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What does this joke mean (may be offensive)?

Asked by Blackberry (33948points) August 4th, 2011
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So the routine goes like this:

The comic pretty much made a joke about people that say they’re bad test takers, to which he replied, “you mean you’re stupid….the part where we find out what you know?”

“Oh yeah….I’m a brilliant painter, minus my god-awful brush strokes..”

” the paintings crystallize up here (pointing to his head), but as soon as paint touches canvas, I develop Parkinson’s…”

Then he says:
“I apologize if there’s any parkinson’s painters here, I assume your best work is in the A.M….

What does that mean? “I assume your best work is in the A.M.?

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Parkinson’s patients usually are more functional in the morning.

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