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Are game show contestants screened for their willingness to act goofy?

Asked by tedibear (19324points) June 11th, 2011
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Or should that be “goofily”?

Somehow this evening, we have landed on the Game Show Network for some of our evening’s television viewing. I am amazed at how giddy, silly, goofy and ridiculous these people are! I wouldn’t mind being on a game show, but I don’t think I could act like that!

Are they told by the producers to act that way? Are you as a viewer entertained by these antics?

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Yeah….sure seems like it. That’s why I could NEVER be a contestant. I’m not willing to get up and act like an ass.

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I remember reading (years ago) that in screening sessions before they’re picked, contestants are selected in part for their expressive behavior. Excitement breeds excitement. Over-the-top reactions are part of the entertainment.

I don’t see the shows, so I don’t know if everyone acts like that, but it stands to reason that audiences don’t want to see how calm, quiet, and controlled the contestants can be. For some reason people seem to like to watch others make fools of themselves.

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I was a contestant on a game show once, and indeed we were asked/instructed to be lively and enthusiastic.
Since i was quite a boring guy then it was not easy to follow their wish, but in the end, in the introduction chat, i even fabricated some hobbies that were not mine.
The nerves also can make people act slightly goofy i believe.

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In a word: yes.

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A friend of mine was auditioning to get on Family Feud, and was told that only the excited, demonstative families make it.

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That’s because they have to entertain ^^

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I believe they’re plucked from the local giggle factory at random. Bless, they don’t get out much!
“I’m Popeye the sailor man!” ;¬}

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Thanks, all! I think @ucme is right about selecting people from the local giggle factory!

@rebbel – I can’t imagine that you’re boring! What hobbies did you fabricate?

I wonder if anyone has ever done the audition, been chosen based on their “goofy factor,” then been calm and normal while on the show?

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Probably. For Price is Right, they do a quick interview with everyone in the audience, ask where you’re from, what you do, that’s about it. I guess whoever they get the best vibes from gets picked. Hmmf.

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@tedibear Well, most contestants had hobbies like kite surfing, bungee jumping and para sailing so my crossword puzzling and reading were a bit less jaw dropping, i was afraid.
I came up with playing the bass guitar, specialism: the blues.I lied, i only owned a bass guitar

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A friend of a friend is a psychologist that evaluates would be contestants for reality shows.

It’s all very interesting…

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