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What's the clearest way to refer to a transexual person?

I’m involved in editing an article on Wikipedia where the discussion has been heated for a long time. I’m trying to help out as a disinterested third party. One of the issues coming up is how to refer to transexual individuals in the article itself.

What’s at issue here are individuals born of the male sex who become, in one sense or another, women. The trickiest instances are individuals who never have surgery, only long-term hormone therapy. Their bodies become “womanly” but they do not undergo operations to change their genitalia. If you were to ask such individuals whether they’re men or women, they would tend to say they are women (“I am a woman”).

So my question here is, what words are clearest for referring to such an individual? “Transexual man”? “Transexual woman”? Simply “woman”? In the context of an article that reviews competing theories of they psychology of transsexuals, what’s the best wording?

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