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I'm in desperate need of new music. Can you send me some recommendations?

Asked by 8Convulsions (2182points) June 8th, 2011
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I’ve been in sort of a music slump lately. It’s been months since I’ve been stoked on a new band or song. I need help!

My favorite bands are Pig Destroyer, Iron and Wine, Russian Red, and Genghis Tron.

I love grindcore, noise, and pretty much anything electronic or acoustic.

But I’ll listen to literally anything in between.

Bonus points for bluegrass that compares to Old and in the Way, adorable female singers, old music (30s-50s) and anything with unique instruments or voices.

Thank you!

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Any one of the artists in this
band are :)

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I’m not sure they’re quite what you’re looking for, but my current favorites are:

White Rabbits
Black Keys
The Hives

Huh, I’ve been kind of mellow recently.

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Pearl and the Beard

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An oldie but still amazing: Neutral Milk Hotel

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@syz I really like White Rabbits.

Squirrel Nut Zippers

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Get the DVD AC/DC Live at River Plate. Those Argentines are frigging nuts.

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How about a little Bash to heat things up?
No Heaven
Formula 409
I love Memphis in the Meantime

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Band of Horses

Bon Iver (their new album is great).

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Based on your two criteria, “adorable female singers” and Iron and Wine, I recommend two songs by two Omaha, NE singer-songwriters who call themselves, “Azure Ray”. The first is called, “Rest Your Eyes”, and the second, “The Devil’s Feet”. Both are available on iTunes.

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Soko is pretty great. One of those “adorable female singers”. She also has a pretty wicked French accent.

Amanda Palmer, Cocorosie, David Ford, Fleet Foxes, National, Regina Spektor, The Sudden Passion, and Taken By Trees are all very good as well.

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You love grindcore? I LOVE YOU.
Have you listened to Insect warfare? Carcass? Bolt Thrower? Napalm Death?
Check out Cryptopsy’s “None so Vile” if you haven’t already (not grindcore, but it’s a good album nonetheless)

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Thanks so much everyone!

@johnpowell That is probably the greatest thing ever! That will come in real handy.

@Michael_Huntington Haha! Carcass and Napalm Death are amazing! I’ve been lucky enough to see them both live too. So good! Unfortunately, I haven’t listened to the others. I will check them out for sure, as well as “None so Vile.” Thank you! Feel free to send good grind my way anytime. :P

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If you’re into Iron and wine, I recommend these:

Matt Pond PA
Alexi Murdoch He did many of the songs on the soundtrack for “Away we Go.”
The Swell Season Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova of “Once”
Gregory Alan Isakov

@tom_q I watch Parks and Rec, and April said that Neutral Milk Hotel was her favorite band. I had no idea it was a real band! Great song, thanks for posting.

@8convulsions Why don’t you get a Pandora radio station? That’s how I find most of my new music.

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@Haleth It’s an idea. I usually have no problem lurking the internet and finding my own music, but I’ve been slacking the last 6 months or so. I’ve never used Pandora though, and from what I’ve just read about it, it seems like it would be really helpful. Is it better than Last Fm? I notice that with Last Fm, half of it’s picks are similar to your original artist, and the rest are way off. Maybe Pandora is better with their picks. Thanks for the tip. :)

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You might like the band The Mountain Goats.

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@8Convulsions I’ve had both, and Pandora seems to pick better stuff. When you start a station, they give you reasons for why they make the picks they do. I started a station for one of my favorite songs. Pandora’s website said something like, “looking for songs with melodic instrumentals, electronic influences, and male vocals in the minor key.” I’ve liked their picks.

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@8Convulsions That’s pretty awesome! Carcass is my favorite grindcore band (I didn’t get into Napalm Death until I listened to FETO).

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And if you’re into black metal, I would highly recommend the new Peste Noire album.

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@8Convulsions That sure is a great variety of music, I like it!
My favorite bluegrass is New Grass Revival

Old school punk with a great female lead singer Mia Zapata and the Gits

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—————That Infernal Racket—————

Oxbow – Oxbow is a sort of fusion of jazz and noise, I love them, but suspect attending one of their shows might not be good for my health. They are an aural assault.

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Avant garde metal incorporating elements of chamber music and folky instrumentation.
Sleep is Wrong

Big Black – Steve Albini. Because “nerd” and “hardcore” are not mutually exclusive terms.
Bad Penny

Jesus Lizard – I know nothing about them. I just love what they can do.

Ajattara – It’s my favorite black metal band! They put out a brutal acoustic album a couple years ago. It’s like how our ancestors would have made metal back in the 12th century!
Ikuisen Aamun Sara

Einsturzende Neubauten – Chances are you already know them, but just in case you don’t they’re worth mentioning.

—————Oh So Twangy—————

Munly (AKA Jay Munly) – folk musician dishing out gothic Americana. Expect ample helpings of sex, blood and old time religion. He’s also in Slim Cessna’s Auto Club.
Goose Walking Over My Grave

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – A revolving door of gothic americana talent with Munly and Slim at the center. More of that backwoods revelry.
Mark of Vaccination

16 Horsepower – The pillar of the Denver Sound. Darkly religious and accordion driven hellfire. Helmed by David Eugene Edwards when it was still around.
American Wheeze

Mark Growden – Perhaps the answer to the question “just how much accordion can you wedge in to this post?” is this: more.
Saint Judas

Curtis Eller – he’s just a man with a banjo.
Sugar in My Coffin

Blanche – They employ banjo AND autoharp.
Garbage Picker

—————Just the Ladies—————

Melody Gardot – beautiful vocal jazz with a vintage feel.
Your Heart is as Black as Night

Portishead – Triphop with that old fashioned vibe
Glory Box

Lovage – In which a few musicians attempt to make Triphop even sexier. Mission accomplished.
Stroker Ace

Zee Avi – The most adorable of the bunch. And a YouTube darling.

My Brightest Diamond – not really sure how to categorize her
Something of an End

Joanna Newsom – Her cousin is the mayor of San Fransisco or something, but she’s more interesting.
Peach, Plum, Pear

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^^ new stuff for my iPod.

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@Jude I hope the descriptions make it easy to sort through what does and doesn’t interest you. I know a ton of links like that can be a pain.

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@fundevogel I nominate your above post for “most useful Fluther answer of all time”

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@Blueroses Aw shucks. Are there more noise-loving fans of old-timey country and crooning than I thought? What a lovely bunch.

Spoken Word Bonus:
Zu – Anatomy of a Lost Battle a rambling cacophony of spoken word and semi-discordant music, I think the vocals are “found”

Enablers – Pauly’s Days in Cinema a fairly noir story-song about a man with his best days behind him

Barry Adamson – Jazz Devil a former Bad Seed dishes out a jazzy narrative about devilry and panache

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – O’Malley’s Bar One man, in the grips of a deterministic quandary, walks into a bar, and kills everyone inside…in just over 14 minutes (NSFW, duh)

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“Goose walking over my grave”, now THAT’S a tune custom made for me! lol

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@Coloma If you enjoy that you should definitely look in to more of Munly, particularly stuff from Munly & the Lee Lewis Harlots and Jimmy Carter Syndrome. Those albums are packed with songs like “Goose Walking Over My Grave”. All story songs, generally effed up but naively told.

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