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What is the bad plasticy smell in my new frig (made in China)

Asked by skfinkel (13526points) April 23rd, 2008
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And will it hurt a person?

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All brand new refrigerators have that smell. It will go away when you start filling it up and get more use from it.

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It’s called offgassing. I wouldn’t worry about it. It should go away in time.

If it really bothers you, buy some kimchi and put that in your fridge.

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I’m guessing the fridge is made largely with plastic interiors and that may be the smell you feel…. Try giving it a good clean with bleach and leave it open for a while before you start it up. That should get rid of most of it.

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sk, tell us how long it’s been smelling like that.

yes, offgassing can hurt you if you stand around
breathing it – we’ve all heard stories about businesses shutting down
temporarily because new carpeting was making everyone sick.

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GE replaced the frig. The new one is mildly off-gassing but nothing like the other. Something was really wrong there.

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That’s strange. Did they say what it might have been?

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Yes, what do they ADMIT it might have been? Maybe it was dangerous.
Please find out.

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They have a spray “smells-so-good” or something they use to spray the inside of problem refrigerators with, but it was too late for mind.

I don’t think I will hear much about what it was. Not good.

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I mean mine, not mind.

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