill‘s first two questions…
Maybe you can contact the artist to find out if you can purchase prints of this work.

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Try here

If you aren’t the artist though, seek permission first, or you could probably get a framed print from the artist themself.

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General Imaging
They do large scale work for museums like Smithsonian and trade shows.
They are not the only people who do this but check to see that your vendor has the capability.
Depending on the original, it may work on canvas [if it is painterly looking, and “brushstrokes” can be added later in clear glazes] and it can be stretched on wooden frame as many paintings are, or it may work better as a dramatically mounted poster with a gloss overlaminate and a built out box back painted black or or whatever..

The critical factor is image size./resolution. An image taken off the web will not work. Digital photography check the resolution of your camera. Probably cell-phone images will not work. A second factor for good results is preparing the file in RGB of a digital photographic [light-based] process is used and preparing the file in CMYK if a digital print [pigment based] process is used.

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The image as linked is pretty good size (over 9000px wide = 30 inches at 300dpi) so would be suitable for a decent sized print.

As far as licensing, it appears Stocktrek has it for sale in several sizes. So does Getty. (Found them using Tineye)

I believe Imagekind will print your provided images and gives you options as to how you want it printed. They’d need to see license info most likely. They also offer art from others an are an extension of cafepress so you could probably get the same image on a hoodie if you were so inclined.

Most local print shops could do the same minus the framing (and the hoodie). The licensing issue may be a little easier there.

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At Costco you can do digital prints on canvas – but they’re not too big – about 2 feet by 2 feet I think. They’re about $30.

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