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Is there any event, person, creature or object that at whatever age you are, you always feel to be magical?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26674points) May 18th, 2011
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They say we never lose that inner child no matter how much we have grown or matured or been disillusioned. And sometimes when we see and look closely at something whether its alive or an inanimate object or a place or maybe even a memory, we sometimes seem to even for just a brief moment get to feel that special, innocent and magical feeling excite our hearts once again.

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I think you nailed it with one of your previous questions. Balloons. They bring the inner child back to life.

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And flowers. I don’t know about you but for me it’s always magic.

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For some reason oreos and milk. They remind me of a happier time in my childhood. As for a place that totally makes me feel at peace with the world, forests usually work and beaches. No matter what I’m always zen in those places.

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Yosemite and, really, pretty much all of the nature and history of my state.

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Fireworks, those oil hourglass thingies, Christmas lights, glow in the dark stuff, musical boxes , thunder and lightning, big waves, starry skies, standing beside a mountain and looking waaay up, swinging, sucking in helium from helium balloons, rainbows, waterfalls, and ..well ok there are a lot of things.

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These, which in my household are known as magic stones. (The clear iridescent ones are the most powerful.)

A piece of polished malachite that I carry in my pocket as a talisman. I have given a carefully selected malachite pebble to people who are very special in my life as a link to create a spiritual bond. Even though I don’t believe in anything of the sort.

Some parts of Christmas. The lights especially.

Prisms and faceted glass and the rainbows they make.

Certain coins, and especially certain very old coins.

Sapphires and moonstones.

One or two dishes my mother owned, because of the occasions they always marked.

One specific apple tree in the high branches of which I spent many, many hours of my childhood.

A beautiful redwood stump in a state park in Felton, California. My hands have helped to polish it.

And much, much more. For a hard-headed, rational, atheistic realist, I do have a lot of magic in my life.

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Bouncy castles
Pillow Fights
Basically anything that involves mucking around with the kids…of which I am clearly still one!

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Glass marbles do it for me.

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Christmas. I love Christmas. I know this is sad, but sometimes I wish Santa was real… I wish there was a magical man who brought presents. I loved watching my children sneak downstairs to look under the tree in the middle of the night. I used to be so, so excited waiting to see their little faces when they got their pressies.

I love snow too. Haven’t seen any for a long time.

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@Bellatrix…Santa is not real???? There goes my answer!! ;)

Up to a second ago Christmas morning was my favorite and the sights, sounds and smells have been the same since I was born. Of course exchanging of the gifts, Christmas music, hot coffee, Swedish pancakes, bacon, sausage and spending the day in pajamas was always a great special time for me!

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For me it is a drive in the country, the smell of fresh cut grass, the distant drone of a small plane, watching birds build a nest or a spider spinning a web, fishing with a bamboo pole, running through the woods with my dog at my heels, eating pancakes for dinner, looking for crawdads in the creek, and getting my Mom to tell stories of what she remembers about our growing up.

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:-( now I feel sad I may have spoiled the magic! Perhaps he is real @Cruiser. I am sure I heard sleigh bells last year :-D

I agree on the smells, the food, the whole atmosphere. The tree, traditions etc.

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@Bellatrix I suppose I had to find out sooner or later! My kids are ½ Jewish so I guess I can start a new tradition….like going to the Heavy Construction Equipment Museum now on Christmas morning.;)

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That sounds…........... horrid. :-|

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Bah Humbug!

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Smell of pine trees and wet earth… :)

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The feeling of cool grass beneath my feet.
The sound of the ocean.
When I first step into the water at the beach and the first waves hit me. Especially if its a strong wave and splashes lots of water on me.
Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center
4th of July fireworks
The sound of coqui’s in Puerto Rico at night while sitting on a porch after a light sprinkle bringing all the night creatures to life. It never fails to make me feel like a child again. Like they are singing for you.

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Unicorns or Pegasus.

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The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. There is nothing, NOTHING more fun/inspiring/educational/liberating than this!

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The smell after the rain.

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@Pandora What a great list! Those are all really excellent choices!

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Wow this thread is indeed most magical! : )

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Amusement parks.

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Indeed my magical objects may not be marbles but close. They are unusually colored and shaped pebbles ( for me ) picked up from the river or a dirt path. At age 5 I would put them in my secret spot behind my grandfather’s house where when it’s raining, a thin waterfall of raindrops would trickle from the rooftop, forming a shallow pool of water over my pebbles. I hunker and watch as they start to look bigger and more colorful underwater!

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A really gorgeous sunset. It’s such a wonder when the western sky fills up with color.
Cloud formations across the sky.
A flowering tree.

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Komodo dragons!!!

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I have a friend who works in Canada in a tourist spot where the main attraction is the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. He does not care much about it though. I would have found that to be immensely magical!

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Oh yeah.. Halloween. :]

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@Cruiser Thanks. If you ever get a chance to go vacation in Puerto Rico, rent a house somewhere in the countryside. You will hear a lot more or them if you get a hotel room in the city.

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My teddy bear I have had since I was a baby it was my brothers and when I was born he gave it to me. I loved my bear and he would magically make everything better. I still have him, he sits proudly on my bureau now even though I am now in my 40’s.

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And candles.

Lighted candles. Birthday candles, votive candles, 12” tapers (we light candles on the dinnertable every single night), pillar candles, candles in little glass lanterns, candles in jack-o’-lanterns.


A burning candle is deeply magical.

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My magical objects are firearms. The power shakes my inner child. The thoughts when I aim down the sights, and the smell of gun-powder in the morning. :D

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I just love some of the responses here… so many made me smile and say “oh yessss!!”

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A picture of my dad, my brother, my step mom, and me from 5 ears ago. It reminds me of what it was like to be a child, to be free.

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Trees. They are magic.

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@Jeruba Ooo I love candles too ..and campfires; I can sit and stare at flames for hours :)

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@PluckyDog Indeed. Fire is one of the most magical thing there is. If wielded right, it could be your cook, your light, your weapon and your mesmerizer.

Now I remember that in the movie Howl’s Moving Castle, Billy Crystal gave voice to that cute fire character named Calcifer.

Ok, a lot of times I find MOVIES magical! : )

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I used to love Bonfire night when I was a kid. Big fire, fireworks, parkin cake, treacle toffee, baked potatoes cooked in the embers of the fire and everyone in the community there watching and sharing what we had.

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Link (zelda, was and still is my video game idol!!!!!!!)
And now….my girlfriend, she always makes me feel magical!

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@Vincent_Lloyd Ah love, magical! ( and dogs too I know )

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@mazingerz88 it’s the most magical thing in the world to me! :///)

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Bubbles. So pretty!

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