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Have you had any wilderness experience?

Asked by Sunny2 (18817points) May 8th, 2011
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Have you been someplace where no one has ever lived and there are no amenities of civilization? I had a canoe trip in the wilderness region north of Minneapolis/St Paul on the Canadian border. Interlocking lakes, small islands to camp on, fresh fish to eat You had to carry everything with you that you needed for the week. It was a wonderful experience I’ll always enjoy remembering.
Anybody else want to share?

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I am always going out in the wilderness. It’s the only place that I can really find myself. I like to go off into heavily wooded places, lakes, mountains, swamps, and so much more. It’s one of the most exhilarating hobbies that I have.

My favorite thing to do is go out in the wilderness and live for a few days out on my own. I have been in the wild for up to 2 weeks, with a few other campers and I absolutely loved it. I plan to do it on my own once classes let out for the summer.

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I have been in remote sections of Alaska that you had to fly into because there were no roads. I peed in a can at night for a month after an encounter with a Kodiak bear on a trip to the outhouse one evening.

I have also been to very remote area on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

I love the wilderness.

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Yes. I have been camping many places, as my family likes to travel a lot. I would never live in such a place, but I do find it quite tranquil. Maine, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Hampshire, some places even here in Mass to list a few.

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The wilderness school I work at is a land trust with only a few buildings in a small area. The rest is hundreds of acres of unsettled forest and wetlands.

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Yes I have.

Here are some pix from some of those experiences:

Temple Crags, as seen from across one of the 7 lakes, near the Palisade Glacier, in the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains.

The trail leading up to Temple Crags. That’s my backpack in the foreground and I’m the one that took the photo.

Near Pear Lake in the western Sierra Nevada. That was in June, 1978.

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I spent a week on an island without a well or even an outhouse. It was a working vacation, killing non-native plants 10 hours a day for the US Park Service, in 90 degree F heat. But we came in with a lot of food and water and a full-time cook so it wasn’t too tough.


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BWCA is what you’re talking about? It’s amazingly beautiful there.

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I got lost in the woods once when I was a kid. Fortunately, being a resourceful kid I utilised what I had on me as a functional survival tool. Anyway yeah, all I had about my person was a roll of toilet paper…...don’t ask why, because for the life of me I can’t fathom it either. So, I tore off sheets of the stuff & made a trail leading my by now frantic mother back to her bewildered offspring. She was so relieved to find me safe & well that I only got one clip round the ear. I never did find out if it was for getting lost or wasting a good quality loo roll. Ah well, we live & learn :¬)

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Hiking is one of my hobbies. [ to bad my spare time doesn’t allow me to take longer trips or more frequent ].

I take a few friends, food, tents and then we go.
I live in a city who surrounds a mountain [ we do not hike there ].

We have a lot of mountains nearby and all are 5k+ feet high.
There are a lot of animals but they are friendly [ even the bears ]

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I once slept in a tent alone because my partner had to leave. It downpoured and my tent flooded. Then, the rain suddenly stopped. I went outside and it was wicked warm (this was in February, in New England). It was because a warm front comes after rain or whatever, but it was really nice. I was only in my underwear because my pants were soaked. I didn’t bother waking anyone up because it was about 2–3am-ish. I found a foldup chair under a canvas that I slept in for the rest of the time. It was kinda awkard when people saw me the next morning sleeping in a chair with no pants on…I was awake first, but forgot I was pantsless.

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@dxs @Hibernate @ucme @lookingforwhy @jaytkay @Brian1946 @incendiary_dan @marinelife @KatetheGreat Great experiences all, and I thank you for sharing.
@noelleptc You’ve had only a splinter of a camping experience, if that. If you have an opportunity, for sleeping near a campfire, grab it. You won’t forget it.

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@Sunny2 anytime ^^

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I’ve done a bit of hiking, cycling and camping in Scotland. I like getting away from the crowds and the noise and the pressures of time. The problem in Scotland is midgies which can make camping hell.

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