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What is your opinion on the antisec movement that is happening?

Asked by Silence04 (4713points) June 20th, 2011
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Today was the start of a digital world war. Non for profit hacker groups have teamed up to target government agencies and profiteering gluttons in hopes to seek out and reveal their corruption to the public. They are fighting for freedom of the Internet world wide. What is your opinion on this movement?

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Their idealism is admirable, but they often seem to be rather adolescent and counter-productive in their efforts.

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I don’t think it’s a digital war just yet. Although the number of incidents are increasing but still, I can sit at my computer and type this. As of now.

Can the anti-sec movement have a more productive goal? Yes.

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One could only hope that their writing would be at least more interesting than the government newspeak and double-speak that they purport to overthrow. Judging solely by the wording of the question, I’d better not hold my breath.

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