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Should I get the Arbor Axis Bamboo longboard?

Asked by loveurmindnsoul (380points) April 23rd, 2011
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I want a drop thru longboard and was at REI and saw the Arbor Axis Bamboo longboard. I am not going to lie, the graphics and color caught my attention.

Should I get the board? I read the description, doesn’t seem to be made for bombing hills, but thats ok with me since I only want it to cruise campus, commute, some carving and possibly sliding.

If you have any recommendations let me know =D

Price range is under 250. Shoe size 6–7.5, but running shoes are 8.5 and I am a female

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Bustin Boards has a really nice drop thru, it’s called the Maestro. They also have a smaller version, the Maestro Mini. It’s a good board for cruising and carving and best of all, Bustins are completely customizable. You get to choose the graphics, the colors, the trucks, wheels, and bearings. The board will run you anywhere from $210 to $260 depending on which wheels you choose etc…This board isn’t good for DH either, but that doesn’t seem to be what you want it for anyways. I have to admit I’ve never tried this board, but the reviews seem pretty good.

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Okay, I wanted to edit my response and add this on, but I couldn’t so anyways…

I’m actually a total n00b and haven’t even purchased my first board yet, but I’m hoping to this summer, probably Bustin’s Spliff. I’ve just been doing a ton of research into different longboards so that when I do finally get one, I won’t regret it. I’ve also heard that Loaded’s Dervish is a great all around drop thru. But it’s also $321 if you buy it complete…So, yeah.

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I’ve had several longboards, this will be my third one. My first one was a cheapy sector 9 around 140, 2nd I built my own and now I just bought the Arbor Axis. I really wanted the Loaded Tan Tien…but am I starving college student. My brother bought a really old used Loaded Dervish and loved it, but me and my brother used it so much that it is worn down so badly.

The Bustin boards look mega awesome. I was playing around w/ it and customizing it myself. I would love to get one next time, but I had a giftcard from REI and just used it for the longboard. Thanks for the advice =D

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I have a Loaded Vanguard (like the dervish except not a drop through) and I love it! I have also heard a lot of good stuff about Bustin Boards in Concrete Wave. My friend has an Arbor, and it wore out really fast, but i believe it was partly due to his trucks.

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