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Have you ever heard of this old band?

Asked by ganti_x89 (375points) July 5th, 2011
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If you have why do you like them and enjoy them or why you do not like them?

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I knew a man who said he’d been a member of Enigma with his buddies. They each shared a similar tattoo. This was back in 2006–2007 and he said the band had been not playing for some years.

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Wow. Thanks for the reminder. I forgot about Enigma. I don’t mind the music. I need to be in a mellow mood to listen though.

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Oh yeah, I remember that band. My sister used to play their cd all the time when we were in high school and people still used cds. They had commercials for them on tv all the time; wasn’t there a unicorn running backward in slow motion, and a forest or something? It was real chilled out music, but I think the lady’s breathy voice was a little too much.

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Ah, the return to innocence… yes, enjoyed their album, and still have it somewhere around…

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