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Any advice on what to eat when you have no appetite?

Asked by Cupcake (15502points) July 27th, 2011
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I’m pregnant and hungry, but nothing sounds appetizing. This is a daily issue. Do you have any “go-to” foods when you need/want to eat but nothing looks good?

FWIW: I’m in my 2nd trimester, so it’s not nausea-related.

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Fruit, especially melon and oranges. Soup. Bread.

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Seriously, I go to my favorite comfort foods. For me those dishes are linguine with meat sauce and some melted mozzarella, roast beef sandwich lettuce and mustard, steak made with italian seasoning and a salad on the side with Italian dressing, matzah ball soup, and pizza to name a few. But I am sure you have your own favorites. Probably this is just a momentary lull in your apetite, don’t obsess about eating food high in nutrition is what I would say. Of course don’t eat snickers bars all day either. Take your vitamins and keep up your strength, and hopefully in a short time your hunger will come back.

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I find the salty or spicy things helpful when I have no appetite (with a name like Picante, you might have guessed that). A good Pizza maybe (I see JLeslie just said the same—it must be true).

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I rarely have an appetite during lunch because of my ADHD medication. My solution? Fruit smoothies with protein and fiber supplements.

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@picante Interestingly, picante is usually last on my list when I have no appetite, I go more for bland I think? But, salty yes, I crave salt.

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When I have no appetite my go to foods are things like a slice of toast with peanut butter, a handful of sunflower seeds, a piece of cheese. Things that are filling in very small doses.

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Saltines and Gatorade.

It works for hangovers.

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Fruit, saltine crackers, chicken soup, pizza.

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I don’t know about pregnancy, but I have to force myself to eat something in the morning when I have zero interest in food in order to function well at school. A banana or a few spoons of cottage cheese and about 8 almonds works for me.

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a nice pot brownie oh shit i didn’t see you were carrying, then don’t do that.

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Smoothies and soups help me exist when I have no appetite. Congrats @Cupcake!

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Toast with butter.

Celery & creme cheese or peanut butter.

Salami slices wrapped around a thin stick of sharp cheddar cheese.

Pear or Green apple slices with sliced gouda cheese.

Pan friend plantains (in butter, key lime juice, salt).

Avocado smeared on sourdough baguette slices with slivers of shrimp, fake crabmeat or thin sliced swiss cheese.

Bowl of mixed frozen fruits to munch. My favorites are the blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and cherries mix from Trader Joe’s.

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Have you tried kefir? It’s not only nutrient rich (calcium, probiotics etc.) and good for you but also a bit tangy and sourish which might help whet your appetite for other foods

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When I was pregnant, fruits and milk were my go to foods when nothing seem appetizing. If I wanted something sweet that wasn’t really fruit, I loved to have strawberry jam on plain crackers with chocolate milk. Or I had a grape jelly sandwich on toast.
For now, my go to food is either an egg over easy, or the jelly sandwich or cornflakes and bannana or sharp chedder cheese wedges on toast or crackers or fruits.

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You might also want to try nibbling on sweet crystallized ginger or even the pickled sushi kind… ginger is supposed to help with digestive issues. Sour things in general could help too…

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Olives? black and green.

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Thanks guys. You have such great ideas. I’ll have to write some down and carry a list with me for days like today.

P.S. Thanks @SpatzieLover!!

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Something well-balanced, light, and kind of bland. Usually apples with peanut butter, a protein smoothie and a green salad, fruit and cheese, or celery dipped in hummus.

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toast with butter and jam, or just butter – easy and tasty.

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