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What are the most odd and interesting things you've seen walking or driving down the street?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27049points) June 12th, 2011
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I once saw a man walking down the street while wearing a hat with his pet Chiuaua in it. Then there were these two blind guys walking with one of them leading, holding the other guy’s hand. The blind leading the blind, you see? So do you have any odd, interesting and funny thing that you saw while walking or driving down the street? Thanks! : )

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A guy riding his bike down a park bike path with his cat perched on his shoulder.

A couple of people taking their dogs for a walk… along with their chicken, which was also on a collar and leash.

A dude who used to hang out in Santa Fe Plaza with a dog, a cat, and a mouse. He was demonstrating how the animals could coexist peaceably.

A dude with a trike-styled bicycle who has it outfitted a with PVC frame so that his five exotic birds can ride around town with him. He also wears an Easy Rider helmet.

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In Temecula, CA I saw a cowboy on a horse , with a lasso, chasing another horse down the street at full speed. Neither stopped for the red lights! Luckily, the horse then ran off the street into a field, the cowboy in hot pursuit.

Temecula is intense suburbia bordered by farmland, so this isn’t quite as weird as it sounds.

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I was on my deck and some guy was riding a bike. A truck went past him and next thing you know dude was on the ground. We thought he’d been hit. We ran to help. Well, dude was just having a hard time drinking three beers (on top of the 50 Jack and Cokes he’d apparently already had) and riding his bike at the same time….

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I was walking across a bridge one morning, and down below some cops were chasing a barefoot shirtless guy around the tables of an empty riverside cafe.

Kind of cartoon-like. Guy goes left around some empty tables, cops shift left. Then guy goes right, they go right. Then guy goes left…

And then guy breaks and dives into the river! I had to get to work, I have no idea what the outcome was.

Also, at almost the same spot I saw a work crew lowering a diver into the river with a round brass helmet and lead boots and canvas outfit. Like a Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea character, I had no idea they still used that stuff.

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I saw Abraham Lincoln last weekend standing on the sidewalk talking to some people.

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The fat naked lady directing traffic outside the Greyhound bus station in LA was a weird for me…no one else there though seemed to notice or GAS.

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Wait! I saw Big Bird and Snuffalopogus and everybody from Sesame street last year!!

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Pardon me @Dutchess_III but it’s Mr. Snuffleupagus. : )

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LO sorry! Out toward the country there is a harvest machine. It has a chute that the grain shoots out of. Well, somebody put a mannequin in the there, head first, just the legs sticking out! I’ve been meaning to get a picture for you guys, but I keep forgetting.

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WAIT! We had a cattle stampede down Main street once! Well….it wasn’t exactly “cattle”. It was only one cow. And she wasn’t exactly stampeding. She was just walking. Because she was in parade. But they ADVERTISED it as a cattle stampede. I was disappointed.

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Last April i was sitting outside a bar on a square in my hometown when suddenly i saw a beer on my table.

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Some old dude on a unicycle in the middle of the night…XD

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A really big booty black lady with her shorts pulled up so high and tight that junk was almost showing…and all the cellulite and fluidity of the whole ensemble….I couldn’t look away.shudders

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In my town there’s this car that looks EXACTLY like a giant waggon. Like the little red child waggons. It’s so cool. :)

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Saw some dude put on deodorant while he was driving…it was awkward to watch

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Just the other day, I saw a guy clipping his nose hairs in his car while he was at a stoplight on 8th Avenue.

I’ve seen all sorts of weird stuff just walking around in NYC.

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My brother canoeing down our street in Las Vegas during a thunderstorm/flash flood.

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About 2:30 a.m. the night before the Pride Parade in San Francisco many years ago, I saw a man with a mustache walking down the center divide on Market Street wearing a Wonder Woman costume with red sequin high heel shoes. But one of his heels was broken, and he was pretty drunk, and every step he was up/down/up/down.

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I’m not that person who sees weird people walk down the street. I am the person who does those weird things.
If you ever happen to see a girl walking down the street with a cat on her shoulder, or wearing an English hat with jeans… you know it’s me.

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In Oxford I once saw a lady walking a meerkat on a leash in the city centre. It was so odd… but then again anything is normal at Oxford.

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Oh oh also in Oxford saw an exact replica of the Mystery Machine (from Scooby Doo). Even managed to get a photo with it :D

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@zenvelo Lol that gave me a good laugh ..still laughing.

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I’ve been the oddity more often than not. haha

I have had my geese in the front seat of my car in a tall wicker laundry basket going to the vet, heads looking out the window and other drivers laughing.

I take my gander to the local lake and river for swimming and we are quite the sight.

I have also had a 150 lb. goat in the backseat going to UC Davis vet school for a goat goiter.

“Gaylord” hanging his head out the window on the freeway practically causing a pile up from other drivers staring. lol

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When I purchased my first Nigerian Dwarf goat does, we stopped on the way home at a gas station near the LA airport. That did draw quite a number of lookers!

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Us slightly eccentric animal lovers. ;-)

Are they the same as the fainting goats?

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No, they are miniature dairy goats.

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Gaylord was a monster, a Nubian/Alpine x

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The Queen of England graced the Square below last summer for a ceremony.
Her motorcade motorcade was extremely well secured, appropriate for a visiting head of state type. We were instructed to keep our windows closed.

The roads that could access the location of the ceremony were blocked off nearby by pairs of Sanitation Department dumptrucks, loaded with sand. At the spot Her Majesty’s car would enter the two trucks had been backed up to each other to span the street. As the motorcade approached these big dumptrucks both moved away from the center very precisely then closed back up just as deftly after they passed. And again when HM was leaving. It was magnificent.
For anyone else only one or the other of the trucks had been moving.

—-—-—-—-—— -

Some of the cranes they bring through this neighborhood are incredible, For a recently built apartment building the construction crane was built by four other cranes that occupied an intersection for a weekend while they built the construction crane. The big crane came on truck after truck of huge pieces, each of which barely fits on the road one per truck. At the end of the weekend the four builder cranes were gone and just the construction crane with it’s cab at initial height around 80 feet. It will ratchet itself straight up with new sections as the top of the building reaches toward 47 stories.
When the building was finished they did it in reverse, an astounding feat of engineering and logistics. Within a few weeks the massive concrete platform that supported the crane had been jackhammered apart.

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@dabbler I think I know what you mean by that enormous massive gigantic behemoth of a crane! I saw one built and used and always thought about the operator climbing up there every morning and also the fact that I’m sure he has a toilet up there somewhere but I could not seem to detect its exact location.

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@Cruiser The fat naked lady directing traffic outside the Greyhound bus station in LA was a weird for me…no one else there though seemed to notice or GAS
Maybe they were chubby chasers and getting off on it, or the thought of bacon came to mind and they were off for a bacon burger on a Kaiser roll.

@ woodcutter A really big booty black lady with her shorts pulled up so high and tight that junk was almost showing…and all the cellulite and fluidity of the whole ensemble….I couldn’t look away.shudders
Oh NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I got A VISUAL, damn you!! ~~

I have seen a lot of freaky things; most are purged from memory within a week. One I can remember is I was at a BART station in SF and there was this guy was sitting on a bench just outside, and like one of those bobbing birds in a glass, he would lean over, vomit what look to be clear water, then sit back up straight. Then in about 20 seconds, he would repeat the process, and he kept doing it for the minute or so I was waiting for the light. Another time I am riding with one of the brethren, and we pass the patio of a Mexican restaurant and some woman is standing there facing the wall with her slacks and undies around her ankles.

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Oh…that brought back a best-forgotten memory. My now-ex and I were driving through a rougher part of Wichita back in ‘82 or so. We had our 4 year old daughter with us. It was after dark. In a residential neighborhood we came upon a scene. There was a cop car, lights flashing, parked in the oncoming lane. The headlights highlighted a heavy-set, naked, black lady standing square in front of the car, masturbating with a scarf or something. What a mix of emotions, shock, disgust, pity…...

Thanks Obama.

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