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Do your pets insist on "helping" with your home improvement projects?

Asked by bobbinhood (5898points) July 28th, 2011
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My husband and I have two cats. The older one is accustomed to and disinterested in home improvement projects, so she stays out of the way. However, the younger one has never been around such projects, so now that we are replacing our floors, she is completely fascinated. She crawls in the carpet as we are pulling it up, investigates the vents, and generally acts like she is supervising everything we do.

What about you? Do you have pets that insist on supervising your projects? Do you have any funny stories that came from their assistance with your work? What about cute or funny pictures of your critters getting in the middle of everything?

If you are interested, here are some pictures of my little helper.

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I have two cats and a dog.They all like to “help” that way and I let them unless I am using power tools or mixing chemicals, then they get put away.
They are good company.:)
Your helper is very cute,btw

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Axel likes to pick up the tile after my husband has cut it. He also had pieces of Bamboo that he carried around when we did the floors.

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Yes, I wish my dog would stop trying to help me with the laundry. I don’t know how many times I’ve stepped on a paw or even tripped or almost trip because he has to trot next to my feet when my hands are full of laundry and I can’t see where he is. I sometimes wonder if he is trying to kill me because he will walk right in front of me like I need help where I’m going.

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My Sadie hates power tools but loves carrying off the branches I cut down an licking up and rolling around in the saw dust.

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My dog does this when I’m cooking, and it drives me crazy. He’s a wiggly little bastard and sometimes I’ve tripped over him, not realizing that he was right behind me. I have to be really careful in the kitchen.

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It really depends on if they think it’s safe or not. If I’m putting together a desk from Ikea, they’re totally there. If I’m breaking down a giant cabinet that’s too big to get out the freaking door, and hauling pieces out to the trash, they have the wonderful presence of mind to go take a nap in another room, far away from feet that will step on them.

The do, however, always try and be good little taste testers whenever I cook something.

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I have cats back home and they always insisted on “helping” me with my school work on the computer. Just seems like they love to type by walking accross or laying on the keyboard anytime i was on the computer.

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I love that I can relate to all of these stories. Thank you for sharing. Pets make me smile. :)

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@bobbinhood She is a cutie and seems to know what she’s doing supervising your project. She forgot her safety helmet though:)

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Can’t do anything without Flower the supervisor and Mushroom “Mr. Fuck’s With Shit”.

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My pets are also very good ‘helpers.’ However, I am always afraid that I’m going to step on/in some way hurt my Pomeranian, so he gets put away.

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Cool cat :D

I wish I can have one of these cats. I mainly get cats like your eldest that stay out of the way or are not interested.

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My 15 yr old Siamese cat has a couple of things she has deemed hers to supervise and subject us to. The following is actually true :3 and left in a series of unfortunate events.

Post-it-note #1. The bed. It’s mine. I must supervise the bed being made AT ALL TIMES supervision will consist of chasing the sheets as they hit the mattress like a mad kitty and if you even try to remove me I swear!

Christmas card from cat #2. Christmas tree & decorations are never ever in the correct place and are always subject to clawing, climbing, knocking down or off and chewing in utter protest to Christmas in any room.

Shredded paper puzzle #3. Oh no you did not just leave the work area…now I’m going to stalk you and meow as loud as I can…seriously WTF human!

Scratched in the chair #4. Meow You can’t sit on the job and I’ll do whatever I have got to do to take over the office chair it’s mine.

Signed your boss,
the cat
AKA Redrum

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MIlo helping me file papers: Here and here

And helping make the bed here

And assisting with the weeding here

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Absolutely! Just ask any cat & they will tell you that their human ‘pet’ can’t do a single thing without the cat giving them instructions.

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Edit; Wrong links for Milo and the filing system.
Try this and this

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If it isn’t loud, totally. My cat’s terrified of loud noises and avoids those, but he climbs into the dryer, gets into random cupboards. The front of a drawer fell off once, but the rest was alright, so he climbed inside it. He’s ridiculous..

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I rearranged my bedroom a few weeks ago and though my cat was no help during the process, he does seem inclined to rearrange things now. He was never interested in where I hung my picture frames before, but he seems to have suddenly noticed them and is intent on getting them off the wall and ripping the paneling down while he’s at it.

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@Porifera If I thought I could get her to wear it, I would totally make one for her. That would be adorable. As it is, I just lock her in another room when things get too dangerous.

@Meego Making the bed with kitties is so hard! The older one lies in the middle and refuses to move, and the younger one plays as you described. I’ve made the bed around the older one a couple times and waited for her to decide to crawl out. I wish I had some pictures of that.

@gailcalled Thanks for the pictures! I love the first one in the filing cabinet. He looks like the ribbon is out to get him.

@martianspringtime Don’t you know that cats don’t like it when you mess with their stuff? They only let you think it’s yours until you move it; then their true opinions show. My husband had that problem when he switched rooms in his old apartment. The cat never did get over thinking the old room was hers and all of her stuff should be moved back.

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