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What is your favorite rock climbing shoe?

I’m just curious as to what your favorite rock climbing shoe is or what you wear. What do you like about it? What do you not like about it. I’m not really looking to get one now, just in the far future. I’ve been climbing for a year+ and can easily top rope 5.9 and am working my way up. I can boulder v0 and am working on v1. I have had Evolv’s Evo and now a Evolv Predator [classic] that I am breaking in. I have looked at La Sportiva’s – Miuras and Miuras VS. Also the 5.10’s – Arrowhead, Anasazis VCS, Team 5.10 & possibly the Blackwing Womens and Evolv – Pontas. I was looking at Mad Rock, but there aren’t many gyms that carry their shoes….and if they do the selection is limited. Street shoe size is 7 female and I wear 6 in Evolvs

What do you wear? Any suggestions? What are your faves?

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