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When you pay for something with a credit card, do you toss it across the counter to the cashier/clerk?

Asked by Neizvestnaya (22667points) July 2nd, 2011
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Is this a typical male thing?
Is it supposed to be a “bigshot’s” move?

Once a month I cashier for our store and notice (so far) only men have this thing to toss their cards across the counter at me which I think is very boorish. What says fluther?

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I know exactly what you’re talking about, because I was a cashier for a long time. I’ve noticed the same thing.
No, I do not do this. How rude!

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Sounds very rude. If I were the cashier, I’d ask the person to hand me their card. I’m not much for rudeness.

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I place it on the counter giving it an exaggerated tap with my finger. No tossing though, as my mother always said, “never throw your money away son.” Wise words indeed ;¬}

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No, I hand people my card. If I were a cashier and someone threw a card at me, I’d say something like “did that card offend you” or “I suppose you’ll be paying some other way, then, since you tried throwing your card into my garbage bin.”

Yes, I know. My big mouth means I’d never last long in a retail job.

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No. I don’t. It is rude and smacks of attitude.

I have a little local tourist market run by a very sweet middle aged Korean couple.

I have observed for a long time how graciously he presents me my receipt.

It is very cute.

He pulls it off the machine and does this sort of sweeping presentation,one hand over the other sorta thing and lays it gently in your palm,
like a waiter presenting a bottle of wine. lol I think it is so gracious and nice, makes me smile every time. :-)

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I have never done that and, thankfully, no one has ever done that to me. How rude.

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Doing that is douchebaggery and it could bounce off the counter and make the person have to dig around on the floor to get it costing time and making others in line wait longer. I have yet to see anyone do that but I’m sure it happens.

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True story. Just remembered

I hostessed in a local winery/ B&B in my community years ago.
My duties aside from pouring and fraternizing with the patrons in the tasting room were also cashiering. Once this snobby guy threw his card at me and it slid across the wine bar and disappeared.

I searched high and low, he was becoming more and more rude and impatient, as if I pocketed his card. Finally after about 5 minutes of searching behind the bar and everywhere with no luck I just happened to glance at the wall behind the bar.

The building was a lodge style log design, with log walls with cement chinking.

Just by CHANCE I noticed the edge of something protruding form the wall between the chinking in the logs and, lo and BEHOLD the tossed card had somehow managed to wedge itself between two logs!
Hope that taught the guy a lesson, but, I doubt it. lol

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I think it is disrespectful. I always have to correct my husband when he pays cash he will lay it on the counter, and I tell him to hand it to the cashier. This isn’t vegas for goodness sake. Would anyone throw their credit card down if they were handing it to their mother? Cashiers should be treated like people.

On the same note while I am bitching about this I will take the time to bitch about cashiers who hand back paper dollars before coins. Coins first please, the coins are more likely to slide right of the bills if you put them on top in my hand. Coins first in my palm, then the dollars. Geesh.

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@Coloma: I usually take a step back and just look them in the eyes a few seconds before looking down to see where the card’s come to rest. Once a man asked me he’d offended me and I said I wasn’t sure but was used to people handing me things as I hand theirs across to them.

@woodcutter: I like the douchebaggery tag!

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@Coloma, I’m amazed that you had to search for the card, while he was growing impatient! It should have been the other way around.

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Have you ever thrown it back after you use it?

It never occurred to me that one might do this. How demeaning. These guys have serious self-esteem problems if they have to demean cashiers in order to make themselves feel better.


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@Neizvestnaya keep it. its yours :)

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I’m so polite that I hand it to them and then thank them for swiping it for me. And then thank them again for giving it back. And then again if they hand me a pen to sign the check.

I think I say thank you too much…

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@wundayatta: However tempting, I haven’t tossed anything back. It irks me when it happens so my mechanism is to slow down, control my voice and make sure I’m being polite enough so they know it’s them that’s a turd.

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If I were the cashier and had a credit card tossed at me, I would look at it and say, “Ooops, you dropped your card.” Then I would wait for them to pick it up and hand it to me.

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@marinelife: One of our cashiers did say something when a man tossed his card at her, “please don’t throw things at me, I’m right here, very close” to which he replied, “don’t give me crap, I’m trying to get outta here!”.

It’s like a nightmare come true here. All the things you make fun of people doing they really do but it’s not funny.

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9/10 times I use a card to pay for things there are those swipey machines, so the clerk never even touches the card.

People are so self-involved, I doubt there is any malice when they toss their cards your way.

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@tinyfaery: I try to look at it that way but that in itself seems rude, kind of like when people refuse to put down the cellys so they can complete their business transaction. I’m a harsh critic, I don’t like any of it.

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@tinyfaery It doesn’t have to be malicious to be rude or inappropriate. Cashiers are people trying to do a job, not computers programmed to do your bidding. Too many people act like they are entitled to the red carpet treatment whenever they leave their home.

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@SavoirFaire I get that and I agree, but sometimes people have stuff going on in their lives and are distracted. This is never something I would let affect me. Life is too short.

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I think its rude to toss one’s card at a cashier and by the same token I think it’s rude for a cashier to toss a customer’s card back to them. Seriously, some cashier’s can act like you have a plague.
@JLeslie I like my bills first then coins on top which I slide off and pocket them, then put the bills in my purse. If I get the coins first I tend to lose a few.:D

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@tinyfaery: Life is too short to feel like crap over this kind of thing which bums me out because the other girls work as cashiers fulltime. Ick.

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@tinyfaery I wouldn’t let it get to me. But part of that would involve saying what was on my mind when treated like a servant.

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@AmWiser You lose them if the coins are first? Just that you slide them means they are sliding around. I don’t get it. Are you using two hands?

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No…I’m (somewhat overly) conscious about not being rude.

Annoys the hell out of my wife.

Besides…these Baltimore women are quite likely to throw it back. The male cashiers will likely give you a beatdown.

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I agree with @JLeslie on the order of coins and paper… inevitably, I can’t balance the coins on the floppy bills the way the cashier intends, and they scatter. It’s dumb. Give me the change first.

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@Yes, when the cashier puts the coins on top of the bills, I slide them off into my other hand and pocket them or toss into my purse. Force of habit I guess:\

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No I do not. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do it either. I always hand the person my credit card – unless they want me to just swipe it in the machine thingy.

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@AmWiser Still, slide. I mean if it works for you great, but your are the minorty I think. So you don’t put the coins in a wallet? Right? But the bills? The bills go in a wallet?

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@JLeslie Wallet, what wallet…it’s usually at the bottom of my purse somewhere. I normally put my bills in the side pocket of my purse.

Then come to think of it, I usually pay for everything with a debit card because I don’t like carrying money around.

And another thought, handing your card to a cashier these days is almost becoming non-existant since most stores have those slide-your-card thingy on the counter (debit or credit).

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@AmWiser I’m deciding your coins on top doesn’t count cause you are just throwing the money in your purse. LOL. :) :) Official JL decision. You’re right about the fact that we almost never hand a cashier a card anymore. Some stores here in TN still ask to see the card and ID.

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I would never dream of doing something so rude.

When I was about 10 I threw something at my grandfather that my grandmother asked me to give him, and she promptly explained to me that it’s rude to throw things at people.

Even if someone asks me to ‘just toss it’ I will usually walk over and hand to them whatever it is they are requesting.

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@FutureMemory: Same here, I am uncomfortable to toss or throw something when I can manage to hand it over. My grandparents raised me so maybe it’s a depression era and pre depression type of social mannerism that was thrown out with so many other social niceties in the late 60’s and on.

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