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How do I flip the viewfinder image on an old (~1985) Panasonic video camera, Model #PK-980?

Asked by LuckyGuy (40183points) August 2nd, 2011
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I have an old Panasonic video camera from the mid 80’s. This is the kind that has a separate VCR and a camera head that looks like a full size TV camera. (Newvicon Omnipro) It was the top of the line at the time. The viewfinder is a separate unit that can be used on either side of the camera by flipping the housing. However the image is upside down. There has to be a way to flip the image but I don’t see it.
The viewfinder model number is PK-M059. The camera is a PK-980 but it is the same as a PK-959. Any ideas? I have been all over this thing. There has to be a trick I’m missing.

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Here is an online manual for that camcorder.

Edit* It’s a service to find manuals, maybe it will work, I’m still looking.

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I found that link too but it seemed suspicious. When I went to the Panasonic site they did not have it.
I need an old guy who owned one of these and kept it in his basement for 20 years.

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Is there no menu selection?

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GOT IT!!!! My son remembered there is small hidden switch that can only be seen when the viewfinder is twisted to the vertical position. The switch has two positions: “L” and “R”.
That did it!

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