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Do you enjoy being alone?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) May 7th, 2011
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For starters, I’m not saying I’m alone all the time nor am I trying to sound pretentious by asking this question lol

But seriously, I enjoy being sociable and all, and I really dig seeing my friends and family. But at the same time, isn’t being alone just great sometimes?

It’s not because I have a dislike for my friends or anything like that, but for some reason being alone is nice in the right amounts. I’d never want to be totally isolated forever, but does anyone else enjoy the solitude that comes with being alone?

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I only like being alone if I know for sure that at any moment I can come in contact with someone. In that case I love being alone. If I’m forced to be alone because everyone left my house and no one will pick up their phones then I feel miserable.

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I’ve spent so much time alone that I am beginning to hate being around people.

I love being alone, but it feels so good to be around people sometimes.

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Depending upon the circumstances, yes. I dig being alone when I feel like reading, watching a movie, or when I’m meditating. But that only gets you so far. There are nights where I watch a really long movie, read a book all night, or just stare at a wall, but the next night I want to be social very much, and feel sort of empty if that fails. On a side-note, I don’t dig on large crowds, small get-togethers are my thing.

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I love being alone. I always have so much stuff to do and think about. I much prefer to be alone than with other people all the time. Oh, but I couldn’t possibly stand to be totally alone for a long period of time without my dogs.
I am really sorry for those people who cannot stand their own company, those who panic when they are alone…I pity them because they always depend on other people to be happy. However, there is a big difference between spending time alone and being lonely just because you want to be with someone or others but can’t.

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Yes, yes it is sometimes great.

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I will take alone over a crowded room anytime!

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Yeah, it is where my comfort zone is. It’s helpful to be self employed, soooo helpful.


Sometimes, like after a hectic day at work, I just want to be alone, away from people, noise, commotion, and other stressors. It’s my quiet time alone. Even my little ones can’t bother me during this time, no matter how hard they try. Lol.

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Yes love being alone its a time to chill out, destress ,reflect and appreciate things like having roof over head, clean water, flushable toilet.

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I love it, but it has started to catch up with me over time. I sometimes find myself going back and forth between two extremes: being completely alone and desperately needing human contact.

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Well everyone should get 15 consecutive minutes alone minimum, after getting home from work to decompress. Being thrown into the gauntlet as soon as we get in the house is inconsiderate at the least, cruel at its worst.

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I love being alone, it’s always been a need for me ever since I can remember. I’m very independent and I need a lot of solitude. I just feel better off on my own, and I get tired of being with people. Not because I think myself better than them, it’s just the way it is. Beyond how I feel on the subject I can’t explain it any better than that.
It’s not always good though, because I did loose some friends this way, and it makes me really bad in relationships. One might understand that though, if you’re dating someone and they always need their alone time, like all the time, you’d just say, well fuck it I’m out. But I can’t help it really.
Being alone is great, I get into my things and my little worlds, and it feels right for me. Fuck Friday nights at the bar, I’d just rather play games at home, get drunk and post meaningless crap on the internet lol.

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@Symbeline I hear you…

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I do like being alone. It gives me time to recharge my batteries. It gives me time to reflect on things. Plus I can sing out loud and no one will laugh at me, lol. I can dance any way I want to any music I want. That is when I am completely alone. But what I like even more is to be on my own in the city. I love to people watch. I love to just be part of the crowd and observe the rush of people going by. I watch how people dress, and things they do. I also love to get into conversations with complete strangers. I have had some great ones on the subway, but even brief exchanges with people can be fun and interesting. Sometimes I wish I could become friends with someone when this happens. Technically, I guess this isn’t “alone” but in another way it is. I am alone as my own self in the world. I could be anybody. I am a person with no history. I am what I am in that moment. That moment has a completeness almost like a living work of art. That appeals to me.

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Ahhh to be an introvert. Yes I love being alone.

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Yes. Being alone has always been good. I could always go out to participate in activities when I wanted to. Due to illness in the family, solitude has recently become a rarity in my life and I miss it very much.

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Sometimes yes. Not for hours and hours or days but occasionally, getting home to an empty house is really quite lovely.

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Ok, I’m revising my statement… With very few exceptions, I prefer to be alone.
I’m an island, and a true man. #familiarityisbreedingcontempt

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I find an hour or two of alone time in a day can be very grounding. I’m a total social butterfly, but every now and then I just need to read and book and drink a cold drink.

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If I’m in a peaceful state of mind then I love my alone time but if I am anxious then being alone is torture but, then again, any situation is torture when I am anxious.

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I not only enjoy being alone, I need my alone time. Every day.

I can be quite social, but even being around those I love the most is exhausting after a certain amount of time. I’ve got to have that alone time to recharge my batteries. Introverts, unite!

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@augustlan Introverts don’t ever unite, otherwise we wouldn’t be introverts. And that’s how everyone knows we kick serious ass. ^^

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@Symbeline I think this is our way of uniting… talking to each other online. :p

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That should prolly be sad, but I find it awesome. :D

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Me, too. :D

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I’m drunk as shit, and so I sez, I’m off with my dreams of blood and fire to drown in my own pits of sorrow and desperation, but I shall return, in online form! Nighty nights yah. Pillows! Soft. :)

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I love my alone time.I also like to get out and about.:)

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I enjoy being alone. I am a very timid person just don’t piss me off so it works out that I don’t really know too many people.

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I need time alone and that is really hard to find in my life at this point. But, as with everything, there is balance. Too much alone time isn’t good either.

I’m an introvert and quite ok with it.

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I like being alone for the times I have chores to do around the house or errands to run. No one needs to see me sewing, doing laundry, dishes, taking a farking 4hrs to be all OCD about organizing just one walk-in closet or crawling through the supermart, list in hand, left to right, talking to myself and comparing prices. Also, online shopping is something I have to do by myself so I’m not distracted.

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Yeah! Many a times I like to be alone..that doesn’t mean I am anti social, I equally enjoy my family and friends..and even strangers too..But being alone helps me know MYSELF and the real ME that I am from inside..Being alone is worth! you talk to yourself, you know yourself in a more better way…

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Heck yeah. I love it when I can just have time to myself so I can workout,listen to music, or can take a nap.

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Yes, for the most part. Spending a day at work and constantly being on-stage for others is rewarding, but I’m exhausted at the end of the day. On the other hand, if I was suddenly dumped on a deserted island or the sole survivor of some post-apocalyptic event, it would be really hard not to crave some human companionship.

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