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Is it strange for a pedestrian to walk around with a car GPS?

Asked by drdoombot (8140points) May 18th, 2011
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I’ve always wanted to play around with a GPS unit and my friend gave me an old Tom Tom he doesn’t need anymore. The unit is tiny (3.5” screen), making me wonder how anybody could have found use for it in a car in the first place! In any case, I get a kick out of watching the little arrow move as I walk down the street…

Now, I know I shouldn’t care how I look while I’m walking around with it, but I can’t help but hide it when a fellow pedestrian comes near. When taking a bus last week, I found myself hiding it in my backpack.

I’m worrying too much about what strangers are thinking, aren’t I?

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Not me. I don’t think it strange. I might do it too for fun. Just watch out for open manholes or people and animal’s feet. : )

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Not strange, but dorky. It’s about on par with taking a segway tour while wearing a fanny pack and a helmet. But to each his own!

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People will think you’re geocaching!
And if you like walking around playing with a GPS unit, you really should be geocaching :-D

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I went geocashing before its lots of fun and yes a lot of people look at you as if you were from the middle ages cause they don’t know what it is that you are doing, but i always enjoy seeing their faces and immagining what they are thinking and it’s a lot of fun but you can’t be shy if your gonna do somethig bold cause it’s only fun if you enjoy seeing other people puzzle about your actions. I also attach the gps from my moms car to my motorbike now and again, even if i don’t need it, just to see peoples expressions.

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Some may say you lack direction, i’d say you’re just having fun with it.

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I usually take my hand held GPS with me when I run or walk. I like to know how much distance I have covered and how quickly (or slowly). Mine doesn’t have streets though, it is more for bush bashing, just shows your route and checkpoints. I would like to have a handheld that shows streets, I think I will have to get an iPhone or android just so I can get that app.

I don’t think it is strange at all, I love any kind of gadget!

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Well, yeah you are.. Tell me, what would you rather tote around? Your puny 3.5 tom tom or a foldable city map? Those who chose the map are gluttons for punishment (especially on windy days). I see no wrong in what your doing, at least you don’t have to ask for directions.

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I have a 5 incher with a rechargeable battery – it’s made especially for both cars and hiking. It even has a nice durable rubber rim to protect it from falls. It has 3D plus, so in the city you can literally see and feel where you are in relation to the buildings around you. Like all GPS’, you can add foreign city maps and use it for travel – walking about in foreign cities with it is far better than a map – and it will suggest restaurants, gas stations, clinics etc.

When hiking, either with or without a car, it is again useful. It also has 2 gigs of (internal) memory, music, video and games capability if you are so inclined. I keep a few photos of my kids and it’s a handy photo album. Again, the battery is rechargeable and thus portable.

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Nerdy, but not strange. Your phone has GPS on it; there’s not much difference. I used ours while walking in Washington DC last fall. Just don’t get so busy looking at the screen that you walk into something

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my current gps has a feature that allows you to use it on the street to find a building or place if you have to walk to it. I don’t find it strange at all, I considered testing it out.

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I completely agree with @Blueroses, people will think you are geocaching. However, most geocachers try to make it look like they are NOT geocaching! I often find that the muggles look at me funny unless I have a bluetooth earpiece and I start talking to myself as though the GPS were a phone. Then they look at me like I am normal and aren’t suspicious at all! What a world—where talking to yourself whilst holding some device looks normal . . .

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I don’t see anything wrong with it. It serves the same purpose as if it was in a vehicle.

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I think that’s quite alright. And BTW geocaching is great fun. I have tried it a couple of times and really enjoyed it. I haven’t been able to take out time of late to hit the trails.

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It is not a car GPS. It is just a GPS. Carry it and you will never get lost.

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I sometimes see people doing this. Why not? You won’t ever get lost!

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I love doing this!
I don’t own a car (I wish I did but it’s hard when you’re in college).
I use it to get around, especially if I’m catching a bus to somewhere new.
It’s really reliable and a good back up!
Don’t be ashamed :)

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Smart phones now have GPS capability, so I’d probably just think you’re looking at your phone. Most people probably don’t notice and if they did and thought you were weird, that’s their problem!

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Why not get an Android phone and have google maps with you all the time?

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@Kayak8 Oho! The old muggle diversion tactic! When I see someone out walking and taking an important call on the clunky “phone” they’re wearing on a lanyard around the neck, I know what they’re really up to! I got a caching app for my Blackberry so I can look slightly more convincing. The sneakiness (especially in urban areas) is half the fun. you do know the secret geocacher’s handshake, right?

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The secret geocasher’s handshake :)

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My partner and I used one when we visited Prague. It was incredibly useful.

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