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Can you personaly lick your elbow?

Asked by atr408 (357points) May 4th, 2008
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I think it is impossible

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After looking ridiculous in front of my partner, no.

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I just tried. I looked like a doofus. No, I can’t.

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Maybe a contortionist could, but the average perso.. no way!

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Ouch, my neck/tongue/arm hurts now.

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no, my arms are too long

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I get soo close yet I’m still so far away :(

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Oh my god! I can!

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no you can’t

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I just tried to lick my right elbow…

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You all actually have free time to try that??

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they are for normal people

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ty allie, for appreciating myever growing abilities in this world of mere mortals….

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I’m sure there are people who CAN lick their elbows, why shouldn’t it be you?

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Well my friend Zach isn’t a contortionist but he able to lick his elbow but he has some weird joint thing that lets him play jump rope with his arms and pull his leg around like 190 degrees

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that sounds painful

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I can lick my palm real well.

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peedub: Is that a hairypalm?

*Delirum shudders

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@atr, you should see it, it looks soooo wrong

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haha. I bet it does

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I can lick mine. Both of them. From both sides.

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haha lucky? Why would you want to be able to do that?

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Just because I can’t really do anything unusual besides make smoke in my mouth, solve math problems really quick, and write well lol

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Make smoke in ur mouth?

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Like if you can make a hard clicking noise then you can do it, like you just close your mouth when you do it. Do it a few times, blow with your mouth closed(if that makes sense, like as if you were going to pop your eardrums) then slowly breathe out. It would make more sense if you watched someone do it.

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hmm I never realy thought what I can do well. In good at skateing and uhhh… Eating?

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do they have a youtube video of someone making smoke in their mouth?

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I only got as far as my armpit, and then I got distracted.

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Obviously not too good with spelling though lol *skating. And you seem like the person who would enjoy giving PTC to his friends. Look for it, you can buy test strips for like 2 or 3 bucks.

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They should, I’ll look.

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Haha. I knew how to spell it ;) but what is ptc? Perent tearcher club?

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Haha no its a chemical that tastes absolutely horrible but it depends on you genes if you can taste it or not. And as for the smoke stuff, the video is an instructional and the smoke isn’t too good but when you do it for a while you will be able to make more, and I would say ignore those lip movements and just keep the front of your mouth flat but making a fist and putting pressing it firmly against your mouth.

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so you rhink im the kind of person who would poison my friends? Lol

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Its not poison, its like really hot hot sauce but instead of burning, it tastes really bitter.

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do u know of a video of the smoke thing on youtube because I’m on a iPod touch and metacafe doesn’t work for videos on it

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I looked and it was only people with smoke rings and cigarettes. I’ll look for one, and if not I might just make one because it’s not too hard.

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o well I found one of a kid. I tried and my tounge gets realy tired. I could only try 3 times

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I’m not surprised, it took forever for me to do it a bunch.

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wow! I did it just from reading your instructions. Pretty cool.

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Photos or it didn’t happen.

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haha I agree about the pics

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Nope, just my eyebrows.

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Nope. Tried and hurt myself. :( but!! my tongue can reach the tip of my nose if that is just as cool???

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I can lick the ‘inside’ (opposite – no idea what it’s called) of my elbow…..and it tickles!

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haha. Wow it does tickle

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I can’t, but one of my co-workers can. She’s double jointed and can bend in the weirdest ways. So it’s possible, just not very natural.

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No, I have to get others to lick it for me.

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i can!!! omg I thought it was impossible. I had surprisingly never tried, but I can!

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My sister can lick her elbow. I cannot lick mine. Does this mean one of us was adopted?

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Or that your mom was dropping acid during one of the pregnancies, but not the other.

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nope :’(

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Does getting within two inches of licking my elbow count? Wait, don’t answer that, as I just thought of a really good (smarty pants) reply, but one that the moderators would surely delete. Aha, self censorship wins again!

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That’s why you put it in small type with giggling after.

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i am in no way double-jointed or even flexible, but i can lick my elbow. and no i don’t mean the inside, or licking my finger then touching my elbow. i can full-on lick my elbow directly with my tongue.

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i know somebody who can. I seen him do it. It is possible.

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I can lick a lot of things, but not my own elbow.

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I can’t, but my sister can; easily.

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my Brother in law has fetal alcohol syndrone and his arms are shorter than most. I bet he can!

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I can lick yours if you want?

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@sariperana I graciously accept your offer…

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@w2pow2 A lick for a lick?

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@Sariperana Well…. someone likes to be the lickee…

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They say it’s scientifically impossible.

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I read that it is physically impossible.
But then I consider contortionists, so I guess SOME people can..

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Someone has too much time on their hands! lol

I nominate this question as the most inane I have yet to come across in my 6 weeks on fluther! hahaha

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