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Ever get the urge to go dig a hole?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21660points) July 24th, 2011
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So, I come home from work, none of my friends are online, and I think to my self: “You know what would be cool? .. Digging masive hole”.

Ever want to dig a big hole for no reason? or perhaps you had a reason, a bunker, a secret safe spot, something else.

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Not spontaneously like that, but I love digging holes. Every time we need to dig for something around the yard I am out there with a shovel in hand ready to go.

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It would be great for adults to play like children for one day lol. I was amazed at the huge snowball fight in DC a couple of years ago.

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Not quite in the same context as you have described, but I do indeed love digging holes in my yard to put plants into.

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Lot of action and energy needed to dig a big hole. Having said that about the only time I dig is when I have to bury a friend. And I really don’t enjoy it much.

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Not since I was 8 years old. But I would like to dig a secret basement under our house but it would have to be engineered by a professional who is an expert at such and undertaking. HA!

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Yeah, dig a hole and fall into it and stay there!!!!!!!!!! Problem is who is going to cover the hole??????????

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When I was a kid I used to live near the beach and I often felt the urge to dig a deep hole in the sand. What was even more fun was if someone dug a second deep hole nearby so you could scrape a tunnel between the holes until you felt the first wriggling fingers meeting up underground. Such simple pleasures.

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Not me personally, but one of my nieces used that as her “I’m going to run away” threat. She would say that she was going to dig a big hole in the backyard and live in it. Hee! Thanks for the reminder of a cute memory.

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I used to do it all the time when I was little. Good times…

And the urge is pretty strong for me when I used to partake is exercises that involved two platoons randomly engaging each other in the woods… my CoC wouldn’t let me put punji sticks at the bottom of them though even though they liked the idea. Great for an early alert when digging in for the night.

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Yes. I did it at my old house and I found a rusty machete. My dad kept it for yard work.

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Dug myself in to too many over the years…

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Yep. But I had the guy who excavated my driveway do it. I asked him if would mind digging as deep as he could in a certain wet spot on my property. 6 feet deep, 7 feet in diameter. I’d hoped it would be a pond. It took him about 15 minutes.
It didn’t hold water so now I have a crater. (And a place to dump the bodies.)

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Nope! Sorry, as soon as I dig up a bug, I’m outta there. Sad:(

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Only when I made a fool of myself in the presence of other people.
Then I would like nothing else than digging a man-sized hole and vanish in it.

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My two brother-in-laws do. One of them brings a medium sized spade when we go to the beach, and they dig a big hole in the sand. I have no clue why, but it is cute to watch since they are in their 50s and 60s.

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All the time when i’m mad, happy sad . Mostly when i’m frustrated. I think digging a hole would be good for my system. And it is just down right FUN.

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Not really, but I do have a hole story.

It was fucked up man, once when I was a kid there was a sandbox out in the backyard. I dug through the sand, but went deeper into the dirt below.

This is totally true; I found a lower human jaw; made out of some stone like material. Back then I thought it was really ancient dentures for old people, but actually I’m pretty sure it was some type of old medical replica for students or some such thing. Still, that was awesome. I kept that fucking thing forever, and even coloured all over the gum and undermouth part with a pink marker. I probably shouldn’t have done that, maybe it was worth something. Even my mom thought it was cool.

I’m still not sure what this lower human jaw thing was exactly, or who the fuck just buried that there, but it made my day back then. It was like I was in this big mystery adventure, trying to solve an old murder case.

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Sometimes, it can involve various scenarios.
Burying the wife’s roast dinner.
A multi functioning shovel, the MIL’s head & a nearby forest.

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I really thought this question was a direct reference to Nuclear Age by Tim O’Brien. But to answer your question, yes – the main character of that book indeed had strong urges to dig holes.

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Yes, all the time! I love digging! Dunno why~... =}
Currently I’m in the process of digging myself an underground mansion under some tennis courts at my apartment complex. I’ve only dug twice, totaling in about 3 hours of work, but the hole is already a 5’ X 4’ rectangle, and 6’ deep. I’m not supposed to be digging there, obviously, so I built a door to place over the hole, and buried it slightly so it’s hidden from sight. I’m getting to the point now, where I’m just about ready to start digging horizontally under the tennis courts, but I’m getting worried about a cave-in. Originally, I thought digging underneath a concrete slab would prevent such troubles, however now I’m becoming more weary. I’m planning to put up supports anyways, I’m just unsure as to how long I can wait, what the spacing needs to be, and exactly how I should shore things up. I don’t want to die down there, and I don’t want the whole court beginning to slump like a giant pot-hole. Also, I don’t wanna get caught doing this, so I only dig at night now. And things get exponentially more difficult the deeper you dig. I need to find something to do with all the displaced dirt, and an efficient method of getting it out of the hole once I get deeper.

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