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What did you think of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II? * * * SPOILERS INSIDE* * *?

Asked by shrubbery (10311points) July 15th, 2011
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Here are some responses, including mine, on Part I.

I required a second viewing before I wanted to actually comment on too much because I may or may not have been crying through the majority of the movie on the midnight release here in Australia so thought I better see it again in case I missed or misjudged something.

Also I may come back to add to this because I am currently waiting for a friend who hasn’t seen the books to watch the movie and I’d really like to know what she thinks and how well things seem to be explained to her, because it’s hard to judge how confusing it might be for me who has read the books so many times.

I will try to keep it chronological to the movie, unless I start ranting about something.

• Shell Cottage. Done quite well. They easily explained that the sword in Bellatrix’s vault was a fake- but the trio are supposed to know this and tell Griphook this, not the other way around. And we are most definitely not supposed to know that it was Snape who put it there, yet. The conversation with Ollivander… Harry seemed really harsh in the way he was talking to an old man who had been tortured. I know Ollivander’s reverence for Lord Voldemort creeps Harry out but he could have been a bit more delicate. I have to wait back from my friend to finish my conclusion on this though because I want to know whether she understood the whole wand allegiance thing without having read the books. Otherwise this was done well, they spent a lot of time here in the books planning and such but it didn’t need to be shown in the movie and it was the write amount of time on screen I thought.

• Hermione!Bellatrix- awesome job by Helena Bonham-Carter, just the little things like touching her hair and her worried frown and yeah just did really well.

• Gringotts- I understand they didn’t need that extra guy who shows up in the book who knows Bellatrix, and I was happy with the cart and the thieves’ downfall waterfall and inside the vault (though the treasure was supposed to burn I can understand why they wouldn’t bother with this) but, (as Mariah added in the other Q I linked to) it was completely and utterly out of character for them to let the goblin die. He was under Harry’s Imperius spell and we all know it kills Harry inside to have people die for him, so it being completely and utterly Harry’s fault that the goblin is burnt to death is absolutely ridiculous. All we get is a “that’s unfortunate” from Ron, which may be fair enough because he has not been brought up to treat all magical creatures equally, but Harry and Hermione at least have always fought for equality so it’s not like they just let him die because he was a goblin. UGH.

• The dragon escape was pretty cool, though I don’t remember reading in the book about half of Diagon Alley, or the rooves at least, being destroyed and I felt a bit of a pang for that, but hey gotta have lots of destruction in the movie and why not.
• Voldemort’s scene showed how absolutely badass and scary he is and showed how up shit creek the Malfoys were and that they knew it. He figured out that they were killing off Horcruxes and I understand why they would make him realise that the other ones (ring and locket) had been destroyed too in a few seconds rather than spending time showing him going back and checking.

• When the trio climb out of the water after jumping off the dragon… okay… so they never really actually explained the taboo thing with speaking Voldemort’s name in the first one, did they? The snatchers found them differently than in the books and yeah, so for someone who hasn’t read the books it would seem completely odd for Harry to be saying “You Know Who” instead of Voldemort when he’s talking about the vision he just had.
• THE INVISIBILITY CLOAK. I said before in the Part I question about how they had hardly used it or talked about it, because maybe they were waiting for the big reveal moment in Part II that it is one of the Hallows. But again I noticed the lack of screen time/mentions. I feel, though again I am waiting on a source for this, that if you hadn’t read the books it would not be immediately obvious that the invisibility cloak that Harry possesses is the exact one of the Three Brother’s story. Yeah. They didn’t even use it to apparate into Hogsmeade. That just seems plain stupid to me.

• Aberforth and Dumbledore. This makes me rather angry. Why even bother introducing the book about Albus by Rita Skeeter in Part I, if they weren’t even going to explain it in Part II? They did not even mention Grindelwald or the duel or what happened in Godric’s hollow or how Dumbledore is flawed and all of this helps Harry come to the realisation of what he has to do, even before he looks into the pensieve with Snape’s memories. I just… ugh. I liked the back-story, but I understand that it was not completely necessary for Harry’s story and the movies, but, as I said, why bother introducing it in the first place then? As far as I recall they didn’t even talk about the duel between Grindelwald and Dumbledore so how are those who haven’t read the books supposed to know how Dumbledore became the master of the wand? Tell me if I’m wrong here and they did mention it, but I can’t think of when it would have been. They could have just made them find out another way instead of half-assing Aberforth’s explanation and completely fucking up Dumbledore in Harry’s Kings Cross. It’s times like that when I really resent Michael Gambon for refusing to read the books. In Harry’s King’s Cross it seems like he doesn’t care. He is kind of rude and sarcastic. He is supposed to cry and explain himself and apologise. I understand that if the screenplay/script were different to the book it would not have made a difference to what Michael Gambon says but at least he could have conveyed the emotional aspect of it a bit better? I don’t know.

• Return to Hogwarts. I LOVE NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM. Loved that everyone was there in the room of requirement and stuff, loved the humour in these scenes. But for some reason the music seemed a bit out of place for me. I understand that they wanted to play the special recognisable Hogwarts music for when they come back and that it was a sort of happy occasion to be reunited with everyone but considering the gravity of the situation it just seemed a bit off to me.

• I don’t mind them leaving out the Carrows and the clusterfuck in the Ravenclaw tower that happened in the book. McGonagall defending Harry from Snape was epic and I loved that they made Snape only use defensive spells, he never even tried to attack her back. I wonder if maybe that, and the hint at Snape putting the fake sword in the vault were put in so the people who hadn’t read the books might start postulating at Snape’s intents. FILCH! Hahaha. Definitely needed that humour in there. HOWEVER. I did not like at all, AT ALL, McGonagall telling him to take the Slytherins to the dungeon. This was when they needed to evacuate the underage students and allow the Slytherins to choose their loyalty. One of the main points of the entire series is that there is no black and white- there are millions of shades of grey and people are capable of both good and bad things etc etc. Just because you are in Slytherin does not necessarily mean you side with Voldemort. Look at Regulus etc. So I was disappointed in them making McGonagall say that.

• Helena Ravenclaw. This irked me, there was so much unnecessary time wasting in this scene. If they were going to spend so much time with her DO IT PROPERLY and maybe even tell her story about the Bloody Baron, I really enjoyed that in the book. The dialogue they had was stupid, I thought.

• Chamber of Secrets. VOLDEMORT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO FEEL THE HORCRUXES DYING. OTHERWISE HE WOULD HAVE FIGURED IT OUT WHEN HARRY DESTROYED THE DIARY IN BOOK 2 OR WHEN DUMBLEDORE DESTROYED THE RING IN BOOK 6 OR WHEN THEY DESTROYED THE LOCKET ;aksf;kjlsf;ldjksf as you can see this made me very angry. I understand the dramatic effect of having a giant Voldemort face coming towards you (maybe added for the 3D) but at the cost of gaping loopholes in the plot? I don’t think so. The Ron/Hermione kiss was great though, and it was cute that they laughed after, even though I wish Ron had said the house elf thing and Harry had been there to be the awkward third wheel.

• SPEAKING OF ELVES. I wish they had come out for the battle. I’m sure I said it before but I feel like they diminish the seemingly little things for the movies when actually they add up to be the most important things in the books. The equality of magical creatures, it would have been a huge deal for Elves and Wizards to be fighting along side each other, and that was one of the things I felt JK Rowling was really pushing in the books.

• Anyway, moving on to THE ROOM OF REQUIREMENT. I really liked this scene. They pretty much stuck exactly to the book and Tom Felton as Draco was amazing and it showed how the fire got out of control and yeah, good stuff. “THAT’S MY GIRLFRIEND YOU NUMPTY” = many laffs. Afterwards though, it wouldn’t have taken two seconds to say something like “Fiendfyre, it can destroy Horcruxes too” rather than using another Basilisk fang. They really, really overused the fangs. AGAIN. VOLDEMORT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO FEEL IT. Just a note here, my first viewing I was annoyed that Harry told Ron and Hermione that he was going to the forest. He wasn’t supposed to because obviously they were going to try to stop him, and to not do so was out of character. HOWEVER. On the second viewing, I noticed that after Harry says that the snake is a Horcrux, they focused on Hermione’s face for a few seconds longer than was strictly necessary, and she pulled a very pained, odd kind of face and first I thought it was just weird but then I read something on tumblr and on the second viewing agreed with that person that maybe for the movie, this was the point in which Hermione, the brightest witch of her age, realised that Harry was a Horcrux and that he would need to die. Thinking about this, I do think it was maybe an insult to her intelligence that JK didn’t let Hermione realise it in the books, and far out when he tells them he’s going and Hermione says “I’ll come with you” BROKE MY HEART. More that it was already shattered at that point.

• I just thought of something that I’m not sure where to put chronologically, but PERCY. WHERE WAS HIS TRIUMPHANT RETURN? (And Neville’s Grandma :P ) But I mean you see him later standing with Mr Weasley but I think his coming through the portrait and everything was so important, and fuck but they downplayed Fred’s death too much, I mean… alskdjfkfds;fdsakl it should have been on screen and he should have been laughing at Percy and… actually, maybe not, I cried enough as it was.

• The battle sequence while the trio were trying to get to the boat shed (since when did Hogwarts have a rowing team? :P ) was effective and heart breaking but I felt like again the music was out of place. It was slow and sad music and I understand the dramatic effect this has like after a bomb goes off everything goes silent and stuff but I don’t know in this instance it just didn’t seem to fit to me.

• SNAPE. SNAPE SNAPE SNAPE. OH ALAN RICKMAN YOU BEAUTIFUL MAN. I heard a rumour that his death was going to be different than in the books, a bigger deal made out of it and I was really looking forward to it. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. I was actually blown away. The bit about Lily’s eyes, ugghhhhh. Then the flashbacks were just beautiful. Excellently done, emotionally and I think explanation-wise too. But once again need to wait for my non-reader friend for another opinion on that one. But yes. The only thing that would have made this better is that if Dumbledore’s past had been explained more to compliment the whole Snape realising Dumbledore’s “greater good” and “raised for the slaughter” thing.

• Forest. MY CREYS ARE INFINITE. Loved this scene in the book and I think they did well at transferring across. Except that I really feel that they downplayed the whole Hallows thing, through the whole movie actually. Like they had the tale of the three brothers in Part I but as I said before it didn’t seem readily obvious that Harry’s cloak was the cloak and they didn’t explicitly explain about the ring and resurrection stone. I feel that someone who hadn’t read the books might not get this, then again they might not need to get this, I don’t know. I will find out. But yeah, Harry was supposed to be wearing the cloak and holding the stone as he arrives at Voldemort’s clearing, and then the wand gets explained in King’s Cross and in the duel at the end. I loved Narcissa Malfoy’s bit.

• King’s Cross. Loved the visuals, and I was pleasantly (well, sort of, if you get me) surprised that they put the disgusting, bloody Voldemort baby thing in. I wasn’t sure if they would because it would be too graphic but they did and I am glad because it really hits home the emphasis that for all his power Voldemort really is just pathetic because he can’t love. Not enough explanation/emotion from Dumbledore etc, see my point above.

• Okay from this point onwards there’s not much that I’m happy about, to be honest. The weird laugh thing, wtf? THE HUG? WTF. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK. I understand it is funny, but I really don’t think humour was required at that point- and for anyone who’s read the books it’s an insult because it is a completely and utterly ridiculous thing for Voldemort to have done. WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE EVER HUG SOMEONE? He knows no affection whatsoever. Even with Bellatrix he treats her like shit really. So yeah. I love the Malfoys just turning and walking away though. I love that Draco is a mummy’s boy, I love Lucius’ last look at the mess he’s left behind but can do nothing about it.

• Neville is supposed to take everyone by surprise and kill Nagini with the sword then and there. OTHERWISE if the snake was still alive while he knew Harry was back alive he would have kept it much closer and protected it, no? Because he knew that Harry knew it was a Horcrux and had to destroy it so Hermione and Ron would have known too and they would have tried to destroy it so if Neville hadn’t just done it quickly then yeah. It wouldn’t have just been strolling around the corridors by itself. They dragged that out so unnecessarily. I’m all for Neville getting his BAMF moment, but they didn’t need all that crap in between.

• ALSO. They didn’t need to drag out Harry/Voldemort’s duel. Actually, not that they didn’t need to, they flat out shouldn’t have. We all know that Harry is not particularly spectacular at magic. Maybe better than Ron, not as good as Hermione and obviously nowhere near as good as the most powerful wizard alive, Voldemort. If it had ever actually been a matter of running around fighting/ casting random spells, obviously Voldemort would have won straight away. Duh. As far as I’m aware Harry hardly mastered casting spells silently, and to be able to defend himself so many times from Voldemort’s spells is out of character. The whole point, each time he’s really come face to face with Voldemort, is to jump out and take him by surprise, and use Expelliarmus (which, if you feel so inclined, can read my rant about in the Part I question). First in the graveyard it was the twin cores thing, then this time it was the Elder wand thing. The stupidness of this fight aggravated me so much. Why the fuck would Voldemort bother kicking and punching Harry (like a muggle?). Why would he give Harry the time to grab his neck and pull him off the edge? Why would he have even let Harry get that close to him? He just wants him dead by now goddammit he doesn’t want to talk or fight. The only reason Harry kept him talking in the duel in the book was because of the wand/spell/connect thing and he had time to. The flying around Hogwarts? Fuck off. Just. Ugh. Harry just needed to surprise Voldemort in the great hall and duel him in front of everybody, while explaining the Elder wand thing, which flies out of voldie’s hand and Harry’s spell reaches him and kills him. And there is a body left. The way it happened in the movie it seemed as though by Neville (finally) killing Nagini, this was what made Voldemort lose his strength and concentration and he fell apart because all of his Horcruxes were gone, NOT because the Elder wand refused to fight against Harry and let Harry’s spell reach him. A;klsjf;lkjsfdlk;adsfjadjkl


• Oh and I forgot to say that the first time I watched it I was starting to get worried that Hagrid might not be in it at all ☹ I think maybe we should have gotten to see him fighting with Grawp and Fang at some point.

• Harry was supposed to fix his own broken wand with the Elder wand before he got rid of it. Small part but important.

• Visiting Dumbledore in his office afterwards? Didn’t really miss it but I guess it could have been a way to explain things that they didn’t explain when they should have.

• The Epilogue. Um okay… it was cheesy but pretty cute. The kids were cute. Dan looked great, Malfoy looked how I would have pictured him from JK’s pretty unflattering description (receding hairline :P ), Ron looked fine… Ginny? Ugh I’m sorry but I hate Bonnie Wright as Ginny. She’s awful. And she looked ridiculous with that hair cut and outfit but the exact same face. She looked like a 12 year old dressing up in her mum’s clothes. And Hermione just looked exactly the same pretty much. I wish they had’ve shown Teddy Lupin. The music at the end was the music they played at the end of the first movie and that had me gushing.
So yeah. Overall I loved it, how could I not? It is Harry Potter, after all. I cried so much. The collar of my t-shirt was soaked through by the end and I was in physical pain with how hard I wanted to cry openly but couldn’t because of how noisy it would be. The silent waterworks were constant from about halfway through until the credits where I then lost control. It really did feel like losing a friend. I think it signifies to a lot of people my age who grew up with the books, about the right ages with the trio as each book came up, the official end to our childhood and now we have to grow up. I just can’t believe there’s not going to be anymore midnight releases or anything. It’s all very surreal.

So feel free to agree, disagree, correct me, attack me, judge me, add to my list, make your own list, just express any kind of feeling towards the movie.

Disclaimer: I’m really, really tired and emotionally drained so if there are spelling and grammar mistakes and stupidly worded sentences and weird word placement I really do apologise.

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Totally a side note and unrelated mostly….. bud was there in fact a Dark Knight Rises trailer attached? I’ve been getting conflicting information from reliable sources.

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Tsk tsk you guys, this is in general! @johnpowell I heard and I’m relieved. And shh. Harry Potter > Masterchef. Sorry but it’s true :P @tedd No, I really was hoping for one but there wasn’t. The midnight release in Aus was on the 13th so when it didn’t appear I thought maybe they had to wait until it was released in the states on the 15th before they would start showing it here too but it wasn’t shown today either.

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Not enough details in your treatise for me to respond in a measured fashion.

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Thank you @shrubbery for that wonderful synopsis and your thoughts.

I loved the movie!
I agree with much of your review. I’m not as emotionally invested as you are, but some things that were important to me;
The fight between Molly and Beletrix, What a relief that they didn’t cut the correctness out of that! Great!

Luna and Neville didn’t disappoint.
I was really looking forward to the epilogue scene. I would have liked to see a bit more detail, but perhaps I will on my second viewing. Harry and Ron looked good, Ginny could have been better, and Hermione needed to look a bit older.

I am anxious to see it again.

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@tedd, I saw a Dark Knight Rises trailer at my midnight showing last night.

@shrubbery Fortunately I hadn’t read the seventh book recently, so the sheer amount of stuff they cut out didn’t hit me too hard: I had forgotten a lot of what was supposed to happen. It didn’t even occur to me until I read your post that they removed so much of the Dumbledore backstory, which was quite important to the book. I can understand that they didn’t want to devote a bunch of time to that, but still disappointing.

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I have never watched a Harry Potter movie.

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I find the movies, so far haven’t seen the last one yet to be very entertaining and true to the book, even though they are little more than a pale outline of the real story.

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@Mariah @shrubbery Yah I found a bootleg of the trailer on youtube about an hour ago. Not sure why it wasn’t on your shrubbery, but if you want to see it I’m sure you can find it online.

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Awesome!!! Made me want to use the term “epic”, and I normally find that to be an overused and misused term when not talking about Greek mythology. On a scale of 9–15, 9 being “Even a cheap person such as myself would spend the money on the DVD”, and 15 being “The best, most flawless movie ever”, a 10. I want to see it several more times in the theatre. And I’ve literally never wanted to shag Daniel Radcliffe more.

Having said that, there were a few things that bugged me, mainly the shoddy writing and/or directing in places. For having the stance that they cut things out to save time, they really wasted time in places for no discernable reason. In the scene where Harry takes the Pensive out, the bowl emerges from the cabinet, and then Harry picks up the bowl and moves it to the table to stick his face in. But why did the bowl have to be set on the table – could he not just stick his face in now that the entire stand had come out of the closet? That’s just three seconds doing nothing but moving a bowl for no reason. In the bank scene with Bellatrix/Hermione, there’s this whole “present identification” thing that doesn’t make any sense. In the book, Hermione presents Bellatrix’s wand, and it’s over with very quickly. Since they already established and reestablished that Hermione has Bellatrix’s wand, why not do the same thing in the bank scene? I don’t mind so much when they go off-book to save time, but when they go off-book and actually extend the scene while cutting other valuable material, that really pisses me off. Or in the fire/diadem scene, they spend 5 minutes (or what seemed that long, who knows) just getting the hell away from the fire. Not only was there too much running away from fire, but they don’t even utilize the entire reason for the fire in the first place – to destroy the diadem without the aid of any other Horcrux destroying tools. So then it’s like, why even have that in there? They spent too much time searching for the diadem in the Room of Requirement, as well as spent too much time convincing Helena Ravenclaw to help given that they didn’t actually add in a whole lot of the Bloody Baron/Albania story. And then there’s the scene where Harry and Voldemort repeatedly lock wands for really long periods of time (does it really need to be more than once, and for that long of a time??), and in the end, it’s not even clear that Voldemort is killed by his own rebounding Avada Kedavra, instead of killed by a curse that Harry cast, which seems like a very crucial part. Nor is there any reason why Harry’s explanation of what happened had to happen over the destroyed bridge the next day, instead of to Voldemort as in the book. So there’s a lot of going off-book not to save time, but (as far as I can tell) because fuck the viewers and fans, that’s why. And I don’t know who’s responsible – I’m tempted to say the director, because I’m just watching HP4 for the first time (I’m about 40 minutes in), and the storytelling is much tighter, with much more details told very well in shorter amounts of time, and the writer for HP4 and HP7(2) is the same, but not the director. But, I am kinda picky – these aren’t the things that would make me discourage anyone from seeing it, just discourage people from nominating it for certain awards (not that the Oscar committee asks for my opinion or anything…). So I wouldn’t hire the writer or director if I were making my own film, but I will definitely pay to see it in theaters several more times at matinée prices.

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@shrubbery Yeah, ok, what is that thing with Lily’s eyes? Because they did that in the book, too, and I kept thinking it was like… right before she died, she ripped out her eyes and Harry’s, and put her eyes in his head, and it gave him extra magical powers, and that would be revealed in later books. It added very little (of course he’s his mother’s son, that’s how bio parent thing works), and was somewhat confusing.
And, I totally thought Harry was using the Imperious Curse on the goblin, which makes no sense – the entire point is to defeat evil without doing evil, otherwise you aren’t “the good side”. But as it turns out, it was actually the Impedimenta Curse/Jinx, which isn’t Unforgivable (though, if he used it twice on the Random Mean Goblin, there’s no reason he couldn’t use it once on Griphook when Griphook is screwing them over…).

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Well, I liked it. I didn’t really dislike any Potter movies, but I thought the fourth one was a little boring sometimes…

All the actors did a pretty solid job, I think, especially Helena Bonham Carter (as much as I may loathe her character) and Ralph Fiennes did a great job too. His portrayal of Voldemort was not the one I pictured when I read the book, but it was brilliant in its own little way. I think the leads did very good, and I’m glad to see how they’ve improved as actors. Especially Rupert Grint.

It was an overall AWESOME movie! I loved it. I originally was skeptical about splitting the movie in two parts, but after seeing them both I think it was the right choice to make. I’m gonna have to rewatch it, though, because Order of the Phoenix is still my favorite for now.

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I only read the first book but saw all the movies. This last one is the best in my opinion.

Regarding the dragon death of that bewitched goblin, when Ron reacted lackadaisically, I just assumed that dragon had been wrongfully chained by those diminutive sharp toothed bankers that I felt he deserved it.

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Funniest part: Voldemort hugging Draco. Seriously, the entire theater was laughing for several seconds (which is really saying something for such a dark movie; most of the comedic relief was, at best, a couple people with a quick “heh”). And it was definitely a moment that makes you really appreciate what a brilliant actor Ralph Fiennes is.

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@Aethelflaed When Voldemort giggled/snickered after saying for the second or third time Harry Potter is dead, it got a good laugh from the audience.

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There are many wonderful and well educated comments made so far.
So now a bit from me to balance it out.

I loved the movie, though some of the little things annoyed me.
Where was Gawp?
Why change the way the diadem was destroyed, or even the location of it (as I recall, it was on top of the vanishing cabinet)?
Where was the Hermoine freak out when she saw the Basalisk?
That leads me to a meaty rant:
The entire Harry Potter series is as seen thru Harry’s eyes. You rarely get information on things that Harry wasn’t hearing, seeing, or somehow experiencing.
In the books, the first chapter of the first book was from Vernon’s point of view, but everything after was Harry’s. If something happened where he wasn’t there, it was because he was told about it.
So, in the book, Ron told Harry about how Hermoine freaked out when she saw the snake, and told Harry about their destruction of the Cup/Horcrux.
In the movie, you actually see that happen. Quite a rarity to change the narrative that way.

I did love the movie, though not as much as the books. I will probably go see it again this weekend.

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@filmfann I agree the books will always be better. I’m sad that Grawp didn’t make it into the movie, but I imagine they wouldn’t have had much time to expand on his being there in any way that wouldn’t have seemed like a cameo. That being said, a cameo wouldn’t do him much justice and probably would’ve been a waste of money in special effects.
All the little changes were probably done for cinematic reasons, things that might’ve seemed misplaced or trivial in what is supposed to be an epic movie. Except for the Hermione part, I can’t imagine why it wasn’t in there, lol.

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The acting was really great. I don’t know that I would have said that in previous movies (though I haven’t seen part 1 of Deathly Hallows yet); many of the child actors weren’t bad but also weren’t blowing me away, and the same for even many of the adult actors. But this one, I was blown away, and I think many of the actors compensated for the shoddy directing/writing I mentioned above. Not sure what accounts for the change, but I thought every one of the actors was just at the top of their game.

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Towards shrubbery: I don’t think Voldemort was genuinely showing affection for Draco coming over to his side. I think it was more of a false showing to try to get others to come over as well.

Towards Aethelflaed: I don’t know that anything was done in a time saving effort, the movie was about 30 minutes shorter than some of the longer one’s as it is. Why they did that, I don’t know. They certainly had the time to expand on things or do things more in line with the book.

My question is, why didn’t they just apparate off of the dragon to safety? While not so much in the movie, the book made strong reference how they were pretty much at the dragons whim and waiting for it to get lower to the ground before they could jump off.

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I enjoyed the movie, but I wish the scene with Kreacher and the other house-elves going after the Death Eaters with their kitchen knives had been included in it.

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