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Should kids be forced to know how to do household chores? (details)

I was in Texas with my grandfather last year. He lives with another woman with two kids. Niether of them know how to do household chores. They had a nanny come and clean their house. And the two weeks I was there, they had 3 different nanny’s.

I didn’t let the nanny clean up my guest room because I wanted to do it. I wanted to clean my own laundry, I wanted to wash my dishes and clean up. I don’t want to force someone to clean for me. It’s criminal.

What really shocked me was that none of the women’s kids sknew how to clean. When I went to wash my clothes, the daughter came up with me to wash and she was asking me why do I do it when there’s a nanny.

Would you want your kids to know how to wash, clean, etc.?

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