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What compliment would you like to give someone?

Asked by nikipedia (27986points) July 16th, 2011
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Yeah, I’ve had a couple drinks. I love you guys and I think we all have great discussions. Sometimes. Most of the time?

Anyway, I think people do not give each other enough compliments, because most compliments are kind of awkward to give. And most people are awkward about receiving them.

So, is there a compliment you’ve been wanting to give someone, but you weren’t sure how to do it? Here’s your chance. You don’t have to name names. Even if you haven’t been saving any up, think up a good compliment for someone.

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Unnamed person: I think it’s great that you are working hard to prove your worth in a field that has traditionally been unwelcoming to you. Keep up the good work.

Also, you have a phenomenal rack.

bob_ (21078points)“Great Answer” (10points)
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Thanks for accepting me for who I am, whoever the fuck yall are. I mean that. :)

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You are simply beautiful.

and *Great Question @nik

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Woogy Woogy:
You’re the best brother in the world.
You raised me, when dad wouldn’t, and mom couldn’t.
I love you more than anyone. And most of the time I feel like you’re all I’ve got left.
Every girl in the world deserves a brother like you, to protect them. Don’t wory, you’re doing doing this right. I’m not on drugs, or pregnant, so you must be doing it right. Haha.
I’m so proud of who you’ve become, and you helped me become who I am. <3 I love you.

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I wish I could give this one: You have the most amazing generosity I’ve ever witnessed. I can’t believe you can give me all those millions of dollars and still have plenty for yourself.

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Thanks to everyone in my life who has had the patience to listen to my long winded, detailed descriptions about love, food, animals, cheese and everything that I hold dear. You know who you are! : )

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Great couple-of-drinks question. I had to take a dose of Oxycodone tonight, so I am in the same sort of mentally befuddled (spell checker is getting tired) condition. I love all my FLuther friends and also those who are so ideologically opposed to me. I often learn more from those who vehemently disagree with me that from those who walk in lockstep. To all those who can hold themselves back from personal attacks and smears, and just debate by presenting their facts, thanks. You make Fluther the fascinating discussion it is.,

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@ETpro beat me to it… but I agree. I want to compliment the entire Fluther community for existing and all of you, even the ones I disagree with, for being part of something so dynamic and enriching.

I also want to compliment the mods (no I’m not brownnosing, I mean it!) for keeping Fluther out of the gutter and keeping the quality up, so the rest of us can really enjoy our discussions here.

Then… I want to compliment an unnamed person for being the catalyst I needed to wake up to what was blocking me from growing, even if it wasn’t comfortable. Sometimes the most uncomfortable moments are the ones we need the most.

I want to compliment the Relay for Life people for putting out over 10,000 luminaries at the fairgrounds… I happened to drive by while driving around last night and it was a gorgeous experience walking among the softly flickering candles.

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I felt rather awkward when I started posting here. Thanks so much to all of you who made me feel more comfortable along the way. You know who you are.

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I love you enough to miss you every day…

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Thanks to all of you, for allowing me the privilege of knowing you, of working with you and working for you. I love you guys.

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I just realized I wrote “doing” twice… Dangit.
You’re most probably the best guy in the hole world.
Everything has been better since we became best friend. And you, my dear passionate assosiate, are absolutely worth it…
For the longest time you were the only real best friend I ever had. Thank you for that. You were the only one who ever knew everything about me, and you were the first guy I ever loved.
I miss you… I never stop missing you.

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Auggie: Thanks for always being there for me. I wish we both had more time to talk :) Also thank you for doing such a great job running Fluther. It’s good to know that despite our friendship you maintain a strict level of professionalism since you mod me almost every single day haha!

Simone: Thank you for fighting the good fight. Your tenacity is inspiring.

And to the various members of my “harem”: Thanks for reminding me I’m still somewhat lovable =P.

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Although I’m not sure that I deserve all of the above accolades, thank you everyone just the same. ;-)

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@WWFC : You get a special mention here. You know what, you’re like my Fluther momma. Thank you for all the love and support you’ve been giving me whenever I needed it. You’re the most beautiful momma one could have, really.
@Season_of_Fall Sir, I f I am a shining star as you say I am, then you are the bright, wise moon.
@Rest of you : Thanks for being part of my Fluther family. You’ve all made a difference in my life by the silly and serious things you say on here.

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“You are OK” <looking directly into their eyes and meaning it.>

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@keobooks – I love how you share your little stories about your daughter on Facebook. They never fail to make me smile!

To Mr. tedibear: I admire how hard you’re working to learn how to communicate what you’re feeling and to listen to what others are saying too.

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Hats off to the moderators on Fluther. They keep the site clean, so all of us can enjoy conversing with each other and answering and asking questions.

I think of the Fluther moderators as the police of this site.

They sometimes have to make tough decisions. In the end, it’s for the benefit of all members of Fluther and not just a select few.

So, at this time, I would like to say ATTA BOY to all the moderators for a job well-done.

John Pennington

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You are the funniest Jelly around!
You know who you are.

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Thank you @rebbel ! :-)

@marinelife – I am awed by your wisdom and honored by your friendship.

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@MilkyWay Thanks love, and you’re the most amazing online daughter one could have! You’ve got a beautiful soul and an amazing personality. You know you’re always welcome here, should you find yourself in the area…

@ a TON of jellies, whose names I am not going to list because it would be an entire page long and I would inevitably forget one of you: Some people laugh when I mention an “online friend” but you know what? A great deal of you jellies are nicer, funnier and more accepting than many people that I deal with “in real life”. I admire you, I respect you. You make me laugh and smile, you warm my heart, you teach me new things, and most of all, you accept me for exactly who and what I am and don’t expect me to be something I’m not. I really love that about you guys.

@augustlan Thanks for keeping me in line, and for still being a genuine friend, even when I turn into Uber Bitch and fly off the handle. You’re an amazing lady!

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First I want to thank the founders Ben and Andrew for giving me a place to come to all those years ago when my dog Lexi died. I found Fluther a couple days later and it gave me a place to come to and get my mind off of things. More recently, it was my go to place while my mom was sick and when she died. I’ve made some great friends on here, you know who you are and I won’t mention names and some I’ve met in person. Best weekend ever!
Then there are the ones that I don’t really have much interaction with, but when I see they are posting or have a question, I just light up. Some of you have made me spew my beverage of choice while reading some of your postings, some make me cry with laughter, and some I just want to hug when they are having a bad time. There is no one person that makes up Fluther for me, so I couldn’t just give one person a compliment. Sorry if this is really cheesy.

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Right at this moment I would like to especially thank @incendiarydan for his answer on the Mac and Cheese question from a few minutes ago. He suggested putting Salsa Verde into the mix and it just inspired me to do some experimentation. Thank you so much! I can feel my synapses popping right now with all of the possibilities for recipe experimentation.

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You’re welcome, @FutureMemory

Oh, woops.

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I love your nails. Who did them and what are these great colours called?

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You guys are really amazing.
I already knew that, but reading this thread just made it feel amplified.

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@ANef_is_Enuf You’re kind of amazing too, and it wouldn’t be fluther without you. Just sayin’...

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I don’t know who the hell any of you are, but you guys rock!!! You guys are so fucking awesome and sweet and cool and rockin and awesome. Love you all so damn much.

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@blueberry_kid Amen, sistah! :D

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@ANef_is_Enuf <lurves you back> Always.

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Wow, I have often said that your friends online relate on an emotional level, where your heart, soul and mind shine through. It is such a blessing to be friends with many on here and close friends with a few, especially WWFC and Queenie. I knew I made it when Willworkforchocolate decided to follow me and have enjoyed Queenies pure soul but strong heart. Thanks all

P.S. @bob_ Your stinking funny!!!

@WillWorkForChocolate I kinda would like to think I’m kinda like Queenies daddy as the old wise moon, and if your her mommy and she came out that well, I think we should make some more fluther babies.

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@choreplay We have such an amazing daughter, don’t we? I think you’re right about having more!!! =0)

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Its not often that I meet a person that is beauitful on the outside and gorgeous on the inside. -@ Facade

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@choreplay and @WillWorkForChocolate Eeew you guys, cut it out!
You guys are so embarassing…

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@MilkyWay Wassa matter? You don’t want another sibling? :D

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Lurve for everyone!

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I wanna be @WillWorkForChocolate and @choreplay‘s Fluther-baby…. Fluther-adopt me? :D

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Awww, @WillWorkForChocolate we have a family, :). I can bring you chocolate and scrub the kitchen floor and you can spend the days at the spa and take care of the girls.

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@AshLeigh Greetings Fluther sis ;)

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This conversation made my day. :)
@MilkyWay, Greetings. :D:D:D

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@MilkyWay and @AshLeigh No fighting, ladies, or I’ll ground you! By the way….. I might present you with another sibling… :P

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Who’s fighting? I Lurve @MilkyWay. :D:D:D

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@WillWorkForChocolate what great kids we have. hey, did you notice how clean the kitchen floor is and here, bought you some chocolate :))

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@choreplay I also notice you’re still not wearing pants. Expecting something, are you? I have a headache…

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That’s a myth, that type of thing actually helps headaches, but I think I have defiled this thread enough, maybe its time to stop.

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O_________O Parents, groooooooooooss.

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Smart, sexy, funny. You know who you are.

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Why thank you @nikipedia !

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@AshLeigh amazingly cute…...nice eyes and brilliant personality.

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@AshLeigh It’s okay honey. At least we don’t walk around in just our underwear in front of your friends… <cry> My daddy used to do that.

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@Eggie, awwwe thanks. :)
@WillWorkForChocolate…................. Please don’t…

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