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Why is it so hard for people to understand that God is the only one who knows when judgement day is going to happen?

Asked by EddieTheHead (68points) May 21st, 2011
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Y2K, 9, Now, and 2012. I know some people don’t believe in God but, I do. Why do people act like saints than know everything,Huh?
Exactly, I want/NEED to know.

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Because everyone has different beliefs. And there are ethical problems/beliefs associated with such matters.
On top of that, people have different religions, whereas some are blasphemous, so were all bound to believe in what OUR minds want us to believe.
People think they’re smart when they really aren’t. They think this is man’s world when it isn’t. They think they can overrule god, when they can’t.
As I said, different minds, different religions, different beliefs.
This world keeps getting worse. Amen.

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These people become so inflated with their own flatulence that they think it is the Holy Spirit.
Jesus says No one knows but the Father. Yet, these numerologists think they know better…

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@Luiveton I’m so glad you joined Fluther. Seriously.

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For the same reason why you think you know what god’s plans are?

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Hope I don’t offend but I tend to think Man made God up so yeah, they would do all the predicting they want to do. Man has reach a point where even him would think he knows better than his own creation which he created to supposedly be the lord of him. It’s a full circle now.

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@mazingerz88 Now that’s a problem. Correction? Science has made man reach a point where even him would THINK. God made man, that’s how it’s always been. Evolution? Poppycock. Just natural selection.
But since it’s an opinion of yours, I respect it but do not agree with it.

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Simple. As others have said,not everyone believe in God so any value of God is not something they should consider in their real life. Maybe the alien’s the one to blame,of course,if you believe in such thing.

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Jesus clearly said he would be back during the lifetime of those he directly spoke to.
Most did not get that message either.

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“Science has made man reach a point where even him would THINK.”

Where who would think what, exactly? I don’t see how this fits with @mazingerz88 ‘s statement.

“Evolution? Poppycock. Just natural selection.”

What, exactly, do you think evolution and natural selection are? Most people who make statements like this really don’t have much of an idea what evolution really means.

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Well, the people who made god want fiery proof for everyone, so…. it’s just wishful thinking.
Of course if you take the book of Revelations to be a metaphor, then it all “makes sense.”

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It’s not hard. They just choose not to accept it. That’s not hard for me to understand.

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She does? Ooh that selfish bitch! Be nice if everyone were let in on that little secret.
Or would it…...?

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@Blackberry What are you saying?

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People want to understand the world, through religion, science, or otherwise. These people who believe in God and the judgement day are just trying to find some way to interpret that which they do not understand. What they do not realize is that it is impossible to predict the end of the world to a specific day or specific time. Or, they do realize, but choose to ignore that because they want so desperately to feel in control of their own lives.

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What judgement day ? Some of us won’t be judged ^^

But to stay on topic.
People believe only what they want not to mention that it is easier this way.

What God ? what judgement day ?
Those are questions most of the people have in their minds.

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The people who predict that the world is going to end don’t actually believe it them selves. They just say it to make money. It’s the stupid people who fall for it and spend every hour of the night restless because “impending doom” is on it’s way.

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@EddieTheHead I’m saying it sounds like you’re already assuming there’s a god, presumably a christian, that already has plans to execute this day. If I’m wrong, then I apologize.

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I think Jesus was simply stating he did not know the answer, like you or I stating “gosh, only God knows” and meaning “we do not know the answer”.

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And maybe when John Lennon said the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus”, he meant they were taller.

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@filmfann Or…. they meant, bigger downstairs.

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Because the saints support their ideas with religion so people who follow that religion will feel like they also have to follow their idea. Also, they’re ignorant to believe they’re saints.

Why did people believe Jesus was the son of God? As far as I’m concerned, he was just another ‘saint’ who supported his ideas with a religious background.

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Its a long running tradition. Jesus himself said he would return before all the disciples died, so I suppose they’re just following the Master’s example.

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Because nothing says “I’m a humble Christian” like telling invisible sky father how to run the universe.

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Maybe this is The Lord’s way of saying “Pull my finger!”

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Because some people think that God talks to them. God gives them the inside scoop of such things as the rapture.

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These predictions have been going on since Jesus died. Everyone waiting for the rapture. Personally I think it usually starts out with people tired of living because the world around them seems dark. So they fool themselves into believing anyone who comes along to tell them, this is the end of times. They want a better world and they want it now. So they figure, if they have the knowledge that the rapture is coming and they can change their ways than they have a chance of being saved and living in a new holy land, where there is no hate, pain, hunger, illness or war.
As for the predictors. They are usually either delusional or looking to exploit people for money.
Back in the early 80’s I worked with a guy who fell in with one of these cults believing the rapture would come back again. He was an ex-con. He said he saw the error of his ways and has changed. You could always see his anger just slightly below the surface. He was fighting to hold in his temper because he believed the rapture was coming soon.
It didn’t even take a week after the date came an went for the real guy to come out. He was the biggest abusive SOB you ever known. He was let go for getting nasty with customers.
In less than a month, we heard he was in jail again for getting drunk and getting in a big fight. He had stabbed someone.
When he saw the rapture wasn’t going to come and save him from himself, he went right back to being who he was.

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@Pandora “These predictions have been going on since Jesus died. Everyone waiting for the rapture.”

The idea of a Rapture followed by a Tribulation has only been a popular belief since the early 19th century, thanks to John Nelson Darby. People have been waiting for the end of the world since Jesus’ death (at least), but they have only been waiting for the Rapture in its current form for about 200 years. I’m not sure if that is what you were implying, but I find it interesting that people didn’t expect it to happen like that for at least 1500 years after the Christian canon was finalised.

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@crisw Evolution and natural selection are in one similar topic, but two different things. I would know. And to make what I wanted to say more explicit; I meant I don’t believe in the whole idea of Evolution, just the natural selection part. Better now? It’s a very controversial topic, but I will not bother arguing with your opinion because I don’t really care as long as I have mine. (:

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@Luiveton Natural selection is what guides evolution. The strong survive and pass on good traits.

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@comicalmayhem Yes and that’s what I believe in.

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Evolution is defined as the change in the frequency of alleles in a population over time.

So what, exactly, is it that you think is false about evolution? I am not asking for “your opinion,” but what exactly you think is factually wrong.

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The controversy comes from the wrong impression that science is trying to explain phenomena that some religions have already explained in their own way. That’s what I disagree with.

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Can you please clarify? I’m afraid I am not at all clear on what you are saying. It’s not “wrong” to state that science explains phenomena that some religions have already tried to explain. It’s absolutely correct, in fact.

Science and religion are entirely different disciplines.

Science explains things by using theories to account for observed facts, then testing those theories to see if they are viable. If the theory doesn’t fit the facts, it’s discarded. Like all other theories, the theory of evolution has been tested in this way, and has so far passed every test. It’s as much a valid theory as germ theory or the theory of gravity.

Religions are belief systems. While they may have some accounts of how and why things happen, these accounts are not scientific theories. There are a great many explanations for things in the Bible, for example, that are simply not scientifically correct (for example, showing mating goats a streaked stick doesn’t lead to them having striped kids) . Religions aren’t meant to validate scientific theories. Not can religious beliefs be used to invalidate any scientific theory. Just because a religion doesn’t believe in a theory doesn’t mean that the theory is wrong. Only scientific testing can show that.

So, once again- what, specifically, do you think is incorrect about the theory of evolution?

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“Not can religious beliefs be used to invalidate any scientific theory.”

Did you intend to say, “No religious beliefs can be used to invalidate any scientific theory.”, or something else?

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The “not” should have been a “nor.”

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@crisw Let me ask you this; How did life on earth start?

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@Luiveton Evolution and abiogenesis are completely different fields of biology. Evolution describes the changes to organisms over time through heredity. Abiogenesis describes how life initially forms from previously non-living matter. It is also still a field very much in its infancy, so unlike Evolution there is no particular leading theory that all of science backs.

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@Luiveton No one really knows, but this is called Abiogenesis.

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@FireMadeFlesh answered your question very well.

Can you please answer my question? What, specifically, do you think is incorrect about the theory of evolution (not abiogenesis)?

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@crisw The answer to your question is the answer to my question. So I guess there’s nothing to disagree about evolution then. Apologies?
@FireMadeFlesh So should I disagree about Abiogenesis?

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I am not trying to be critical- I am really, really trying to understand what you are saying- and failing miserably. You know, people are spending some good time answering your questions with concise, thoughtful, researched statements…any chance that you could return that favor?

“The answer to your question is the answer to my question”

My question was “What, specifically, do you think is incorrect about the theory of evolution?”

I think nothing is incorrect about it.

Are you therefore now saying that you also think that there is nothing incorrect about it?

“So should I disagree about Abiogenesis?”

What does that mean? Disagree about what?

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@Luiveton I’m not going to tell you what you should and shouldn’t agree with. Since I am an atheist materialist, and you evidently are not, we are bound to disagree to some extent. However the position of most mainstream forms of Christianity is that God stepped in to guide the evolutionary process at key stages, as well as creating the original life forms that then evolved. My personal position is that natural law has governed every occurrence in the history of the universe, and will continue to do so.

It is up to you to find your position – however if that position is to resemble truth, it is best to avoid contradicting well established knowledge, such as Evolution. So yes, abiogenesis is a softer touch in terms of the weight of evidence behind it, but then maybe in a few years time it too will be irrefutable. Best to follow where the evidence leads you.

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@crisw Yes I guess I’m saying that I think there’s nothing incorrect about it. And no I won’t respond with thoughtful, researched statements because I’m not trying to prove anything. I was simply saying my opinion, even if it was incorrect, it was still my opinion, I can’t waste time trying to get someone to agree/disagree with it. Sorry.

@FireMadeFlesh True. I agree, thank you for your well thought out responses. At least you helped me view it from another perspective. Thank you. I agree.

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