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Why do Hostess cupcakes, ding dongs, and ho hos not taste the same?

Asked by Allie (17536points) June 29th, 2011
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They’re all chocolate cake and filling treats, so why do their tastes vary?
.... Or maybe it’s just me. I don’t think they taste the same. Specifically, the ding dong chocolate coating seems more… chocolatey – like the chocolate on the mini donuts. The ho ho chocolate seems thinner and not as rich. And the cupcake chocolate topping is nothing like the previous two.
What’s your take?

P.S. – I should probably stop eating Hostess products if I’m to the point where I notice things like this…

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Different amounts of chocolate. Use of chocolate “fudge” instead of chocolate.

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Different amounts of chocolate as well as other ingredients. There are a million different ways to make frosting and cake, all with slight variations. And yep, you can taste the difference.

Same thing with other foods. I LOVE chicken mahkani (indian food) and have had it at over 7 different Indian restaurants. guess what? they ALL taste slightly different despite having the same ingredients, about.

I vote for those hostess chocolate cupcakes!!!

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Have you been smoking reefer, Allie?

Also, I third what ^they said.

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I’ll agree with the intelligent two jellies who posted first and add my own two cents: holy shit, you gotta lot of Hostess stuff over there now? I’m omw.

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Different recipes, because the products were developed by different people at different times. Once their markets were established, it would have been unwise to change the recipe.
Just like the people up there said.

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Because you no longer have the palate of a 5 year old.

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All of the above, and the fact that it is also probably pretty fake, too. Things are put in them to make them have more taste/be more appealing to taste.

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Different kinds of icing. You use different kinds of preperations to make different kinds of icing, different kinds of sugar, make different textures, and the flavoring is different too. Baking remember is chemistry on a basic level. They may seem the same but they’re not.

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