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What is your favorite personal "wardrobe malfunction" Story?

Asked by Judi (39890points) August 9th, 2011
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I was at Church once and noticed that I had on 2 different shoes. I was walking at work once and my slip fell to my ankles.
Do you have any favorite wardrobe malfunction stories?
I didn’t mark this nsfw so phrase your story in a way that doesn’t get anyone in trouble if they read this.

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I have been known to leave the house with one bedroom slipper and one sandal; my interior monologue was much more interesting than my attention to external details.

In my eccentric and “whatever” community, I doubt that anyone noticed.

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I went to the whirlpool jet boat tour which leaves you absolutely soaked. I had a change of clothes with me, but forgot to bring a change of underwear. While I was changing into my dry clothes, the zipper on my shorts broke. I got to walk around the town with my girlfriend, her mother and her mother’s boyfriend for about an hour pretending nothing was wrong and hoping nothing fell out.

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I was on a wooden roller coaster on the Boardwalk with my daughter and wearing a spaghetti strap tank top… I hadn’t realized that the ride shaking and the way the harness was over my chest had pushed my top down and my breasts were out until the ride was nearly over. I quickly adjusted myself and looked around. phew nobody noticed.

We went over to where they have the pictures of the riders as they’re going down the big ill and there I was… boobs exposed! I turned on my heels and briskly walked in the opposite direction. (Thankfully, I noticed it before my kid did and I got her out of there to spare her the embarrassment of her mom’s breasts being exposed to half of the Wildwood boardwalk)

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I have walked out of the house with my shirt on backwards.The pocket was on my back.:)
I recently wore a dress with the tag hangin off my back to an art fair.
The most embarrassing is when my garter broke and my stockings fell to my ankles as I was walking out of a crowded building.

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I will never forget doing a beautiful 1½ front flip off of a diving board with an entry into the water t left my shorts floating on the surface and me au-natural.

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I was playing Cinderella in a play called Into the woods. It was the end of the first act and I was happily dancing with my prince when my hoop skirt came off. I picked it up and threw it and it landed on the narrator. Without the hoop skirt my other skirts were too long and I tripped on them and sprained my ankle. I still finished the scene.
I couldn’t get off that stage fast enough :-)

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A neighbour of my grandmas went out to put some rubbish in the wheely bin. Granny witnessed the whole spectacle & said that this lady had her skirt tucked into her knickers around the back. As if that wasn’t mishap enough, a sudden gust of wind caught hold of the offending skirt & blew the woman head first into the bin XD
Granny would have helped but she was too busy pissing herself laughing ;¬}

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This is the best I can come up with; dunno if it really counts as a wardrobe malfunction. I wore fashion boots to school on a day I had gym class. I did this because we were doing a rollerblading unit in gym at that time so I thought I’d just be taking my shoes off anyhow. But as luck would have it, we had a substitute that day, and subs aren’t allowed to oversee more “dangerous” activities like rollerblading, so we played kickball instead. I didn’t have any sneakers to change into and didn’t want to get marks off for being unprepared, so I put my long pants over the boots to hide the top 8 inches or so of them, and hoped she wouldn’t notice. Fortunately the boots didn’t have any heel at all, but they did not have good traction either. I was sliding all over the place and somehow she didn’t notice. I ended up falling once and she still didn’t notice. The other girls in the class knew what was going on because I had been freaking out in the locker room, so we were all just silently giggling at the situation underneath the sub’s nose. It was pretty funny.

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When I was on the swim team back in high school, I had my “lucky” speedo. As most swimmers know, speedo thin out overtime and become transparent, for some reason my lucky speedo never seemd to have this issue, it just got rough on the outside. Anyway, at one swim meet, I was leaning up against a stucco wall listening to some beats when my event was called. As I pushed off the wall my speedo got caught and tore, I didn’t notice as I was deaf to the outside world thanks to my earphones blazing and I was having an amazing adrenaline rush. Well, to cut a long story short, my lane’s timers and judge got an eyeful of crack.

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It took place while running a class for hotel managers. A few of the participants came back from their lunch break early, and one guy asked a question. I walked over to the table where he was sitting, and we started chatting. A female came in and asked if she could talk to me privately. We stepped into another room. She nicely let me know that the silk blouse I was wearing had unbuttoned at breast level, and that my lime green bra was on display. I never wore a silk blouse again.

The most embarrassing part took place about six months later at the company’s annual conference. Some co-workers and I went up to a bar in the hotel to get a drink. When I offered the bartender money, he said, “The guy over there paid for your glass of wine.” It was the guy from the class who was unintentionally flashed.

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@Pied_Pfeffer at least you got a free drink out of it.

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I made it a good way into a day of work at the office until a friend told me I had a bounce dryer sheet stuck to the back of my shirt.

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I wore a dress backwards for a whole day while teaching. It was almost he same in the front as in the back except there was a placket and buttons in the front. Or was it in the back? I don’t remember. I know I turned it into a Halloween costume.

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I had bought a pair of thigh high stockings that had sticky grip stuff in the border to help keep them up on the legs without having to use a garter belt. I was at a new job and noticing the stockings kept losing their grip and rolling down my legs, sometimes it was just one. I had to wait until my guests were gone to go and take them off and I got some teasing for that for a long long time.

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I went to my doctor’s clinic for a pregnancy appt and only noticed my fuzzy blue bedroom slippers when I was sitting in the waiting room. I wore an thermal underwear type t-shirt to a CPR session inside out and noticed at the last coffee break, gah- still embarassed about that.

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I work for the phone company, and I had to go into a manhole to place a fiber optics splice.
This manhole was close to the bay, and was not sealed well, so being inside was like being in the middle of a monsoon. I wore my raingear into the manhole, and only was down there for about 10 minutes, but when I came out I was soaking wet to the innermost layers of clothes. I went into the trailer we had, and stripped to my birthday suit, then put on a pair of coveralls I had.
The issue with the coveralls was that they had hand holes in the sides, so that you could reach in, and be able to get to your pants pockets. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wearing pants, and I quickly became aware that if I twisted the wrong way, I became badly exposed. I spent the next few hours working in downtown Oakland, very conscious that I was getting some odd looks.

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I have three favourite stories.

Firstly, my sister was rather well endowed and had bought a beautiful new bikini. She was about 15 and I was about 8 and she took me to the local swimming baths. Unfortunately, the bow that held the bikini together at the front came off and she was left standing in the middle of the pool with her arms across her chest to cover herself. She proceeded to make me dive under the water repeatedly to try to find this bow. I didn’t find it and she eventually had to get out and run to the change rooms.

Similar story, but this one involved my husband aged about 13 who along with two of his mates was on an Aussie beach enjoying watching a group of girls frolicking in the surf. One of the girls had rather large breasts and her exuberant jumping caused her breast to slip out of her bikini. The result was three young men standing very uncomfortably trying to cover up the resultant erections.

The worst that has ever happened to me is arriving at the cinema in the city only to realise I was still wearing fluffy slippers!

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Not so much mine as someone else’s. I ask if the person has a license to sell hot dogs. When they say no I ask why their stand is open.
I went to a party once wearing black shoes and socks. Halfway through the evening I noticed a long gray pubic hair sticking out of my shoe.

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