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Help me identify this figure (see image)

Asked by longtresses (1334points) June 22nd, 2011
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Who is this figure/deity/angel/person? I’m not sure if s/he has wings or not, but definitely has a short hair and is holding a sword.

Thank you! It’s the only photo I have, snapped from camera phone.

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I would’ve said it looks like the Archangel Michael because he holds a sword, but I can’t really tell. I know angels look pretty asexual so I can’t really go based on the fact that it looks more feminine. Could also be Lucifer, since I seen him more with short hair than I do Michael. There is too much detail missing from the picture for more to guess appropriately.

It seemed that there was a laurel wreath on the bottom portion which could change everything. It does look a bit Greek. If that’s the case it could be Artemis seeing as Athena always had armor. Artemis is usually more often depicted with a bow or a staff/spear. I’ve seen Artemis figures with swords, but I can’t be too sure on this as well.

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@Ajulutsikael Awesome, thank you.

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My first thought was Joan of Arc.

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You might be over thinking this. It could just be an image the guy thought looked cool.

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These photos are pretty blurry

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It looks somewhat like Liberty from the Statue of Freedom that sits atop the US Capitol. She is holding a sword and the laurel wreath of victory. Usually the sword is sheathed. It could also be the figure from the Soldiers National Monument in Gettysburg National Military Park.

The laurel wreath represents victory, triumph or longevity.

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I thought it looked like one of the Thomas Nast depictions of Justice.

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I thought it was Athena, but she’s not wearing a helmet. So, my opinion goes with @Ajulutsikael , it’s Archangel Micheal.

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Looks like Michael to me, also.

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