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For testing websites, Can I test for Windows 7 on Windows 7 Starter and can it get IE9?

Asked by DrewJ (436points) August 19th, 2011
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I work at a website company and we need to test our website for IE9 on either windows 7 or vista. So we need to purchase a device that can run both.

I’m looking into some cheap laptops such as:

This runs something called Windows 7 starter. I was wondering, for those if you out there with knowledge of testing:

1. What is Windows 7 starter and is it a worthy substitute for just plain windows 7 in terms of testing websites for OS?

2. Can Windows 7 starter get IE9?

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Yes, IE9 installs on all versions of Windows 7, so you’d be fine there.

There may be a better way to do this than buying a dedicated computer though. Have you looked into virtualization or setting up one of your existing machines to dual boot with windows 7 as an option?

Something like VirtualBox might be a simpler (and less expensive) solution.

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I’ve considered things like virtualbox but my boss is not keen on it. Right now I’m looking into other options, like cheap laptops. I’ll be making a case for things like virtualbox but I need some alternatives to present him as well.

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If you just need to check CSS something like BrowserShots might do the trick.

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Nah, I need to check everything about the website. CSS and functionality.

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Perhaps you have some extremely operating system-specific features on your website (which I hope not, as that without a doubt will be a mess), but if not, testing in IE 9 should turn up the same results even in different versions of Windows.

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Right, Well the reason I ask is because there is no IE9 for XP right? I’d need 7 or vista for IE9 and I need to test in 9.

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That might be the case (not that you’d want to buy a PC with XP anyway), but if you need Vista or 7, you don’t need a machine that can do both (which was how I interpreted your question).

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