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What types of answers on Fluther tend to annoy you?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) June 15th, 2011
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I’m not directing this question at anyone, just to be clear XD But of course, there must be some answers you see on Fluther that just grind your gears. I’m not saying that any Jellies are annoying, but we all must’ve given an answer that rubbed somebody the wrong way at some point. Likewise, I’m sure we’ve all read/received our fair share of them as well. What type of answers do you see that really annoy you?

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yes…. Ones where people are trying to tell of all their experiences as opposed to answering the question.
those kind of answers really bug me.

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Religious/atheist questions I tend to avoid like the plague.

crap, I read that as questions not answers.

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Ooyah! I get annoyed when I put a lot of thought into my point and try to make it as clear as possible, then the next poster responds to my comment completely different than how I meant it to be, then the subsequent discussions discuss that poster’s misunderstood version of my point. Twice I tried to clarify, but then it comes back that I’m defensive or no, that’s not what you said (like I’m not astute enough to know what I meant?) No way to stop that train. What I do is just simply stop following because it’s immensely annoying.
Also, I can’t stand circular reasoning. I don’t think there’s anything more inane.
@Jude, I think I’ll take your lead!

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Single, one word answers that don’t actually answer the question, or add little real assistance, or that is so obvious that _everybody_knows that is is technically correct, but still doesn’t add anything or help the OP.

Like if someone asked, “What goes really good with fried chicken, is easy to prepare and will feed a lot of people for a potluck?” Answer: salad.

Well no kidding, but what kind of salad? What are the ingredients? How much should I make for a crowd?

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@Jude I agree, so much…
I hate answers that completely disregard the question you asked. Like, completely. As in, you ask something along the lines of “What is your favorite thing about blank?” and you get a response along the lines of “I don’t really care for blank because of the stick lodged in my ass.”


I hate those answers from people who try to “correct” you into “their way of thinking”, or who try to go against you just because your answer doesn’t sit well with them. I don’t mind constructive criticism, but not every answer I give needs a rebuttal. Some members in this community are “overly sensitive” and “touchy” when you just want to express your opinion. And it’s usually the “lefty, politically correct” people who are the most unnecessarily “verbose” and long-winded.

I also don’t like those answers which don’t serve any purpose or answer the question inappropriately. For example “What kinds of food are healthy for your bones?” Answer: “I don’t eat healthy foods.” If you don’t have a contributive answer, don’t answer at all, or give an answer that is “smart-alecky”.

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I get annoyed when people ask about health, veterinary or dental issues, and instead of any answers, some people say to “go the doctor”, which already goes without saying.

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I don’t like answers that use a lot of quotation marks.


Or answers that try to use this site as a place for grammatical lessons and ad hoc corrections! My are we touchy.

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Holy smokes, there are so many straight out annoying answers I would not know where to start.
• Answers that don’t stay on point.
• Answers that is disrespectful and condescending.
• Answers where the answerer tries to inject what was never in the question, guess because they didn’t take time to read it.
• Answers that are closed-minded and no logic to support why it is.
• Answers that make no attempt to address the question in the spirit the question was made.
• Answers that allow emotion to drive the car over logic.

Those would be on the ‘A’ list.

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Answers that don’t actually answer the question. Answers that ignore what the OP asks and instead use the question as a means of imposing their opinion on the asker. As in the whole “Q: What is the best PC laptop? A: Macs are better” thing that has occurred in the past.

Answers that say things like “I’m not going to answer because everyone will attack my conservative views”. Okay, we get it. You’re a poor persecuted Christian conservative and no one will listen to your quiet voice among the noisy heathen crowd and so it’s time to play the martyr game. Answers like that just seem to be a way of getting attention, as far as I’m concerned.

Answers that say things like “by the way, it’s whom”. Unless the grammar or spelling error makes the question ambiguous or difficult to understand, I don’t think answers like that are necessary or contribute anything. And yes, that includes even if they are in whisper text.

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Not much, short of blatant ignorance, hyperbole or otherwise down to the last of a few crippled brain cells.

Everyone assimilates and perceives and communicates in their own way.

I am good at intuiting and reading between the lines, and asking directly for clarification.

I don’t sweat the small stuff, but I DO look for some measure of intellect and rationality.

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The ones where not only is the question not answered, but it’s invariably from someone who you never interact with & yet they seem extremely keen on raising their heads solely to criticise & snipe. Doesn’t actually annoy me, rather makes me giggle, but there you go.

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I agree with nearly all of the above with one exception . . .

@Kraigmo There are many folks who ask medical or veterinary questions about what may appear to be mild symptoms yet to a person with a medical background, the questions provoke alarm bells about the significance of the symptom taken in context of the other information in the question. In addition, as a reader of the question, one never knows the age or medical savvy of the person asking. In good faith, if I read such a question, every instinct I have tells me the person needs medical attention (sometimes promptly).

I would be inclined to encourage folks not to ASK questions about medical things on a site like this, rather than to be annoyed by some of us who will encourage the OP to seek medical attention. Not everyone knows which signs and symptoms are dangerous . . .

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Like what @MRSHINYSHOES said.

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The ones where people

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@DominicX Answers that don’t actually answer the question. Answers that ignore what the OP asks and instead use the question as a means of imposing their opinion on the asker.

That is the one that irks me the most.

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Usually answers in music questions such as, but not limited to
“I hate rap! It’s not even music! ” >implying you know anything about music
“Yay Beatles!”
“Boo Lady gaga/Justin Bieber/anyone who’s popular!!!”
You do know that the Beatles were the Justin Biebers of the 50s-60s? /trollface.jpg
I mean it’s great that you like the beatles and everything, but to worship them like they created rock music? Haha OH WOW.

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Attempts at humor that fail miserably or don’t make any sense.

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Bad grammar and spelling are big pet peeves of mine. Luckily we don’t see many here because of the strict rules regarding such matters.

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Answers where people totally try to discredit what you say with their opinions. Drives me nuts.

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Not a real annoyance but i don’t like answers that direct you to this (when the question was: Can you show me something nice to up my mood?), instead of; Here, have a balloon!
I want to know where you lead me.
I do it myself too, by the way…., bad bad rebbel.

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Oh, also, when I’m answering and discussing a question in general and the OP tries to remind me it’s general. Yeah, thanks, I’m aware.

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The ones where they try to sell you something.

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Answers at the end of threads where the poster says “I didn’t read any of the other responses but…” and proceeds to give an answer that was already given or one that no longer makes sense because the OP has clarified the question with details within the thread.

FFS. Why not just go talk to your mirror if you only want to get your own opinion out there?

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It takes more than floofy answers to annoy me. ;)

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I really get annoyed when people correct someone’s spelling mistakes or grammar, (or comment on it through some smartass remark, even worse) and otherwise completely ignore the question. Not much phases me, but that one really gets on my tits.

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@Symbeline: (So, pet, I shouldn’t mention the difference between faze and phase?)

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@gailcalled I actually laughed out loud!

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Answers longer than 12 lines. (maybe that’s my short attention span, but there you are.)

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@gailcalled Yeah I knew something like that was gonna happen. And I ain’t your damn pet.

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I hate answers where people automatically make assumptions and don’t try to fully understand what is going on. I also hate blatant ignorance. Those are the only two things that can really make my blood boil. I can overlook the rest of the slightly annoying responses.

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Few, if any. I just move to a more informative answer, for me. There are almost always a few gems, and sometimes they may not be the most popular.

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Those damn [mod says] ones. :p

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^^someone has been drinking Rolling Rock. teehee

love ya auggie…...xoxo

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Not a drop! Yet. Love you, too. <3

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It bothers me when people answer the question title without reading any of the details. Too often, their answer doesn’t make sense or is irrelevant in light of the details. If you don’t have time to read the details, don’t pretend to answer the question.

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@Blueroses I was suffering from that very thing on another question and made a point of coming back and giving you a GA. Why the heck don’t people read the answers that have already been provided?

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Plus sometimes jellies get really annoyed when they have answered a question, quite well and adequately early on, but then another jelly, who has failed to read all of the answers gives practically the same exact answer and then they are the one who gets the lurve and not the first person who said it. Somebody on Fluther gets really ticked off about that, but I can’t remember who it is (it was a female jelly).

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@Kardamom It wasn’t me but that is exactly the thing that just ticked me off and made me come back and give @Blueroses a GA for the response above.

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On the subject of unwittingly repeating answers, I also find people who answer with 15 take- your- pick lists of answers, leaving little for anyone else to answer without repeating. . . a kind of hog-all-the-answers response. I have kind of a sense of , “Oh, oh. I know, I know,” and out spews a bunch of answers. It’s kind of like taking all the cookies on the plate.
I’m pouting because there weren’t any left!

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At least you didn’t ask which questions irritate me. I hate it when people use the word “irritate”, when what they really mean is “annoy”.

But even that doesn’t annoy me to a great degree.

I haven’t read all of the other responses, but I have a great story to tell…

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