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What is the name of this 40's (?) movie? About an affair?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) June 18th, 2011
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I hope someone can help me out with this as I am drawing a total blank. I think it was made in the 1940’s but it could have been earlier (or later for that matter.)

I want to say it starred Leslie Howard, Joseph Cotton or someone like that. ( I may be totally off here.)

It’s a movie about two married people (I think?) and they meet at a train station. It’s in black and white. I won’t give the plot here because I don’t want to write a spoiler. I just know that they meet at a train station cafe (perhaps?) and this is how the affair starts.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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a few more details might be nice
Is it a romance? A thriller? A mystery?

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Is it September Affair ?
This link has a list of all of Joseph Cotten’s movies

This has Leslie Howard’s.

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Edited… Brief Encounter

I love this movie. With Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard play the couple who meet at the train station.

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It is the original version of Sleepless in Seattle. An Affair to Remember is the remake of September Affair and Sleepless in Seattle is based on September Affair. I loved all of those movies.

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@Bellatrix…..Yes…“Brief Encounter”! That’s it! Thank you! ( I knew there was a Howard in there somewhere!) Thank you sooooooooo much. I had this movie in my head and could not remember the name of it!

Thanks to ALL of you for posting…now I have some more movies to add to my list of old recommended films…...lurve coming to all….!!

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Side note: An Affair to Remember is a remake of Love Affair, not September Affair. Two very different movies.

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I knew it was one of those @filmfann. Thanks for the correction.

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They desire each other and try to consummate the relationship, but being a movie from just after the end of WWII, morality wins. So there is no affair, just a lot of googly-eyes and lusting in their hearts.

It has to be Brief Encounter.

An Affair to Remember is another classic tear-jerker, made in 1957 but with a completely different theme and dénoument. Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.:

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Don’t worry about a spoiler, you are asking us so you presume we already know the movie.

More details needed. Any one of a million movies could possibly be the answer.

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@perspicaciousuh, I just said that I had found the movie above? Did you not see that?

And the spoiler I didn’t want to put in was for _other _people who had not seen the movie yet…but that’s okay because @gailcalled just filled everyone in!! lol!

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Well I feel absolutely cheated !!.. I had the PERFECT name that would describe that movie.. But… Someone gave you the answer.. which wasn’t what.. I.. was.. thinking?.. uh, .. never mind.

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Brief Encounter, not my bag but immediately recognisable by your description.

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