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Who wants to play the internet challenge game?

Asked by erichw1504 (26453points) April 14th, 2011
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I challenge you to play the internet challege game!

Here’s how to play:
Complete the previous jelly’s challenge and then make one of your own for the next jelly.

Rules of the challenge:
– The challenge must be able to be completed by using the internet or even your keyboard.
– The challenge cannot be too difficult or impossible. It can be something as simple as “type a four worded sentence backwards” or something as hard as finding a certain website or image.
– Do not go twice in a row.

The internet has practically an infinite amount of information, use it to your advantage and be creative!

Some challenge examples:
– Find an image of a bunny with a pancake on its head.
– Make a two line rhyme.
– Find a website with information about jellyfish.
– Tell me how to change to the pirate language on Facebook.

For images, just link to them. If you don’t know how go here and find the Link section.

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Say “I love Fluther!!!” in all caps and bold text.

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Find a joke online that makes you giggle out loud and post it here.

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Where does George Washington keep his armies?
In his sleevies!

Find a picture of a smiling goat.

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Here’s ze goat.

Find a picture of Kim Jong Il staring at something.

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Kim Jong II staring at something

Create a two line poem about jellyfish.

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Gail’s cat Milo is as cute as can be;
Would it be alright if he came to visit me?

Find out how much David Cameron makes.

Edit: I just noticed that the poem request is about jellyfish and not a Jellyfish. My apology!

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(i want to do a poem too:
Fluther has a lot of Jellyfishes,
That make me procrastinate and not do dishes)

David Cameron earns £142,500 per year (source).

Find an interesting and little known fact about gin & tonic.

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G and T can be poured down ant hills to inebriate the ants.

How much lyrca is in the Fluther t-shirts for men?

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0% lycra (100% cotton) (source)

Write the next challenge in morse code using ”.” and ”-” for dots and dashes.

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@nisse: The women’s shirt is listed as 100% cotton also, but there is lycra in it; the site simply neglects to mention that fact, which makes ordering a crap shoot.

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I’m putting a line between words and an apostrophe between letters for clarity. I’m also changing dashes to d since Fluther makes strikethroughs when you use too many dashes.
.dd ’ .d. ’ .. ’ d ’ .
d ’ .... ’ .. ’ ...
... ’ . ’ d. ’ d ’ . ’ d. ’ d.d. ’ .
.. ’ d.
.dd. ’ .d.. ’ .d ’ .. ’ d.
. ’ d. ’ d. ’ .d.. ’ dd ’ ... ’ ....
... ’ ddd
.dd ’ .
d.d. ’ .d ’ d.
.d ’ .d.. ’ .d..
.d. ’ .d ’ . ’ d..
.. ’ d

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. . – . / . . / – . / – . . / .- / . – - . / . . / – . – . / – / . . – / . – . / . / – - – / . – . . / . – / . – - . / . . – / . – . / . – - . /. – . . / . / . – . / . – / – . . . / – . . . / . . / -

No breaks between words only characters as that is how morse is sent.

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write this sentence in plain ennlmsh so we can all raed it

Find the population of Iceland

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Population of Iceland—319,062.

Find out how much Russians drink a year.

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Apparently my ability to spell goes in the ditch when I try to do morse. Sorry about that.

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@bobbinhood No problem. I think we all still understood it. It is a pretty useless skill I have.

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The average Russian consumes almost three times as much alcohol as he did 16 years ago. A report by Gennadi Onishenko, head of the consumer protection agency, found that Russians drink 15 litres (26 pints) of pure alcohol per year, or half a pint a week, compared with 5.4 litres in 1990.
For a bonus:
Annual alcohol consumption, litres per head

15: Russia

11.2: UK

9.8: Australia

8.4: US

7.6: Japan

1.5: Turkey

How many types of maple trees exist?

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Approximately 125 species of maple trees.

Find a picture of a fuzzy yellow caterpillar.

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Fuzzy yellow caterpillar

Write a two line rhyme with the text upside down.

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Poems with the text upside down
Make puppies want to frown

What is the official plant of Brazil?

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@roundsquare FYP:
uʍoɹɟ oʇ ʇuɐʍ sǝıddnd ǝʞɐɯ
uʍop ǝpısdn ʇxǝʇ ǝɥʇ ɥʇıʍ sɯǝod

The official plant of brazil may be Tabebuia alba/Yellow Ipê (source) although blurtit suggest something named “Mao schlumbergera” without sourcing it (source)

Describe how banana reproduce.

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@nisse Thanks for helping @roundsquare out.

Banana plant is a gigantic herb that grows from an under-ground stem ( rhizome),and forms a false trunk with leaves. There emerges a large flower spike, with numerous individual flowers, that bends downward to become fruits. After the plants had fruits, they die and are replaced by others that arise from the underground stem, and that process can keep on going for many years.

Find an image of the CEO of Facebook with sandals on.

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@erichw1504 That’s how banana grow, they actually reproduce asexually, by being spliced onto other types of tree trunks by banana farmers. All banana we eat are actually genetically identical, or one single cloned individual. It’s all very fascinating, but ill accept your answer. :)

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Mark Zuckerburg in sandals

In Morocco, what is a ‘riad’?

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A ‘riad is a house with an interior garden or courtyard.

Find the biggest castle in the world and post a picture.

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Tell @KatetheGreat how great she really is.

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@KatetheGreat is awesome! I mean, really. She likes ice cream enough to say so in her profile; what more needs to be said?

Post a link to your favorite blog and explain why it is your favorite.

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Oh yes, here it is.
Thanks @bobbinhood, that was very sweet! Haha.

Post the most stupid, annoying, or terrifying video you’ve ever seen on the web.

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This is all three rolled into one.

Find a video featuring a dancing bear.

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dancing bear

Show us the best picture you ever took.

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This is a good website if you need a place to put the picture.

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Blending in.

Show us your best knock, knock joke.

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Knock knock.
Who’s there?
The who?

(really i was hard pressed to find a good knock-knock joke)

Find or draw an ascii-figure of a giraffe, and for extra credit one that spaces propely in the fluther font.

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// \\

Type the alphabet backwards.

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tebahpla eht

Create the next challenge as an anagram of all letters on this line.
(you may use a subset of the letters, but use all for extra credit).

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Hang Excellent.

Find the Wikipedia article talking about how the moon is made of cheese.

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Here it is.

Find a donut shaped lake in google maps and link it in your answer.

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That is just too redonkulously hard. Here’s one, though.

Type “why does” into Google search and write the very first suggestion.

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“Why does my eye twitch?”

Find a list of vacuum cleaner ratings.

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Vacuum cleaners.

Create a sentence that contains three words that rhyme.

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This time I bought the lime with only a dime.

Find a picture of an angry Chinese woman and post it.

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Angry Chinese woman.

Find a picture of a blonde in a bikini.

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Here’s your blonde in a bikini.

Find a picture of someone wearing a sweater and standing on one leg.

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@KatetheGreat: epic fail. Not only is it a video, but a freaking bear!

Someone with a sweater on one leg.

Find a picture of a buff, shirtless man. and no, I will not pose for one.

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Oops, here it is.

Buff shirtless man.

Find a picture of multiple people doing handstands on grass.

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Type “Why am I so” into google and tell us the best/funniest suggestion that pops up!

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Why am I so Gassy?

Find a picture of a very ugly Russian.

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I’m so sorry.

Sing a song to @Mariah.

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Song to @mariah here
(Im involuntarily humming it right now).

Find out if/how i can get from Hong Kong to London without using air travel.

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Via Trans Siberian Railway:

Find a photograph of Fort Kamehameha Hawaii. Bonus if you can find a childhood photo of me there (hint: cat and red shirt)

and thanks @erichw1504 for the bunny pancake photo shout out! LOL

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15,081 lakes are in Wisconsin.

Find a picture of someone trying to eat a kitten. Bonus points if you can find the one of me pretending to eat a kitty.

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Kitten-Snacking Young Lady

Provide a list of famous people from your state or county.

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Here’s a list of famous people from South Carolina.

Find a picture of a monkey eating at a picnic table.

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Here’s your monkey:

Name all of the Hawaiian Islands and their nicknames.

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Oahu – The Gathering Place
Hawaii – The Big Island
Maui – The Valley Isle
Kauai – The Garden Isle
Molokai – The Friendly Isle
Lanai – The Private Isle (was the Pineapple Isle)
Niihau – The Forbidden Isle
Kahoolawe – The Target Isle

Find a picture of a Spetsnaz soldier doing a backflip.

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Find the most remote island in the pacific.

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Bouvet Island.

Find a picture of Vladimir Putin without his shirt on.

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Find me the approximate diameter of the universe.

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28 billion parsecs

Tell me why the Russians were late for the 1908 Olympics and how late they were.

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They were still using the Julian calendar, so they ended up 13 days late.

Find a picture of two skinny men pretending to be sumo players.

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Will this work

If so, why might an orthopedic surgeon inject steroids AND mercaine into the ankle joint?

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To ease/treat the pain of Ankle Arthritis

Provide a funny photo of someone stuck in a dress.

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Someone stuck in a dress

Who are 6’ 5”, Olympic class rowers, and greedy?

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Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.

Who were the first Blacks to serve in the US Congress?

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Hiram Rhodes Revels and Joseph Rainey.

Find me a picture of two cats fighting.

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two cats fighting
two cats fighting

Find me a picture of Cleopatra, Marc Antony, and Julius Caesar

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Find me a foolproof method of clipping Milo’s nails.

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Find a picture that can rival @blueiiznh‘s second “two cats fighting”.

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@gailcalled you can also try the pedi paw tool. I use it on my puppy

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@blueiiznh I’d try the pedi paw only if you came with it. Whatever the instrument, Milo requires two human…one to wrestle him to the ground and the other to clip.

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What is the smallest town in Tennessee?

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@gailcalled I had a cat like that. He required a bath first, which made him catatonic…then I could clip him on my own ;)

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@SpatzieLover: Bath? BATH? I would surmise that the only activity more difficult than cutting a cat’s nails would be bathing him.

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@gailcalled I don’t know why, but for that cat it worked. After about 2 mins in water, he’d just turn off the fight. I have one other cat that does the same…my other two fight water, but not nail clippings. Go figure.

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Cumberland Gap & Mitchellville both come in at 208

Show me a funny photo of a cat getting a bath :)

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One of millions

Remind me how to shut down fluther and go about my day.

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Alt + F4, but don’t because you can’t resist the greatness that is Fluther!

Find me an easter egg (hidden gem) on Google Maps.

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If you ask for directions between Taiwan and China, you will be told to swim 165km across the Pacific Ocean.

Find a funny video of a cat in the pet spa washing machine.

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I don’t think it’s funny but here you go

When doing Google Elmer Fudd, how is “latest” spelled?

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Find an animate image of somebody falling.

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Falling Girl

Make me laugh with either a funny/ironic article or comic.

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Post Apocalyptic.

Find a YouTube video that features a “real” UFO sighting.

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Here’s one from Mexico that looks interesting

How much do real Faberge eggs currently sell for?

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Leggo my Eggo

Will show us a kid riding a cat

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Kid riding a Cat.

Find a picture of irony.

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Sexual Irony
Dessert Irony
Fitness Irony

Find me something completely disturbing!

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NSFW!!! NSFW!!! you ask and you shall receive.

Find a picture of a unicorn and a rainbow. To help those who have clicked the above link.

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You asked for it

What’s the latest “buzzword”?

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Figure out what my current avatar is all about.

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Your current avatar, the ferret with a little hat, is from this question and more specifically, from @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard’s answer.

Where was Gene Wilder born, and how many movies has he been in?

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Gene Wilder was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has been in 23 movies.

Link us to a video of someone falling flat on their face.

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Face Plant

Who is Keely Shaye Smith?

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She is an American journalist, author, and television host/correspondent. Also, she is married to Pierce Brosnan.

What is the very last word (bottom, right) on the Google homepage?

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Which of these is more widely accepted as the correct English word: relentlessly or unrelentingly?

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