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A question for Christian single people.. Why do you "go all the way" before marriage? (NSFW)

Originally the question was: “Why do you have sex before marriage” But I was asked to mod it because of the word “sex”

Why is it that some Christians repeatedly engage in premarital sex guilt free while others experience intense guilt about premarital sex?

I don’t want to hear anything about some being “real” christians while others aren’t. This question will assume that both sides represent real Christians.

I have a Christian friend who feels hampered by his thoughts of sex to the point where even though he’s a fit and attractive male, he often tends to just stay home or avoids contact with women. He confided in me over the weekend about the fact that his guilt is the biggest problem he has with being social with women.

As he came to me asking for suggestions while having no desire to quit being Christian.. I would really appreciate some advice from other Christian men who have overcome this or who have an idea of what I can suggest to him.

Thoughts and comments from others are welcome too. Thanks!

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