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How do I safely find a running buddy in my area?

Asked by jetblondie (147points) June 8th, 2011
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I’m not scared of anyone but I’m not stupid, either. Besides the fact that I’m a woman, I live in a mostly rural small town with an unusually high crime rate. I borrow my girlfriend’s (large) dog sometimes—which is great!—but she lives 30 min away. From what I can tell (I’ve been here almost two years), people here just don’t care about their health! I’ve got access to a treadmill but it’s just not the same. Any ideas?

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Well since you want to be safe… craigslist :P

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You could check and see if there’s anybody in your area. It’s about the best of the friend websites and not a meat market.

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Look into joining a running club. Check your local sporting goods store for info. Also, look into seeing if your small town has a Parks and Recreation department. They may have organized runs that you are unaware of.

If you are going to run alone, get one of these. On top of that, always carry a small pepper spray and LOUD whistle.

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But seriously goto a local gym (fitness club, leisure club community centre etc) and ask someone if they’d also like to go for an outdoor run. Basically any place you could find health conscious people and then steal them away… sort of.

Convince your partner or SO to go with you.

Or run in a park or somewhere crowded during day light where other people are also doing the same thing.

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This is another social network, designed specifically for joggers looking for partners.

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I belong to a YMCA, I joined a group where we were training for a tri-athalon and there were different times that the groups would meet to run, ride the bike and swim… maybe check with your local YMCA and see if they have anything like that for runners.

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Thanks for all your answers. Meetup doesn’t exist in my town (yet) but I used it when I lived in Tampa. I used to belong to the one gym within a 90 mile radius (no joke) and it is a MEAT MARKET. And a scary one, at that! My YMCA didn’t have a running club but advertised for 5Ks and stuff in bigger towns (1 or more hours away). Maybe they’ll know some members who signed up for it? My bf has been turning me down consistently for almost four years now but he’ll occasionally acquiesce to a long walk…. Thanks, all :)

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@jetblondie What about posting your own running club at your local YMCA, I am sure their are others in your situation who are looking for a safe companion…. I know mine has a bulletin board members could post on.

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Small towns are tough to find resources, I sympathize with you. What about the old fashioned bulletin board notice to form a running club? Grocery store, library, high school or college student lounge?

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In my rural small town (1600 people), we use the bulletin board at our tiny post office. Everyone reads them since almost everyone picks up his mail there.

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Whoever it is, just make sure you can run faster than this person. LOL
Just a bit of humor and there are some very good answers on here already.

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A Rottweiler might be as safe as it gets.

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Attend events at your local rec center, if your town has one. That would be a good place to meet and screen potential running buddies before you decide to hang out with them on a regular basis.

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Is there a high school in your area? If so, maybe the track coach would have some ideas.

Our local park & rec offers jogging groups and walking/hiking groups…maybe yours does as well.

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If there’s an independent running shoe store in your area, check to see if they have a bulletin board.

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Join a running club. Go to group workouts a few times and see if you find some running buddies.

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Hello, again, all! I moved away to a big town with more running groups than square miles. Thank you, though, for all your wonderful suggestions!

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@jetblondie Get your running shoes on then & partay! :D Thank you for the update!

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