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What should the process be for installing multiple Sims 2 packs at once?

Asked by chasy (127points) July 24th, 2011
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I found a site that explained which order to install the packs in but now I’m trying to figure out if I need to run the game after each install or if I can install each pack before running the game for the first time. The site I found also seemed to indicate that there’s no need to patch after each install because the subsequent packs will patch up the ones that came before it. I should only need to patch after installing the final pack. Can someone please verify/advise? Thank you! :)

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Just put the CDs/DVDs in one after another. Follow the instructions.

Computers aren’t magic. They follow rules.

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They AREN’T magic?? **appalled**

That was not a bubble I was expecting to have popped today…


Okie dokie, thank you kindly for your verification!

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@the100thmonkey is correct. When you put them into the drive they will give you step by step instructions to install. Patches can be added last, but prior to playing the game.

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Thanks, @Anef_is_Enuf! :)

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You can install them all at once if you want them all without running the game.
Or you could just start the game and check what changed if you are to lazy into reading the descriptions.

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