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Does anyone have any music by Linda Worster? Or know how to find it?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) May 11th, 2011
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In the mid-80’s, I listened to this amazing folk singer named Linda Worster out of Massachusetts. I had two of her albums which I played until they were worn thin almost. In all my moves, I lost her music. I was able to find three tracks of hers on MySpace and one on Amazon (so, please don’t send me links to those.)

I was hoping that somehow, somewhere in the Fluther someone had her old recordings available from the 80’s and would share them with me and/or if they knew any way to find her old tracks. She was always an independent artist (at one point, I think——not sure——that she was available to purchase from Ladyslipper, but that was years ago. She isn’t available there now.) I think she may have been affiliated with Kripalu Yoga Institute (perhaps?). I can’t seem to find contact information on her either to perhaps ask her where I can find her old songs.

Any information would be greatly appreciated! Her voice is just gorgeous and her lyrics are deeply thoughtful and heartfelt. Great singer/songwriter.

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The only place that I can find to order her CDs is direct from her.

Thanks for introducing me to her. Her music is beautiful.

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@marinelife….I have no idea how you found that! THANK YOU! I typed in her name and didn’t get a website.

So glad you liked her….isn’t she wonderful? Thank you with lurve coming….!

I’m dancing with happiness! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Oh my god. Are you serious? Another person who knows of Linda?

I’m actually friends with her in real life, she is very close with my mother and I used to hear her play on Nantucket every new year’s eve for years. Her music is a huge part of my childhood. She also taught my sister guitar for a while when she was younger.

I would go with @marinelife in ordering CDs directly from her. I highly recommend the albums Over and Over, A Different Point of View and Moment to Moment. Her song “The Singer” on Over and Over is one of my favorite songs of all time.

I’m so glad to hear of people wanting her music! I will mention it to her next time I can. :)

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OMG! @ParaParaYukiko !! I just KNEW she had to have a Jelly connection!
Her music came into my life by “accident” from a friend I knew who just handed tapes to me and said, “You should listen to this.” It was when I lived on the East Coast. Yes! It was “Over and Over”...that was one of them!

You know how you associate certain songs/music with certain times in your life? Well, Linda is associated with one of the most magical periods in my life…hence, the deep, deep lurve! Something in her lyric/voice lifts the soul and evokes something very deep in the soul. Someone who reminds me of her a little bit is Kirtana…in that ability to evoke a deeper sense of self by just listening to a song.

Tell her Darling Rhadamanthus is over the moon to find her again! (Is she on/near the Cape?)

And for the Jellies who have never heard her….click on @marinelife ‘s link above.

Thank you soooooooooo much…..I am doubly happy now!

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