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Can someone help me with my Julius Caesar essay?

Asked by rawrgrr (1562points) May 14th, 2011
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The past weeks I’ve been having intestinal problems which has caused me to miss lots of school. I hope nobody thinks I’m just lazy and asking for someone else to do my homework because that’s not how I am. With the rising number of projects and with exams coming up it’s hard to keep up.

Anyways, I need to write an essay on Julius Caesar and I don’t know the story that well enough to write the amount of material asked. So if anyone could help me that would be great.

I need to write it about Manipulation. I need to “evaluate the use of manipulation as a means to achieving a goal. Is manipulation sometimes necessary?”

When was manipulation shown in the story? Who was manipulating who for what reason?

Again, if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it! I’m not like this and just really need help right now. Thanks again guys!

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Read a synopsis of the play for the plot at least. That should give you all the ideas you need. I am sorry that you have been unwell, but you can write a creditable essay without having read Shakespeare’s words (a pity, though).

And you will find the answers to your questions ^^.

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@gailcalled Thank you very much for the answer I surely will!

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Is you asking for help on homework in this way a form of manipulation?

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There are a few examples, Cassius talking Brutus into killing Caesar is good, and so is the speech that Brutus makes to justify the death of Caesar. The best example of manipulation in the play though is Antony’s speech to the roman mob at Caesar’s funeral. He has been allowed to speak by Brutus and Cassius who have just killed Caesar and have justified his death by painting him as a tyrant. When Antony takes the stage he is addressing a crowd of Romans who have been thoroughly convinced that Caesar was an evil and ambitious man. By the time Antony is done with his speech, the “Friends Romans country-men, lend me your ears…” deal, (one of the finest speeches written in the English language btw) the mob is calling for the death of the conspirators and weeping the loss of the great Julius Caesar. His speech is beautiful in its subtle use of manipulation. He continually calls Brutus a “noble man” until you get to the point that you wonder how “noble” this guy could actually be after stabbing Caesar to death. The repeated assurance that Antony gives that he is not there to question Brutus or his actions allows the audience to listen to him. He pulls them in and once he has their attention he subtly brings up points that start to slowly undermine the argument that Brutus just made. By the time he’s done you’re thinking that Caesar was some kind of saint and you want to tear Brutus and the other conspirators apart. The roman mob actually starts a riot. It’s a fairly effective use of manipulation.

But bottom line – you gotta read the play – or at the very least read from the speech that Brutus gives (also a great piece of oratory) to the crowd’s response to Antony’s speech and the death of Cinna the Poet.

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You two ^^^ know this question is more than ten years old, right?

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