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Anyone know of a good singing telegram in Boston, MA?

Asked by Wine3213 (1118points) June 22nd, 2011
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I’m looking for a singing telegram for my 1 year anniversary. I don’t want a joking kind of thing, I want something a little more romantic.

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I live in Boston, but I have never sent or received a singing telegram, so I can’t answer that. If you know where you want it delivered, search the location on Google Maps. Click the little balloon that comes up over the street adress and then click Search Nearby. Look for Singing Telegrams. You shoud find the closest, and also reviews that might suggest which are good.

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Says that they’re the first singing telegram co. in the US. Since 1971.

Most of these types of services are geared more toward humor rather than serious (law of supply and demand). By since they claim to be the oldest service of this type, I would imagine they could do romantic if specifically requested.

They do offer the option of tuxedoed performers so that eliminates the likelihood of only being able to choose a balloon clown or other type of less romantic costume character.

I’ve had previous experience with numerous talent agencies and they will do their utmost best to satisfy a client’s request.

The key to getting what you want is asking lots of Qs as to which performers are available, how many years of experience plus how much experience with YOUR particular request.

Also be certain everything is specifically written in the contract in case of last minute substitutions etc. Be very very clear that you want romantic rather than humorous and you should end up with a good experience.

In this type of business most customer dissatisfaction results from lack of communications regarding the specifics (on one side or both).

Another possibility would be a couple of phone inquiries to either the Boston Conservatory of Music or the New England Conservatory in Boston about if there might be some of their students (or graduate students) who are available to hire for custom singing events.

Particularly if you are opera fans, this could also be an option.

I know that when I lived in Philly, one of my housemates was studying in the advanced graduate program at the Curtis and did occasional custom gigs at various types of occasions both large and small. It gave him a nice cash supplement to his meager student’s budget doing what he loved most. He wasn’t the only student there doing this so I gather that people called Curtis for available skilled musicians for all sorts of events from marriage anniv. to Birthday parties or marriages.

This would definitely guarantee you romance rather than silliness as these are dedicated musicians ( plus they need decent musical skills to even be admitted to either of these prestigious schools.

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If it is during the academic year, you might be able to pay a college a cappella group to come serenade your sweetie. There are lots of colleges in the area and they usually have a cappella…

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I agree with the a cappella groups! Go on the college website and you can usually find them. Also, I know the Sounds of Concord male barbershop choir. It’s a little out of Boston, but I’ll bet they’d be interested.

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Thank you for all the great suggestions.

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@Wine3213 If it’s not too much to ask, please let me know your choice and how it turns out. Living here, I’d like to know the answer to this definitive question too.

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