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Say there was a movie being made about Fluther, who would you choose for the cast and crew?

Asked by Joker94 (8180points) August 3rd, 2011
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Let’s say that someone in Hollywood wants to make a movie out of Fluther, a la The Social Network. They want to ensure that they have a talented, all-star cast, a great writer, and a great director. Who would you choose to play some of your fellow jellies, based off of personality or looks, and who would be your top pick for writer and director?

Bonus Lurve for anyone who can think up a plot/premise for the movie itself!

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I’d pick @Vunesuh to write the script, I’ll direct, @filmfann will edit @bob_ can cater and make sandwiches and everyone else will play themselves as there is no better cast of characters I have ever seen! You guys are crazy!!

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Tatum O’neal and I kind of look alike, we did much more when we were young. She can play me. Although her whole alcoholic drug addict addictive personality is real life is nothing like me. Maybe people who know me in real life or facebook will come up with a better suggestion.

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If the script needs humour…, contract lululucille.
Meryl Streep is augustlan, bendrew is played by Mary Kate and Ashley.

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@Cruiser Sign me up!
@JLeslie Something about you being a played by a drug addict seems so, so odd..
@rebbel Merly Streep seems like the perfect auggie, I agree.

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@Joker94 Yeah, it is very contrary to my personality. But all my life I have been compared to her. Jennifer Grey before the nose job also. I like Marissa Tomei a lot. Maybe I should come up with a Jewish Actress?

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Clearly the woman in Jeruba’s avatar would have to play her. Pardon me for not knowing for sure who that is. (K)Cate Blanchett?

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@JLeslie Jewish, eh? Fran Drescher, perhaps? :P
@wundayatta I have no idea who it is either, but I agree.

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@Joker94 Haha. Nah.

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I asked. Brad Pitt was unavailable to play me, but Patrick Stewart has agreed.

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Kardamom is responsible for craft services.
bob_ is responsible for distribution and entering our film into film festivals.
filmfann is our executive producer.
Cruiser and Adirondackwannabe are our camera operators.
aprilsimnel, mazingerz88 and I will write the screenplay.
lucillelucillelucille and ANef_is_Enuf will be our storyboard artists.
Blueroses is responsible for set decoration.
Symbeline will do our special effects.
Facade will do hair and make-up.
Jude will be responsible for wardrobe/costume designing.
KatetheGreat and redfeather are the boom operators.
jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities is our location manager.
Bellatrix is the script supervisor.
crisw and rooeytoo are the animal wranglers.
Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard is our weapons wrangler.
jerv is our editor.
Axemusica is our composer and sound designer.
WillWorkForChocolate and ladymia69 are responsible for our big wrap party.
YARNLADY is our director and Augustlan gives us an exclusive behind the scenes look (featured in the DVD extras) as to what it’s like to run Fluther.

Ready, action!


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@zen Damn, no Brad Pitt? I guess we’ll just have to settle with Patrick Stewart..
@Vunessuh That is a solid game plan! Have you been thinking about this for a while or..?

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A while back, someone made this. ;)

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@augustlan Wow, I feel so…left out!

In the film version, I would demand any scene depicting me be animated with Mr. Stotch.

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For plot, I’d find out what happened to the 900 lurve that disappeared before my eyes while on another question. We have it documented, with witnesses too. I’d cast Auggie as herself (who could replace her)? I’d choose the cast of Leverage for supporting actors. Not sure whether to make it a documentary or a mystery.

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Or a musical?

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Wait… or a Musical!

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I think I would be an excellent script supervisor. Thank you @Vunessuh.

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@snowberry That would be an ideal sub-plot and they would be finally be found in the frizzer under the pool!

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Can I be played by Cher please?

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Lisa – just so she stops whining about her 900 lurve already – you may give her all of mine next time I leave.~

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Instead of Social Network, I think the premise of Lost suits Flutherers better. Hardly original but really exciting if you consider the gamut of character cross-structures and clashes, especially!

Anyway to give Lost a strange twist, ( yeah, let’s twist that already uber strange island some more ) we could have an island which is slowly sinking into the sea. That’s what we thought at first. Later on, smart Flutherers will figure out we are not really sinking but the whole island is eventually going to tilt upside down. That will end the first season.

How do we arrive there? Let’s toss the plane crash or ship wreck scenario and get there when certain Flutherers happened to be in the same board at the same time and a Mod, who was actually an evil genius, pushed a button sending a visual signal to our brains through our computer screens. Next thing we know, we’re on the island.

@Vunessuh Figured out the staff assignments very well. Now who will cast? And if anybody wants to play a certain character, one has to audition first? Lol.

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