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The real Seven Deadly Sins are...?

Asked by Aethelflaed (13752points) August 21st, 2011
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Inspired by this joke: The real Seven Deadly Sins are bullying, nun-rape, bad tipping, spam, owning a ferret, “Hot enough for ya?” jokes, and Scientology.

What would you make the real Seven Deadly Sins?

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I think the Seven Deadly sins are pretty good as they are. In fact, it might do our society in America good to learn about them. Not in a religious sense, but just from a philosophical sense.

If we cannot use any of them for the purposes of this question then I will say, Hate, Prejudice, Processed Foods, Chemical Dependency, Abuse, Extremism, Gossip.

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1. Misuse of apostrophes
2. Cliche’s
3. Busybodisms
4. Brutishness
5. Unappealing architecture
7. Not paying attention

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Watching Fox News
Letting your dog run around unleashed on public property
Wearing Ugg boots
Choosing a design you saw on the wall of a tattoo shop
Not proof-reading your posts on Fluther
Wearing those obnoxiously over-sized sunglasses that seem so popular
Not having a sense of humor

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1. Misuse of apostrophes
2. Cliche’s

@FutureMemory No, not those sunglasses. These sunglasses.

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Leaving the lid up.
Not washing your hands.
Ordering the same meal as someone else at a restaurant.
Being “that guy”.
Talking down to somebody.
Arguing on the internet.

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@Aethelflaed looks like you may have fallen victim to #7…

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I thought you did it on purpose. No?

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In no particular order:

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In no particular order, and off the top of my head:
1. Being a Celine Dion fan.
2. Hatred for any animal.
3. Double Dates.
4. Ordering ‘just’ a salad at a restaurant.
5. Buying Cheap heels.
6. Not having a special place in your heart for animated movies.
7. Not speaking your mind.

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Beating on women
Abuse of village idiots
Socks worn with sandals
Dwarf throwing (much more fun when fired from a cannon.)

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1. Ignorance
2. Cowardice
3. Prudery
4. Servility
5. Hesitancy
6. Stinginess
7. Humorlessness

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@ucme I always thought they were called unibrows…monobrow. That sounds cool. I pluck it, but I got one of those. :D

I can’t think of anything as good as all the answers here, so I’ll just add, being a bunghole.

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@Symbeline Oh come on, i’m sure you’re only too pleased to be associated with a deadly sin.
I mean, it’s so you darlin ;¬}

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@ucme Oh I wasn’t complaining. ^^

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@Ayesha, I’ll see your Celene
Dion and raise you a Maraih Carey and Cher.

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