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If you were weather, what type would you be?

Asked by Berserker (33524points) July 26th, 2011
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According to your personality, if you had to associate yourself with any type of weather, or weather phenomena, what would it be? A sunny day, an overcast day, rainy weather of any kind, a tornado, a slightly breezy day, scorching heat, winter storm…anything goes.

But you can only pick one. Explain why your choice best fits your personality, at least overall.

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Sunny with gusts of cheerful wind and hot humor. :-D

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Sunny and tropical. A threat of thunderstorms in the distance that might never come, and if they do it is very short lived.

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A sunny day with patches of clouds and strong winds.

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Overcast and gloomy for sure, either a heavy snow storm or an epic thunderstorm.

As for why? Mostly, these are really just my favorite types of weather, but they also happen to fit my personality well. I’m very sarcastic and pessimistic, hence the gloom. Although these storms are very dramatic and undesirable to some, there’s a certain serenity and beauty about them to those who can appreciate it.

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This is turning into a personality question. lol

Okay… and the forecast is…3 sunny and two stormy. ;-)

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@Coloma It is a personality question. :)

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How are women like hurricanes?

When they come, they’re wet and wild, but when they leave, they take your house and your car.

bob_ (20992points)“Great Answer” (10points)
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A slurpee week ahead!

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Whoa Bob….dynamite sandwiches ey?

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Cool with colored leaves blowing around.

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I’d be a typical northern California day: foggy in the morning, sunny later in the day and pleasantly cool in the evening. Rarely stormy. Easy to warm up.

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@bob_ Damn man, who pissed in your sandwich? XD Funny though, when I get back to work I’m telling that to everyone.

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Oh, I didn’t explain why. I am bad at following directions, apparently.

I picked dreary because I am dreary. If we’ve ever had a single conversation you would know that.

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You know when it’s raining so hard you can barely see through it whilst looking out your window? That’s me.

I don’t even know what that means.

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@Jude It probably means you feel unsure about your direction. And wet.

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@ANef_is_Enuf Nah I don’t think so. I like conversing with you, and anyways, dreary is cool to me lol.

@Jude Nice, and pretty poetic. ^^

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@Symbeline well duh, that’s because you like dreary. lol.


I’d be a slightly breezy, cool day, not too warm and not too cold, about 68 degrees F, like those days in mid to late spring, when the snow’s almost all melted away, and the sun is shining beautifully, and it’s really refreshing to breathe the cool, humid, spring air.

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Well, I admit, my grouchy boss can rain on my parade temporarily. Then, I just make up jokes about him. lol

I like him just fine as long as I am coming and he is going, or, vice versa.

I don’t even listen to his messages anymore, why get the double bitch session, I’ll just take it in person. hahaha

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On the other hand, when I’m in a bad mood, I’m like a thunderstorm at night.

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A thunder storm. You thought that was a normal cloud and there might be a little bit of rain. But it wasn’t a normal storm and now you’re hiding under a tree. And you’re surprised when you get zapped.

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When I am feeling funky I just turn off the phones, and go into check out mode, peace and alone time always works. :-)

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-30 degrees and windy. Cold and nasty :)

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@KatetheGreat I love Winter. :) I’m actually being serious, here. ^^

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Nah… I find you to have a great sense of humor!

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Stormy weather… exciting, dramatic, with splashes of colour and a bit loud at times.

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A rain storm with lots of thunder and lightening. I love thunderstorms they feel so alive and powerful.
Ok, actually with my personality, I would be an early fall morning. Cool and crisp.

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I love winter too. I’d wish it was winter all year round.

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Hot and arid because most people are never comfortable with it.

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@KatetheGreat I second that! Well, fall and winter. If those were the only seasons we had, I would be in heaven.

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@bob you’re a genius.

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@ANef_is_Enuf You are not dreary! You’d be a beautiful, summer day!

As for myself, any day that was HOT HOT HOT!! lol

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@Fly Hell yeah. I totally love Autumn, if it was a person I’d marry him. I especially love those late Autumn days where all the leaves are gone, and trees look like skeletons. Those bright blue sky days where the sun shines like mad, yet it’s freezing cold out. I fucking love that. :)

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Sunny and warm. It’s weather that makes you want to be active and enjoy yourself, it’s weather that makes you feel good when you step outside, it’s weather that warms you, brightens your day, and makes you feel at peace. :)

I was born in the summer; I was born in the desert. I am warm weather. :D

@Hypocrisy_Central I am ;)

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Oooh, go on, sheer poetry there girl!

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@DominicX Haha nice answer. :) And were you actually born in a desert?

@Coloma I actually made a half ass ’‘poem’’ answer about Autumn on here before. Denno in what question though lol.

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Well, I was born in a hospital in Las Vegas ;)

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@DominicX Desert it is. :D

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Early morning coastal fog, burning off mid morning to a 72 degree sunny day.

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Just wondering who else has a crush on Symbeline (besides me)?

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Overcast until midday, when the sun will peek through in spurts, leading to a cloudless, cold, starlit night. The potential for the fog to roll in and a thunderstorm to begin is possible at anytime. Best to always carry an umbrella.

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the calm before the storm.

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“Just wondering who else has a crush on Symbeline (besides me)?” quoting myself

And, @tinyfaery?

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The eye of the storm. Things are often going crazy just outside, but the area around me is always low pressure.

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I’d be a hazy day. You know when it’s spring or summer and it rains, and then you step out after the storm has cleared and there are fallen trees and branches everywhere. The air is fresh and cool, and if it’s hot enough there is steam rising from the ground, the street lights reflect in the pavement and the air is so thick with humidity that everything blurs together in greysish-blue around the horizon, and as night falls everything just starts to settle down.

Maybe that’s oddly specific, but around here we have serious humidity- the whole city was built on a swamp and we get evenings like this all the time. It’s my favorite thing ever, because you can really feel the air and days like that are just so calm and lush.

Okay, I’m high right now.

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@SavoirFaire I need to hang out with you more often.

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I would be a summer day: warm, serene, blue, and oversaturated. Like this.

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I think they spotted you. :D

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A little black cloud in a dress.

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@Seelix That’s awesome. :)

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@Seelix black cloud in a LBD or just a regular dress?

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@Symbeline oh don’t fear, it was for a legit photo shoot :D

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@SavoirFaire fantastic.
@Seelix every time I read that line in your profile… I get Winnie The Pooh stuck in my head. hah.

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Summer storm. Ha.

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A peaceful sunny day with no wind, temperatures in the mid-seventies. Occasionally overcast with light showers.

Because I’m warm, calm and pleasant and everyone likes me, but I’m occasionally a bit depressed.

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The kind that’s “threatening rain” all the time.

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Dutch weather.

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A cold wind blowing around the Balearics.

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Cloudy afternoon with a little brimming of light. That represents my calm, grim, elegance, and solitary, and dreamer nature.

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Nice and easy most of the time…

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Sunny with a chance of bitchy ;)

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Actually, a girl I know once wrote a poem about me where she described me as a sunny, clear day with a hint of storminess on the horizon.

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I’m not at all what you would expect. I’m full of surprises. ;)

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