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Would you rather go back in the past or go into the future?

Asked by missbabyboo (195points) April 23rd, 2008
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like right now if you were given a choice to make between going back to the past or going into the future, which would you choose? i think id choose the past..i know its stupid but i would really love to go back in the past because i never know whats gonna happen in the past but i know what happened in the future.

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Since they don’t have hoverboards in the past, I’m gonna have to go with FUTURE, unless I could go back to the time of the druids.

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Past…there are a few things I would change.

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Depends; if I’m looking to participate or not. I wouldn’t change the past but there’s a lot of cool moments I’d like to see first hand. If I wanted to experience something new, obviously the future.

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The past is something we can change, we can only use it as a way to learn from it. Therefore is better to go into the future because we don’t know the exciting adventure and risks waiting for us there. It would so cool to be able to go into the future and be able to know all the winning horses you can bet on when you go back to the present. Tha’s like a dream of the ages.

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some people would say, “everything happens for a reason”, but I would go way back and start all over.

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i totally agree with peedub!

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I would love to go back to the past to change stupid choices I’ve made that would improve my future.

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If I’d still be where I’m at now, I’d go back to the past.

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I would really like to see what the iPhone can do in 100’s years.. so future.. and I want a flying car..and perhaps by that time a Philly team will have won a championship of some kind, though that’s pushing it.

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Can i go to both? If not, i’d pick the past, because there’s all kinds of cool stuff in the past as well as the future!

I want a tardis =/ [and a David Tennant and all for that matter XD]

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@missbaby; are you sure that this is what you meant to say? “i know its stupid but i would really love to go back in the past because i never know whats gonna happen in the past but i know what happened in the future.

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Past. Lots of things I didnt appreciate as much as I should have.

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the past so I can buy MS stock for a couple of dollars and come back to a wealthy present.

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Future so I can see stock prices and sports scores and come back to the present and act accordingly.

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If I could go back to the past, my future would be much birighter because I’d be able to correct my mistakes. I’d be happier too because both of my brother’s would still be alive.

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Past, I’d go back to the victorian days and be the greatest gunslinger in all the West, minus the Dakotas

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Future, I would get an invention from then bring it to now and be rich by marketing it

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@kap- who said you can come back?

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I read this somewhere?....
Most of us come from the past, and we re-create the present
Those who excel come from the future, their vision, their mission, and it pulls them forward.

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Past – I like the ways of the past better. Less crime we left our home unlocked, kids could play all day with nothing and be happy, an honest days work that left you feeling acomplished, and you could pray in schools….the good ole days

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whatever as long as i get a hoverboard.

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@peedub you could lend kap your shoes

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Past I would be a millionaire right now

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If you went back to the past….from now…..wouldn’t you have been to the future, in the past, because now is the future of the past?
And similarly, if you go to the future, now is the past, and you’ve been here, so you’ve been to the past….........
..just a thought.

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we’re in the present.

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I’m in the 4th dimension, mannn…

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I’m out of this world!

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Right muthafukin’ on man, right ON…

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@wildflower, it is correct if you go back to the past, then the present is the future of the past, However, if u go to the future, then the present would be the past of the future. So is better to go to the future and find out who are the winners in horses, formula 1, stocks and so on, then come back to the present and bet your life on those things

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Why not go back to the past with the knowledge you have today… someone mentioned earlier, buy MS or Apple stock? – especially if you can’t come back…..if you go in to the future, you’ll skip some years that you’ll never get to have….........

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Well if you can’t come back then is definitely better to go to the past. But if you are given just one choice to go either way with the condition that you must come back to the present, where will you go?

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Future for sure!......I trust historic movies more than sci-fi ones, so if I had to go verify accuracy for one of them…....defo future!

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past for me.

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I would like to go back to yesterday and answer this question with something really ‘witty’ and then jump forward to tomorrow to see if I got any “Great Answer” clicks that I could than see in the present.

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i’d love to go in the past and see some things but wouldn’t want to change a thing.

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